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Back in the Lou

I’m baaaaackk! :D

Thank you all for the well-wishes on my trip; it was absolutely amazing! I really have no idea where to begin with it; so much happened in the twelve days and they were all jam-packed with things to do. It really was a great trip, and it was so cool to see all the things that I did see, yet it was very exhausting.

We landed back in St. Louis about 8:45 p.m. on Sunday (June 19th) night after about 26 hours of traveling. We woke up that morning at 3:00 a.m. to be able to get to the airport in Rome by 4:30, which we were exactly on time. We were to take a flight from Rome to Frankfurt, Germany, then to Philadelphia to St. Louis. This is what we saw when we got to the airport:

I was so upset. I was exhausted, I was missing home, and I just wanted to get there. All flights to Frankfurt were cancelled for the day because of some bad weather, so we didn’t even know if we would be able to get home that night or not. We waited for hours before they were finally able to book us for a flight directly to Philadelphia, and then another couple hours after that because they accidentally double-booked us and couldn’t transfer our information. Or something. It was an absolute nightmare. Dx

Overall, we were at the airport for about 8 hours and still barely made our flight. By that time though, I was just so thankful that I was heading home. Everything went smoothly after that. I was so happy to be able to use my phone again when we got back to the States, and my mom, dad, and Andrew all showed up at the airport to pick me up. Andrew was supposed to be a surprise, but he told me he was coming. ;)

I’ve got some serious jet lag right now, though, which is why I am up at 6:00 a.m. writing this post (which I would never be up this early on normal circumstances in summer!). I didn’t even sleep in yesterday! Craziness!

So, this is just a short little post to let you all know that I wasn’t taken (I’ve got funny stories though) and that I had a great time. I’m thinking about doing a little blog mini-series where I write a post about each individual day since we did so much. I kept a journal so I wouldn’t forget anything. Would you guys be interested in something like that? I’ve also got tons of pictures (835 of them) to do something with. So far they’ve just been uploaded to Facebook. :P

p.s. It makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one that hates packing.

I Hate Packing

I really do. I really, really hate packing. Which is probably why I have just been procrastinating compiling everything I own in one single suitcase until the morning that I leave. To be exact, two hours before I leave for the airport. What is wrong with me?!

Okay, to be fair, I started packing last night and I got all my toiletries together and got a fair idea of what clothes I wanted to bring. The problem was, of course, that I had too much clothes. I bought these air compressor bags where you put your clothes in and then roll it and it sucks all the air out, making it flatter. They were somewhat helpful, then Andrew called me.

Since he’s been so busy in Florida, we haven’t had a lot of time to talk, so I really wanted to talk to him on the phone for a while before I left, since neither of us would be able to get a hold of each other. So, we probably talked for at least a couple hours (isn’t it weird how time passes so fast when you want it to the least?) and in that time I was growing tired so I just crawled into bed.

Well…I eventually started dozing while we were talking, and his voice kind of kept waking me up. So we hung up and I really was going to get back up out of bed and finish packing…but I fell asleep.

So here I am, yet again procrastinating finishing packing. Am I the only one that has a packing problem? Sometimes I think I am, haha.

I guess to the main point of this blog, I am so stoked for France and Italy. We so excited, so so excited (okay, I’ll stop…click). I’ll be gone for twelve days and probably won’t have access to a computer or the internet; I’ll miss you all dearly. <3 I promise to take tons of pictures and blog about it later. If you’re starting summer break, have fun!!

(And in case I’m taken, tell my mommy and daddy I love them. Jk. Jk. :P)