I Hate Packing

I really do. I really, really hate packing. Which is probably why I have just been procrastinating compiling everything I own in one single suitcase until the morning that I leave. To be exact, two hours before I leave for the airport. What is wrong with me?!

Okay, to be fair, I started packing last night and I got all my toiletries together and got a fair idea of what clothes I wanted to bring. The problem was, of course, that I had too much clothes. I bought these air compressor bags where you put your clothes in and then roll it and it sucks all the air out, making it flatter. They were somewhat helpful, then Andrew called me.

Since he’s been so busy in Florida, we haven’t had a lot of time to talk, so I really wanted to talk to him on the phone for a while before I left, since neither of us would be able to get a hold of each other. So, we probably talked for at least a couple hours (isn’t it weird how time passes so fast when you want it to the least?) and in that time I was growing tired so I just crawled into bed.

Well…I eventually started dozing while we were talking, and his voice kind of kept waking me up. So we hung up and I really was going to get back up out of bed and finish packing…but I fell asleep.

So here I am, yet again procrastinating finishing packing. Am I the only one that has a packing problem? Sometimes I think I am, haha.

I guess to the main point of this blog, I am so stoked for France and Italy. We so excited, so so excited (okay, I’ll stop…click). I’ll be gone for twelve days and probably won’t have access to a computer or the internet; I’ll miss you all dearly. <3 I promise to take tons of pictures and blog about it later. If you’re starting summer break, have fun!!

(And in case I’m taken, tell my mommy and daddy I love them. Jk. Jk. :P)

17 thoughts on “I Hate Packing”

  1. Don’t worry; I always wait until the very last possible minute to start packing. I consider myself an organized person, but I hate tracking down all my stuff and separating and sorting and labeling bags and blah. It doesn’t seem very productive.

    Hmm… I’ve heard of those air compressor bags, but I’ve never tried them. Do they work?

    I think it’s totally fair you’d want to talk to your boyfriend one more time before a long trip! Yeah, it stinks how fast time seems to pass when you are actually enjoying yourself. xD

    Have an amazing time! I can’t wait to hear all about it! :D

  2. Eeek! Packing up is horrible -__-! Because you need to compile so many things within one little packet. :O Lucky you. I want the air suction thingr to flatten out my clothes! Blehh! But I hope you packed everything you needed :P!

    Oh, the classic case of… Distraction XD! As long as you get everything finished asap- the next time, it should be fine. Just remember what you need XD! Because whenever I am in a hurry, I forget things -___-!

    I hope you’ll have fun in France and Italy :)! Because it’s like… Those places you must see in life! :D! And hope you’ll stay safe, don’t get sick, and take lots of pictures!

    Oooh. I need to take the ACT then! I had an idea that I should take the ACT. But I don’t know if I can get a fee waiver :X. I just gotta look into it!

    I just looked at the post with the pictures of your new room :D! It’s cute :D! I love how there’s a “R” hanging on top of your bed :P! I hope you’ll enjoy it ;d!

    My house just have too much tv -___-! It’s because.. Well, my dad is just obsessed with buying them! “OH! I SEE A FLAT SCREEN!” “ANOTHER FLAT SCREEN”! But there’s just 3 of these in my house ;P. And everyone watches different channels :O. So my mom is annoyed by me wanting to watch other things. Except I have to watch news from like 4~7pm because my parents watch my tv from the kitchen :O

    Animals have some weird.. Or odd… Instincts. Like my friend’s cat just popped out 3 dead kittens (they were in there for too long). And she was about to eat them until my friend noticed it and took em away.

    What I can suggest… Is that.. Your school should sell the yearbook before the school year ends. BEFORE PROM. And after prom, the yearbook staff makes a “mini yearbook” just for prom. And if seniors want to buy them, they just buy them for like what.. another 20 bucks, and just stick it into the yearbook :P. Because senior aren’t the only ones who buys the yearbook :O. But not all seniors also go to prom :P.

    Take care “D

  3. I actually haven’t picked a color yet. I’ve bought my comforter and everything, though, and I want the paint color to match it. This is what my new comforter looks like: http://www2.jcpenney.com/jcp/X6E.aspx?GrpTyp=ENS&ItemID=1a88136&DeptID=70750&CatID=77512&SO=0&Ne=4294957900+877+1031+1007+580+8+966+18+949&x5view=1&NOffset=0&shopperType=G&N=4294940584+513&Nao=84&PSO=0&CmCatId=70750|77512 :P So probably a bluish-gray color… or something.

    I don’t know, I’m going for a more mature look. My room now still looks kind of teen-y. :o

    I haven’t went anywhere real far away for a while, but I always wait until the last minute to pack my bag, too. You’re going for 12 days and you can only take one suitcase?! Hopefully it’s big, haha.

    Lol. I just watched the movie Taken a few days ago. I had seen it before, but I still like it just as much as I did the first time that I watched it. ‘Tis a good movie. :)

    I hope you have fun on your trip!

  4. Have fun at France and Italy!! So jealous you’re going! Hope you have fun :)
    I hate packing too, it’s so tedious. But I’m always scared I have forgotten something.

  5. OH you’re going to France & Italy?! LUCKY YOU! Have fun, take lots of pictures, don’t worry about not having internet because honestly I think if you’re on vacation going on the computer would be the last thing you’d be doing.

    I hate packing too, because I always feel like I’ll forget something, and half the time I don’t even know what to pack.

    You and Andrew got to talk for a bit, communication is good! Something I don’t have unfortunately. I can’t exactly call my boyfriend because it would be way long distance and the time difference is annoying. It’s not wrong to miss them, except if you say ‘I can’t stand not seeing my boyfriend for a week’ or something like that, then it’s WRONG. One month certainly is a longggg time and 3 of that is pretty bad but I’ll survive.

    In fact I had to sneak out even though nobody was home! It’s really ridiculous.

    I remember my grandparents spoiled me when I was a kid! It was nice. I haven’t seen them in ages though, but the memories are wonderful.

    That is absolutely incredible. I thought birds live for like 5 years. But my knowledge of birds is wayyyyy limited.

    I do live in a really small town, it’s ironic because I’m so close to one of the biggest cities in the world! I kinda shop alone too, but only because my friends aren’t here. But when I do shop it’s always at work because there’s so much more to choose from. Yeah I work pretty far away.

  6. I HATE packing … Detest it. I also need to pack as I am going away tomorrow and I just CAN’T BE BOTHERED! Promise me you’ll have a wonderful time? You deserve it after all the family stuff you’ve been going through <3 I can't wait to hear about it when you get home …

  7. Aah, bots…stupid things, clogging everyone’s blogs and stuff. They really annoy me. Askimet! :*

    Is cafeteria food that bad? Ours is alright, just overpriced, haha! But yeah, fast food for the win (for cheapness!) but after watching Super Size Me…I’m pretty much off fast food. Mm, yum! I haven’t had pizza in like a year, and now I’m pretty hungry even though I’m meant to be in bed (oops). I really like a local restaurant – it has the best risotto in town! (Or only risotto…)

    Haha, the city is really confusing. Especially at night, because there’s heaps of people everywhere and ARGH! But yeah, some people walked up and down the same street for like 10 minutes….too hectic! I don’t think our band had a lot of fun :/ We were all like, oh my gosh! We’re dead meat…

    Dude, anything with the word ‘Potter’ qualifies as awesome! Unless its like HP hate…then that…should be an unforgivable curse or something. :x Same! I really need a Potterthon before I go watch the FINAL movie /cue a big sob here! I’ve already seen the trailer, it’s pretty …. wow. Some bits weren’t in the book though, but I can tell it will be an EPIC finale! Rumour has it that J.K. Rowling is writing an encyclopedia on HP or something… :D Have you seen any trailers?

    Ditto, I don’t usually have those deep, philosophical talks with myself…I sounded a bit loony, but yeah, if I get pissy, I try and fix it ^^

    Ahh, I don’t mind the work of fixing up my room! I just want a new coat of paint on my walls and maybe a new set of drawers…my green plastic ones are bringing my room’s awesomeness down by being green and plastic.

    Haha! I’m exactly the same! I procrastinate on packing sooo much! I usually get everything together a few hours before the flight. I’m so lazy! I hate packing…it’s so annoying because you can’t remember if you’ve left something. Aah, stupid stuff…packing…/grumble grumble

    Have a safe trip! But also have an AWESOME trip! And don’t do anything too stupid…i.e. quote Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ (jokes! but seriously…I’m kidding!!)

    Take care! ;)

  8. OMG, I’m so sorry I haven’t been by lately! Been busy getting the house organized and cleaning my room and what not! I hope you have a blast in France & Italy! In fact I know you will! Ah, waiting till the last minute to pack. Haha, sounds like me and my dad. Seriously though. I’m glad you at least got a chance to talk to Andrew though! :). See? I told you things will work out. You’ll have so much fun in France, you won’t even be thinking about the internet. :P . I’m pretty sure of it. But anyway. Just to let ya know…I now weigh in at 196.6 lbs :D.

  9. I’m like that sometimes; I start mind-packing and end up way too lazy to actually pack, haha. In my mind, I could finish in like 5 minutes if I wanted to, but it’s never actually that way.

    It’s easy to get distracted in situations like those, hehe.

    I hope you have a good time in Europe! I’m sure you will! I hope I can go there too sometime soon. :(

  10. Thank goodness there’s only 2 weeks of school left though, I passed all my state exams, now all that’s left are finals. Finals is what worries me:P

    Going on a trip, eh?
    Packing always seems to be a problem for me. For me it’s, “Should I bring these shoes?”, “How about this top? Or this skirt?” So I guess your not the only one with the packing problem! I always find it difficult to pack, quite honestly I never know exactly what to pack in my suitcaseDx

    So what I do…is what you did. ProcrastinateXD I fidn it to be the best solution for everything. Ha, no but seriously it’s something I tend to do when it comes to traveling. I’m to excited for the trip that I start to get nervous!

    But I’m so excited that your going to Italy and France! Awesome places to go to. I went to Italy about 2 summers ago and it was the best time of my life, make sure to visit The Trevi fountain in Italy, and make a wish! (My wish is yet to come true)

    Have fun on your trip and I hope to hear from you soon!:D

  11. Noooo you must be gone now while I’m writing this. I really hope you have a wonderful time though, you must show us pictures and tell us of your adventures. I love reading about people travelling. :D

    I’m glad you finally got to talk to Andrew. I have talked to James for hours on the phone before and I’ve not regretted it, even if I have had to stay up later for an assignment or to do something else.

    I hate packing… I remember ages ago, in 2003 or something, I was going with my family to Indonesia, and the night before at nearly midnight we were still packing. I was a bit too young then to pack my stuff myself, and my mum just liked making sure everything fit in the suitcases, so our stuff was generally mixed. I wish we had compressed bags. I don’t think my mum likes the idea though.

    Have a wonderful time! <3

  12. You’re definitely not the only one, I’m right there with you :P The thing I hate the most is packing toiletries, cause I always need them the morning that I leave! Then I have to remember to actually pack them when I’m done and blahblah.

    I hope you have a great time!

  13. Yeah I hate packing too. XD I try to do it super quickly though and then hop back on the computer or get back to what I was doing before. :’DD And yes, I also procrastinate doing it but my mum keeps yelling at me to pack. x____x

    .. LOLOL..Too many clothes. XD I never really get too many clothes..Wow! Never heard of an air compresser bag, but it sounds pretty cool to me. c:

    Yeah, normally when I am talking to my friends on the phone time goes by really fast! And today at school in the morning when it was recess I thought the bell had gone at the wrong time. XD I thought it was 10 not 11!

    What time was it? XD Luckily you didn’t fall asleep while talking to him on the phone! Otherwise..that’d just be weird. And not that good.

    Lol I have that packing problem, you are not alone!

    Well have fun! I can’t wait to see all the photos you take! Make sure if you’re going to Paris, take a photo of the Eifel Tower! And I know this is weird but sometime ago I thought France and Italy were the same country..XD I. Was. Stupid.

  14. I know a lot of people that have a packing problem, but I’m probably the opposite. I tend to want to pant like a week in advanced; not to make sure I have everything, but just because I’m always so damn excited to leave & get out of my house, haha. I try to wait until like hours before I leave because then I have something to do in those hours I’m waiting to leave, those seem to last forever! I hope you have so much fun in France & Italy. I’ve always wanted to go on a vacation & leave the country; it’d be such a wonderful experience.

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