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Ever since we’ve moved back to St. Louis from Kansas City, Andrew and I have been compiling a list of local restaurants that we have been wanting to try. While we do a good job of checking some off the list, it seems that list is ever growing! Especially since we’ve moved and we’ve been exploring the new area we live in, we’ve been adding a ton of restaurants to that list.

I try to keep a good balance of mostly cooking and eating at home during the week – since it’s generally healthier and cheaper – and then treat ourselves out to dinner on the weekend.

This weekend we were pretty busy! We tried three restaurants, two new for me and all three new for Andrew. We started our Saturday morning by meeting my best friend, Becky, for brunch at The Shack. They have several locations, but we meet at the one in Frontenac. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the writing and graffiti everywhere! It gave the restaurant a really fun and eclectic vibe.

Andrew tried the Cap’n Crunch Shake, which is one of the Boozie Shakes they have on their menu. It comes with Rum Chata, Captain Morgan, yogurt, and loaded with Cap’n Crunch cereal. I couldn’t taste the alcohol in it much, so to me it just tasted a lot like the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl. Then again, I’m not a big cereal person so I’m not sure I was the best judge haha. That’s why I just ordered a mimosa. Andrew liked it, though!

Cap’n Crunch Shake from The Shack

After we finished our brunch at The Shack, we headed down to Forest Park. We originally heard there was a big garage sale at the Zoo, but it ended up being really small and kind of lame. It was rainy and cold out, but we walked around the Zoo anyways to kill some time. There were a couple of new bear exhibits we hadn’t seen yet, so it was still fun.

When we got tired of the cold, we drove just up the street to the Art Museum. We actually thought we were going to the History Museum, but got our buildings mixed up and went to the wrong one! I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to the Art Museum though, so it was wonderful wandering through all the different paintings and sculptures.

One of the best things about St. Louis is all of the free things thing to do. :)

Becky had some plans in the evening, so we split ways once we finished at the Art Museum. Andrew and I both had a pretty light brunch, so even though it was only about 4:30, we were ready for dinner. We both threw out a couple of ideas when I remembered that Shake Shack just opened up a restaurant in the Central West End which was only about ten minutes away from where we currently were.

Even though Shake Shack is a chain, it’s still new to the St. Louis area so I’m counting it as a local eat. ;) When they first opened up, I had friends telling me that people were standing in line for hours, so it definitely was not a priority to visit right when it opened. Thankfully we timed it just right since we arrived before the dinner rush so it wasn’t too busy!

The Chick’n Shack and fries

I ordered the Chick’n Shack with fries and a strawberry shake, and Andrew ordered the SmokeShack with fries and a salted caramel shake. I was surprised as to how crispy and crunchy the breading on the chicken was. I really enjoyed my sandwich, and while normally crinkle cut fries aren’t my favorite type of fry, I feel like these were exactly how crinkle cut fries should be. They were really crispy without being over done, and the inside of the fries were fluffy. The strawberry shake wasn’t the best shake I’ve had in my life, but it was still really good. It was super thick, which a good milk shake should always be!

So while it’s still fast food and I wouldn’t go super out of my way for it, Shake Shack did live up to most of it’s hype!

On Sunday we kept it pretty lazy since we were so busy the day before. We rented Jumanji from Red Box since we missed it in theaters. (By the way, fully recommend! Andrew and I were both absolutely cracking up the whole movie!)

For dinner, I was craving pizza so we decided to go out to Dewey’s. Their original location is by my work, so I visit sometimes with coworkers for lunch, but Andrew hadn’t been there yet. They have a location closer to our house so we opted to dine in at the restaurant than order take out.

Dewey’s has some great specialty pizzas and my favorite so far is the Dr. Dre, which has chicken, bacon, peppers, and red onions on an olive oil sauce. They let you customize your pizzas completely, so we did half Dr. Dre and then half Ryan’s Inferno, which is their buffalo chicken specialty. Both come with ranch drizzled over the top after it’s done baking, but we asked for the ranch on the side since we knew we would have leftovers and didn’t want it to make the pizza soggy. (Plus I looooove ranch, so I figured I would need some extra. ;) )

I liked Ryan’s Inferno, but I definitely preferred the Dr. Dre. I thought the buffalo chicken could have been spicier, so I was looking for some more heat than it offered. Andrew on the other hand liked the buffalo chicken side more, so it worked out because we both got to eat our favorites.

Of the three we tried this weekend, I think I’m most excited to return to The Shack. They had such an extensive menu, and while I’m not normally a big breakfast person, everything on their menu sounded delicious. Plus, they have some really fun mixed drinks that I want to try next time I go. It’s definitely the perfect place for brunch on the weekend!

8 thoughts on “Local Eats”

  1. It’s so awesome that you’ve been trying out new places! I’m not that adventurous when it comes to food – I mostly stick to what I know, but for this semester I’m really trying to spice things up by trying a new place every week!

    All the food looks great but I’m really curious about Dewey’s because I love pizza so much! It’s so cool how they let you customize your own pizza and even choose your own flavors <3 Now that sounds like something I would try!

  2. That’s a good idea to compile a list of restaurants you want to try! My husband and I tried the same thing for awhile, and recently, we realized we need to go back to that list.

    I tried Shake Shack just recently too. I agree on the fries! I normally prefer thin fries, but the Shake Shack ones were surprisingly crispy and good. I also liked the burger I got. I think it’s a bit pricey for fast food, but it’s not bad!

    Ooh, the pizza at Dewey’s look good. That looks like a nice crust, and all those toppings look tasty. I’m glad you found a new brunch place to go to too!

  3. I’m doing the same like you and always trying to keep a balance between going out to eat and making food at home. It works because I wanna keep being healthy and so, we only go out to eat on special days like birthdays.

    That pizza, WOW.

  4. Yum. All of the food looks delicious, but that Pizza! 🤤I should not read these blog posts when I am hungry! 🤣

  5. Holy crap, I should not have read this while hungry and the morning. *drools*
    Ah, that line thing for a new place happens in my town. I usually wait a month after it opens to go because I hate dealing with crowds and long waits. :)
    OMG pizza… I want it ssooo bad. LOL I’m trying to avoid lots of carbs right now though. orz I can just look at this picture and dream hehe.

  6. A drink with cereal! I dunno why but that sounds like something that would be so easy to think up, but no one’s ever thought of it. 😆 Cereal and alcohol sounds really odd though.

    “We originally heard there wad a big garage sale at the Zoo, but it ended up being really small and kind of lame” – haha oh man, the disappointment. I used to love garage sales as a kid, but I was always really disappointed by the ones that were advertised as being huge that weren’t huge, or at least, didn’t have things I liked.

    I’ve only been to a Shake Shack in London. At the time I didn’t eat meat so I had the vegetarian burger, but I was pleasantly surprised. I worried it wouldn’t taste good. I like my burgers with a lot of salad in them. 😜 Nick didn’t like the London Shake Shack too much though, he had been to some in the U.S. and he said that they were a lot greasier in the U.S. than in London and therefore tasted so good. 😐 Not really my cup of tea to be honest, I’ll have to find out when we visit the States this year, but I’m not a fan of greasy burgers at all 😂

  7. I love going to new places and trying out the local eateries. So it’s good you guys were able to do some foodie run in your new area! Weekend are the best times to treat yourselves to eating out!

    That Cap’n Crunch Shake sounds so intriguing. I am not sure if I’d like it, but it does tempt me, haha! It’s funny you ended up at the wrong museum, but you still ended up liking the art one! And even better that there are many free things to do!

    A Shake Shack opened up in my city, but I’ve not tried it out yet because of the super long lines! One day I will! AND THAT PIZZA. Homg, I would love to try Dewey’s! That pizza looks good! Even better they allow you to customise them!

    Now I’m hungry!!! :D

  8. It’s surprising how many people don’t really explore the places they live and work and assume they need to go somewhere else to get good food or find free or cheap fun things to do. I love the eat and shop local movements going on everywhere. Its great to see people support their own communities and find these great hidden gems.

    I love and enjoy traveling but sometimes it’s so nice to explore my own city as small as it is and find things and places I didn’t know about and experience it from a tourists perspective. I like the idea of come compiling a list of restaurants and visiting them on the weekends. I have to be careful what I eat and try to eat healthy but sometimes you just want to enjoy and sometimes you can do both :)

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