About Becca

My name is Becca; or if you’re my mom, Rebecca; or you if you knew me when I was super pimply and still played Neopets, I’m Jovie. I’m a twenty-something girl from the Midwest who stays most organized when her thoughts are written down.

The best decision I ever made happened on August 8th, 2016 when I married my best friend and made him my forever partner in crime. I’m a born worrier, so he keeps me level headed while encouraging me to be the best that I can be. He also keeps my feet warm at night.

I graduated college with my Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in finance. I’ve always liked numbers and found enjoyment in what a lot of people hated, such as budgets and bank reconciliations.

I’m a hopeless romantic and I love to read. Collecting books may or may not be an obsession and my to-read pile is ever growing and never-ending. I challenge myself to read 52 books ever year, and usually I do. Goodreads helps me in all my book-reading and keeping endeavors.

Traveling is one thing I wish I could be paid to do and one of my favorite things to blog about. I have been to a fair amount of Europe and all across the United States, but there are there so many places that I still want to visit and experience. I’m definitely a big believer in living a life full of experiences rather than a life full of things. Owning a brand new car or the next greatest thing can’t even compare to seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up at night or an ice covered lake with the Rocky Mountains in the background. It just doesn’t even come close.

I also have the cutest puppy named Chloe. We adopted her from Stray Rescue, an organization in St. Louis that rescues stray dogs from the streets, and she is the most energetic, cuddly pup. We love her to pieces.

I love tweets and emails, so make sure to say hi!

About the Blog

Jovers is a personal blog that documents my personal life, experiences, thoughts, and everything in between. The name comes from a play on a former online alias.

While this blog was created in March of 2011, I’ve been blogging since late 2008. I’ve hopped between a couple of blogs before finally settling on this domain. Jovers has always been a personal blog, and for as far as I can tell, it always will be. :)

On my blog, I strive to be optimistic and truthful, while still being genuine and real.

All pictures are taken by me unless otherwise noted. My emoticons are designed by Keyamoon. I use WordPress for my blogging platform and CMS.

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