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Together with you (and food)

Happy Valentine’s Day. :)

Andrew and I don’t normally do a big shebang for Valentine’s Day. As with most things we do, we keep things pretty chill. I bought a couple of bottles of wine, as well as some cheese and crackers, and chocolate to dip treats into. Last year we did a chocolate fondue night and it was a lot of fun, so I thought we’d continue that this year with cheese and wine!

It’s been a while since Andrew and I have had a night in together just us, so it was long overdue. He surprised me with flowers on Friday with a cheeky, “Flowers are more special not on Valentine’s Day.” And then yesterday he came home again with a bouquet of daisies. I couldn’t tell you the last time he bought me flowers, let alone twice in a week, so I was glowing.

I had bought him some candy, but I put a little bit more effort into our “dinner.” I wanted everything to look nice and it had been a long time since we had a date night, so I put out some candles and really made it look pretty. I was happy with how it turned out!

I’ve noticed recently that I really enjoy showing people my love or appreciation for them through food. My brownies are pretty famous at work, so I thought I would bring some in for my coworkers and also make a batch for Andrew to bring in to work just to say thanks for being great coworkers. I even bough my roommate some chocolates and other goodies with flowers. She is always so busy with school and her field placement, I wanted to show her some love and support for all the hard work she’s putting in.

Baking and cooking are something that I really enjoy to do, so it’s easy for me to do those things for every when I know it can bring them joy. That in turn brings me joy.

In addition to the brownies and the dinner for us, I made some chocolate covered pretzels for Andrew. I bought more chocolate than I knew that we would use for our dinner, so I dipped some pretzels in the extra chocolate to have as treats for later.

I also planned on baking some Funfetti cookies, which I’ve made in the past and Andrew really liked. I bought the cake mixes, but the recipe wasn’t on the side like it usually is, so I looked up the recipe for it online and went from there. As I mixed the dough, it wasn’t very stiff like cookie dough normally is. It seemed too soft. Then I realized the package I bought was 15 oz, but the recipe called for a 19 oz box.

I baked them anyways to see how they would turn out, but they almost tasted like mini cakes, and not in a good way so I ended up throwing them out. But now I know for next time, and my brownies at least turned out!

Most holiday’s with me tend to revolve around food, and there was a lot for this one, so it was a good one in my books. ;)

How Andrew Asked me Out

One of my favorite stories to tell people is the story of how Andrew asked me out for the first time. He always rolls his eyes and acts like he hates it, but he knows it’s funny, too. I’m sure I’ve not shared this story on my blog so this is long overdue!

Andrew and I have known each other since middle school, but we didn’t really get close until freshman year of high school. We had several classes together and began to get to know each other better. We bickered all the time because we were both too stubborn to admit when the other one was right. I had a few friends who would always tease us about “dating” and I would roll my eyes and say, with gusto, no.

He slowly became one of my closest friends… and then suddenly I began to see him as more than a friend. All of my friends’ teasing had some validity to it. I think this happened to him around the same time, because I remember him being a lot sweeter. He would text me good night and good morning, and just the little ways he said things to me showed me he cared. I confided this in my best friend, Becky, because I was a bit embarrassed at first with all my friends teasing and such. I promised her not to tell him, because they were also good friends, but also because I really didn’t think anything would come of it.

Little did I know, Andrew told Becky that he had feelings for me but made her promise not to tell me. (I know, so very high school, haha!) I laugh now because I think of what a situation we put her in! She wanted to tell both of us but didn’t want to go back on her word, so she repeatedly encouraged Andrew to ask me out.

Andrew and I lived about a five minute drive from each other, and there is a park that is right in the middle of both of us. We started meeting at the park and taking walks and just talking to each other. One day, he told me that he had something important to ask me. This piqued my interest and I immediately thought, he has to ask me out! Almost giddy with anticipation, we met at the park.

He didn’t act like anything was out of the ordinary. I repeatedly asked him over and over what he wanted to ask me. He kept dodging my questions and I was becoming more and more impatient. Besides, I was fifteen and a boy I liked might ask me out!

After what seemed like hours but was probably only fifteen minutes, I threatened to go home if he wouldn’t just tell me what we were here for. (I know, so dramatic.)There was a hesitation, he stopped and turned to me, and I knew, I knew this was going to be The Moment. He opened his mouth and spoke the words that I will never forget:

“Becky wants us to go out.”

I am not sure there has been a more awkward time in my life than the next thirty seconds of that conversation. That was not what I was expecting him to say.

I finally found some words. “Well… do you want to go out with me?”

Shrug. “I guess.”

Well, that really boosted my confidence. I don’t even remember how I responded. He walked me home and as we stopped to say goodbye, I asked, “So… are we dating?”

“I guess.”

Little did I know that those two noncommittal words would amount to so much more later on. I mean, I married him so I guess we turned out alright. ;)