Back in the Lou

I’m baaaaackk! :D

Thank you all for the well-wishes on my trip; it was absolutely amazing! I really have no idea where to begin with it; so much happened in the twelve days and they were all jam-packed with things to do. It really was a great trip, and it was so cool to see all the things that I did see, yet it was very exhausting.

We landed back in St. Louis about 8:45 p.m. on Sunday (June 19th) night after about 26 hours of traveling. We woke up that morning at 3:00 a.m. to be able to get to the airport in Rome by 4:30, which we were exactly on time. We were to take a flight from Rome to Frankfurt, Germany, then to Philadelphia to St. Louis. This is what we saw when we got to the airport:

I was so upset. I was exhausted, I was missing home, and I just wanted to get there. All flights to Frankfurt were cancelled for the day because of some bad weather, so we didn’t even know if we would be able to get home that night or not. We waited for hours before they were finally able to book us for a flight directly to Philadelphia, and then another couple hours after that because they accidentally double-booked us and couldn’t transfer our information. Or something. It was an absolute nightmare. Dx

Overall, we were at the airport for about 8 hours and still barely made our flight. By that time though, I was just so thankful that I was heading home. Everything went smoothly after that. I was so happy to be able to use my phone again when we got back to the States, and my mom, dad, and Andrew all showed up at the airport to pick me up. Andrew was supposed to be a surprise, but he told me he was coming. ;)

I’ve got some serious jet lag right now, though, which is why I am up at 6:00 a.m. writing this post (which I would never be up this early on normal circumstances in summer!). I didn’t even sleep in yesterday! Craziness!

So, this is just a short little post to let you all know that I wasn’t taken (I’ve got funny stories though) and that I had a great time. I’m thinking about doing a little blog mini-series where I write a post about each individual day since we did so much. I kept a journal so I wouldn’t forget anything. Would you guys be interested in something like that? I’ve also got tons of pictures (835 of them) to do something with. So far they’ve just been uploaded to Facebook. :P

p.s. It makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one that hates packing.

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  1. Oh my god. I would love for you to post about your adventures, gradually, in your upcoming posts. :D I’m glad you had a good time and have got some stories to share though. It’s a shame the flights were all cancelled but I’m glad you got home safe at last. Did you at least get some sleep on the plane? I hope so!

    Damn, I am disappointed. Andrew shouldn’t have told you he was coming. XD I love surprises. I’m sure he was delighted to see you though.

    I hope you get kicking at that jet lag! :( Jet lag sucks. I love waking up at 6am though. :P

  2. The only thing that’s keeping the consideration of going back on the medications on my mind, is that when I stopped taking them, everything seemed to go bad. More than likely, it was my brain twisting the situation, than things honestly just going terribly wrong. I was hoping that since it was summer that I’d be out doing things & that would keep things off my mind, but still, my brain twists things to make it seem like the world is against me; I sound so pathetic d:

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself on the trip! It’s quite rare that flights are actually on time, so I’m glad you got lucky & got a good flight, well the first one that is. Nothing is more exhausting, after an exhausting trip, than sitting miserably in an airport waiting for an exhausting flight, but at least you got home (: Jet lag is not fun, at all. Your so tired, but you just can’t seem to sleep. I hope you can spend a day relaxing & catching up on some obviously well needed to sleep & hopefully it doesn’t mess with your sleeping patterns for too long!

  3. Hey! I was actually trying to leave you a comment last night, at the same time of talking to “R”. But I couldn’t concentrate plus it was late.

    Anyway, my comment consisted of :

    YAY, YOU’RE BACK!!!! I would definitely like to see your adventures log! That’d be awesome! Also, what is your account? I would like to see you on there as well; as seeing the pictures. :) . I have two of them. :) .

    Yeah the date is going to be fun. Although, I was just told that I’m putting all my eggs in one basket and I guess I kinda am. But talking on the phone and on the internet is one thing, but actually meeting them in person is another thing. Though, like you said there’s not going to be one inch of nervous knots at all inside of me or him. He even stated we have chemistry going. It’s just that long period of time where we didn’t talk, but that’s in the past. So yeah.

    I hope you do get to sell your stuff! Having yard sales is so fun! I was always doing lemonade and selling them for $0.25! I made a LOT of money that way lol. Hey people kept coming back for thirds. It was funny. I was like YAY! BIG BUCKS!! LOL. I think that’s where I got the $300.00 from when I was little that my bitch of a mother took. Yup she took my money that I earned. I also saved up some money that I either found, or was given to by the tooth fairy lol. But yeah. I haven’t even been to a yard sale in years/months! Much less have one. We were going to have one when we moved into the house in Chino, but we never got around to it. I guess we’re going to have one here, but I’m not sure as of yet.

    I did some work today, cleaning and what not. But my gosh. The sun is unbearable! At this rate, I’d rather sleep during the day and work at night and be up at night than sleep during the night. I told my Mama, that when it was the olden days, people did use to sleep during the days, cause when they traveled during the heat/summer months their cattle or horses would keel over and/or they would too. She said to me “I would so love to do that right now, but I gotta keep cleaning even though I want to do that!” That’s half the reason why, I’m in my room most of the time so that I won’t pass out from the heat. I don’t know if it’s my medications doing this to me, or what. But something is sure making me feel uncomfortable with the heat. It even hit my dad yesterday. I was surprised he took two days off from work Monday and Tuesday. I was REALLY surprised. He’s never done that in years! But yeah, when he was cleaning our pool, he was sweating and couldn’t finish it. He went upstairs put a wet cloth on and laid down. I was like “My dad?!” Woah! lol.

    But yeah, I hate the heat. Don’t get me wrong it’s great if you have air conditioning and a swimming pool which we have only the 1 (swimming pool), but we don’t have the air conditioning. So it’s really hard. And speaking of which I am now down to a size 14 pair in pants, and if I lose 3 more lbs. tomorrow when I go to weigh in, my Mama she has more pants for me :D . I’m so happy! I weigh exactly 194.0 lbs!!! Heck I won’t even need the gastric bypass surgery!!! Everything on me is getting smaller except my stomach but that’s the last to go really. But heck; I’m happy as is knowing I won’t have to do the Gastric, and having to eat less or won’t like the foods I love now! :D . How cool is that?!!!

    Well; anyway, I’ll talk to you later hopefully! Bring on the cold air again!! By that time I’ll be bitching for it to be summer again lol.

  4. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to get back on them though, the whole ‘pathetic feeling’ rarely comes up in my mind when I’m on them. Rarely does anything bad about myself come to my mind. I just don’t know why I’m so stubborn about it, all they’re doing is helping. Jet lag when your at home, is just miserable because your just so tired; but it’s not so bad when your somewhere different. Your just so excited it doesn’t matter how tired you are, haha.

  5. YAYYYY! You’re back!

    You woke up at 3?? I like waking up early, but I think I would die. xD Wow, that would be a long trip home.

    Aw, no! That stinks that the flight was cancelled. And then being double-booked on top. xP What a mess!

    Aw, that’s so nice that your family and boyfriend was there to greet you. :)

    Haha, I’ve never gone out of the country before, so I’ve never felt jet lag. But haha, good for you for waking up so early! :)

    Yes! I really want to read about it! AND WOAH. That is a lot of pictures! :D

  6. Hey thanks for adding me back on facebook! I liked a LOT of your albums from your trip and those pictures are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING AND AMAZING!!!

    I do agree with you though, you should be able to put all your eggs in one basket to see if it’s going to work out or not. And I do believe it’s going to work out no doubt about that. He’s a great guy, and very FLIRTATIOUS lol. To those he likes lol. But very cool. I was being flirty with him as well; over the phone that is. But yeah, my dad knows I’m going back to his house for dinner, and watching movies maybe be a little flirtatious there. Not sure yet. But my dad doesn’t know the last part. Haha! Ah well; hey I’m 28 years, all I have to do is make the right decisions. So my dad has his number, as well; as his car/make/year. >D .

    I’m wanting it to cool down some. Not necessarily be in winter again. Just cool down. It’s so freaking hot, I have to sleep during the day. Otherwise it’ll contradict with my medications :( . But yeah, I try to stay cool as much as possible, and all that stuff. I did help organize my movies and c.d.’s out in the garage yesterday. My mama thought I wouldn’t last but I did! LOL. I also helped put her easy up, up. I got the first side up and was like “DONE!” she turned around mouth dropped “You bitch!!” XD . It was funny. We have shade now where it usually gets NO shade.

    Oh I bet you’re missing Europe! It’s supposed to be one of the beautiful places on earth! I’ve never been there. But I want too! Did you eat snails at all? Frogs legs?

    But yeah, I’ve been to San Francisco once for a week with the choir, but I miss it. Cause I didn’t get to do a lot of the traveling there just singing and what not. It did rain on us the last day we were there. So that kinda slowed things down a bit. But it was fun nonetheless. I really want to talk to you again!

    Yup, she took all my money. She’s a money hungry little witch! She took my now ex-stepmom’s Christmas bonus check, and I do believe this was way after my dad had divorced her, but she was only doing this to hurt him, and me. See, when I was born her and I did NOT bond at all. I was given to my dad first when I came out. We bonded and ever since than, she resented him and I both for that. So she go on to tell me she has some disease that she wasn’t allowed to have children but said “I wasn’t supposed to have YOU or Melissa, but I did anyway”. Melissa’s half, just like Olivia. I was like thinking to myself “Gee thanks.” Almost kinda telling me I was a not planned thing. But I was though. My dad planned to have me and always wanted a girl. (Weird right?). But yeah, she took a LOT of money of ours that wasn’t even hers. Little did she know she thought she had my savings bonds (I only had 3), but she didn’t. My dad gave them to me. I cashed them in, and went shopping ROFL!!!!! But yeah. She acts like she cares but in all honesty she doesn’t and neither does that family. Sad really.

    But anywho, 4 record breaking heat waves? OH jeez!!! You got a job? What job? Congratulations on getting a job!!

  7. I know! I can’t believe the Harry Potter movies are coming to an end. I’m already commencing the countdown until the premiere date, I just can’t wait! I’m so excited, but at the same time sad to hear that this movie is pretty much the end. But have you’ve heard about I was a little shocked when J.K Rowling unveiled what the site about today.

    Lol totally! I plan on going to this french restaurant near our house called ‘Le Madeline’ I heard it’s really cool, and definitely this summer I’m going to be taking loads of picture and posting them:)
    Btw, I envy you! Eating french food in a french restaurant, in France?! It seems like your having so much fun:)

    Lol I’ve read the Hunger Games series! I have to say, it’s one of the best book series I have ever read!:D Did you hear it’s going to be a movie? And I believe Josh Hutcherson will portray the role of either Peta or Gale! Can’t wait to see how the movie turns out though.

    Awesome! Did you take any photos of the Trevi Fountain? Yep, I have, I’ve also been to Germany and England, since my cousins are photographers they decided to take me a long with them on there trip to Europe. But this was last year, I wish I could relive it allxD But I bet you head loads of fun on your trip!
    Yay! Your back! Sorry to hear that you had to go through all that hectic trouble just to get home! I remember when I was in Italy we were flying back to England so we could catch a plane to get back to the U.S, but it was delayed because apparently England was experiencing some sever thunderstorms, worst experience ever. Ha it sucks being stuck in an airport.

    Talk about not sleeping! Becca get to bed! Lol you should rest your trip must have been tiring!

    And I would love it if you did like a mini blog post series were you post your adventures! You should totally post your adventures and pictures should go along with it as well:)

    Well take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Welcome back! I hate it when planes get delayed or canceled … especially when I’m expecting my dad to get home (he travels a lot). But it’s an unavoidable situation … except I think JetBlue purposely just delays their flights or something.

    I hope you had so much fun! Jetlag is a killer but don’t worry, I get up at 7AM 3x a week for work. I hope you do post your adventures! I’m thinking about keeping a journal for when I go to Korea because I’m pretty sure I will not have internet access or will not have the time to.

    I think Andrew shouldn’t have told you he was gonna surprise you. Reminds me of when I went to say goodbye to my boyfriend. :P

    I know people go to Europe for under 2 weeks all the time, but I always feel Europe is a lot closer and there’s so much to see that not one day of the 2 weeks is wasted. My trip is just going to be a lot of social gatherings with a bunch of family members I don’t even know. Maybe I’ll ask to go some places … I do need to make the most of this chance.

  9. Hooray! Sorry I didn’t comment any sooner, I was on school camp. XD

    Oh wow! 26 hours on an aeroplane! That sounds terrible. D8 On aeroplanes I always feel very very very sick and just can’t eat or do anything. Even when the plane hasn’t taken off I feel terrible. 8C

    That sounds pretty annoying. And having to wait at the airport for that long..Pretty bad. ;C

    That’s some bad jet lag! When I went to South Africa I got jet lag..went to bed only a few minutes earlier but got up so early it was really freaky! XD Luckily that was only the first few days though. :P And I guess I was also getting up earlier because here in the morning I would wake up at the same time but watch TV in bed so I got up later. XD

    Yes yes yes yes yes! I would definitely love that. :D

  10. I’m glad you had such a great time! I hope we can go on a vacation to Europe like that sometime soon.

    It’s too bad you had all those flight complications, but at least things eventually worked out. :)

    At least you have the rest of the summer to fix up your jetlag, haha.

    I’d love to hear about all your adventures! Wow, that is a lot of pictures!

  11. Oh man, waking up at 3AM for the airport. Honestly I would just stay up until then. I stay up that late sometimes anyways. LOL. That’s why adjusting to a new time isn’t an issue for me ONLY if I have to stay awake longer. When I have to sleep earlier it’s a nightmare! lol :| But if you got a decent amount of sleep before heading to the airport, then thank goodness because you had SUCH a long time waiting.

    Wow, you had absolutely horrible luck at the airport :( I’m sooo sorry. At least you had an amazing trip to make up for it! PICTURES!!! You should post a few! heheh. I love taking pictures too. 800+ pictures SEEM like a lot, but I know from experience they probably aren’t that much when you’re traveling because you just want to take a picture of everything!

    Ahh, my dad and I used to fight all the time too. It was always about grades D:< But I'm in college now and our fighting is diminished, but only because I talk to him a lot less even if I live at home still. But you're right, the card must have meant *something* to him since I hadn't gotten him one in a long time. Ever since his birthday, he hasn't said anything about it, lol. I'll just pretend that he's too shy to talk about it.

  12. Welcome back from your trip :D! It seems like you have had a lot of fun during the vacation :O! It seems like you made the 12 days worth them money and time XD!

    Eep! It seems like you had quite an adventure on the way back home :P. Having delays and flight cancellations shouldn’t be that bad :O! Always turn these hassles into a good thing :}. But at least you got home safely (:

    I’ve been having some jet lag since my vacation started :/. I always woke up at 7 and 8 am, no matter what! D:!

    I hope you had fun unpacking your things xD!

    I agree- :P My blog posts back then were mainly for me :O! Not anyone else D:! I never aimed to go public with blogging– until I got really bored and “lonely” of blogging alone. D:

    Take care (:

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