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Christmas is My Season

I absolutely love Christmas time. I always have, and I’m almost positive I always will. Me and Andrew went to lunch together at Buffalo Wild Wings and we were looking at their upcoming events and he says, “I forgot Christmas was this month.”


Sometimes I swear he is not my boyfriend.

But I digress. I’ve spent the majority of my day today baking Christmas cookies with my mom and listening to Christmas music while we’re at it. :) We always have to make a ton of cookies because we always have tons of company during the season and my family eats them like crazy. :P

I had to do most of the work though, which I don’t mind because I love baking, because my mom has been having some troubles with her elbow and shoulder. Her elbow has been bothering her for a long while now; she has what’s called “tennis elbow.” There’s some technical medical name for it, but I can’t recall what it is. She has to have surgery on it over Christmas break and it will take about 6-8 weeks for her to recover–in which she can’t pick anything up that is heavier than a gallon of milk.

Then, she went to the doctor to have a MRI on her shoulder and found that she has a torn rotator cuff. She doesn’t know what that entails yet, but she think she might have to have surgery on that too. :( The next couple of months will be hard for her because she won’t be able to work or cook or, really anything. But hopefully everyone in my family will be able to help her through this.

Christmas at my house so far has been a bit lacking because of this. It hurts for her to do a lot of things, so me and my sister are doing the majority of wrapping presents and decorating the house and whatnot. We don’t mind.

My parents went out with some friends a couple of nights ago, so me and my sister were going to surprise her by getting all of the Christmas decorations out and hanging them up, as well as the tree. We went a little bit overboard, and when they walked in and saw this we could not stop laughing.

Deck the...living room

My mom just had this dumbfounded look on her face and my dad was laughing along with us. I even had the Christmas lights hooked up so when you turned the light switch on, only the Christmas lights came on, not the regular lights. :D She eventually made us take them down because she was afraid “someone would hang themselves when they walked in the door.” Eye roll.

I’ve got the majority of my shopping done as well. I need to get a few small things and some toys for Tabor and then I’ll be set! Alas, I do believe those cookies are calling my name, so I’ll leave you with some pictures of Christmas at my house. :)

48 More Days Until Christmas!

…not that I’m counting or anything. ;)

I was driving to church with Andrew this morning and as we were fighting over which radio station to listen to, like always, I stopped on a station that was playing Christmas music! I was so happy to find that they were playing the holiday music so early. ‘Cause I need a little Christmas, right this very minute! :3

And then Andrew changed the station, the scrooge.

I know a lot of people that can’t stand Christmas music since it’s mainly the same songs they play over and over again every year, but I can’t help but love it. Christmas is my favorite holiday just because of all my favorite family traditions and memories I hold (though, the gifts are a nice little bonus on the side). Christmas music gets me excited for the holiday season.

My mom wanted me to start making a Christmas list already, and every year I don’t know why I don’t keep the one from last year because I can never think of anything that I want. I always focus on what I want to get everyone else and can never think of anything for myself. :P

The weather here has been dreadful. While I may love Christmas and Thanksgiving, I do not love the cold and dreary weather that accompanies it. If it is cold enough for me to wear a coat, I think there should be snow on the ground as well! J’aime le neige! I keep hearing of my friends across the country say that they’ve got a buttload of snow, like Paige, and I just can’t help but be jealous. Someone send some my way?

Also, I don’t think I’ve mentioned the awesomesauce hat I bought a while back. 8)

I can’t wait ’til I can wear it in the snow! :*