My last summer night in baseball heaven

I rolled out of bed this morning determined to hit that three mile mark. I haven’t been running as much as I would like lately, but this morning I just knew that I could do it. It may not seem like a lot, but for someone who could barely run a mile at the beginning of the summer, it felt really good. Well, the run was awful. I’ve been sick, so I sounded like Darth Vader wheezing around my neighborhood. Then I got a stitch in my side around mile two, but I pushed through and finished in 38:26. Not a very good pace by any means, but I’m proud that I did it.

Andrew left today for school. He has to be back a week early for nursing school so I went to lunch with him, his mom, and some friends. He had some room in his car left so he stopped by my house afterwards to take my TV and a few other small things of mine. (Yeah, I have a lot of stuff to bring back.) It’s about a four hour drive to Kansas City, so it always makes me nervous when he drives it by himself. I hugged him goodbye and told him to drive safe. And of course that I loved him. He hugged me back and I started to tear up.

I have been such an emotional roller coaster lately.

It’s only a week – not even since I’m leaving Thursday, but I’ll miss him. This summer we’ve gone much longer than that without seeing each other and it’s been fine, but it’s like once you know that person’s gone it’s suddenly much harder. I’m probably just being ridiculous and just needed a good cry since I haven’t had one in a while. My meltdown on the phone with the electric company doesn’t count, haha.

On Wednesday, I went to the Cardinals’ baseball game with two of my good girlfriends from church and a family friend. He bought us tickets in the bleacher seats in outfield and they were such great seats! We could see every pitch exactly where it landed in the catcher’s glove and we were right behind center-field man Jon Jay.

On the second pitch, the batter hit the ball straight at the elbow of our pitcher, Shelby Miller. He was taken out after that and the game just went downhill from there. Our defensive was pretty crap and the Dodgers kept scoring. Around the seventh inning, we decided to make the game a little more fun and started to call out Jon Jay’s name (not during the game of course, but between innings) to try and get him to wave at us. The seventh inning he pretty much ignored us; the eighth inning he turned and looked at us but didn’t do anything more. We were like, well hey, at least he looked at us!

Then at the beginning of the ninth he was throwing the ball back and forth to Matt Holliday and we kept shouting his name and cheering for him. Right before the inning started, he turned and began to run towards us. I was just thinking, “Oh! He’s going to wave to us!” But he kept running closer and it was like everything after that went into hyperspeed. The next thing I know he’s throwing the ball towards us and our friend leaned over me and caught it. (I mean honestly, do not trust me to catch a MLB baseball…)

It was totally awesome.

He gave the ball to us girls and we passed it around, touching it and kind of awed with what just happened. Jon Jay personally threw a baseball to us! We shouted that we loved him (haha, what fangirls we are) and were absolutely giddy for the rest of the game. We ended up losing horrendously – I think it was 13 to 4, but it was a ton of fun and we got a baseball! That never happens!

baseball heaven

Since there were three of us and only one baseball, we decided that we would “share” it. One of the girls took it home and said she’d pass it on over Christmas break. It’s honestly not that big of a deal to me whether I keep the baseball or not. Just the fact that Jon Jay threw the ball to me (okay, I think it was to me, but my memory could be a bit biasly skewed ;) ) is enough to make me happy!

It was a bit bittersweet since that was my last baseball game for the summer. I’m going to miss St. Louis and cheering for the Cards – we truly are a baseball city. But it’s off to Kansas City where they root for the Royals (boooo!) but I’ll proudly wear my hat when we make it to playoffs. :)

You can take the girl out of St. Louis but you can’t take St. Louis out of the girl. :)

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  1. That’s sad that you’ve had to spend time apart, hopefully these few days will fly by and you’ll be reunited before you know it. I know exactly how you feel though, James is moving to Germany for a year next month and we had only spent a few weeks together over the summer since may (he lives 170ish miles away – we met at university) and we had to say goodbye last week. It’s horrible :(

    That’s awesome that you got the ball! I’ve never been to a baseball game (what with being British and everything) but it’s definitely on my to do list if I ever go travelling in America! Maybe I’ll go and see your team ;)

  2. I wouldn’t even be able to run one mile let alone three. I’m so bad at exercising haha, I’d be out of breath just running down the street. Well done for getting your three miles done!

    It’s a shame you have to spend time apart, distance can’t be easy. My friend’s boyfriend lived at the other side of the country for around 8 months, which she hated. Me and my boyfriend are lucky that we lived 5 minutes away from each other, and never really plan to move anywhere. Hopefully the time passes quickly and you’ll be seeing each other again in no time.

    It’s cool that you got the ball! I’ve never been to any kind of sports game, and baseball’s not a big thing over here, but I’d like to at some point.


  3. I’m slowly getting that lifestyle – but still it’s the same way with you and that three mile run. Slowly but surely! It’s hard sometimes, but again no one ever said it would be easy. I just know from experience of eating junk all my life that after eating healthy foods; and I go to put in junk – it literally goes what are you doing? And I suffer the consequences!

    Ah, memories! It’s always nice to get something – be it from a game or a concert. I remember I was absolutely giddy that night that Randy Flowers one of Meat loaf’s guitarist gave me his guitar pick. I don’t have it now – thanks to my ex-boyfriend who literally kept it from me. Ex’s suck. Anyway I remember exactly how I got it too – Since I had been standing at the front of the stage the whole time taking pictures (literally a camera whore 600 + videos). I initially started having a shaking spell. The cameraman bumped into me which I had bumped into him – I apologized and continued like it was nothing. Meat loaf walked up to me that night and it felt like he was singing to me (I know he’s old but damn!) I was in 7th Heaven than. After that I was completely satisfied. When I stopped taking pictures I literally gazed over at Randy Flowers and how he was playing his guitar. He winks at me (put a smile on my face) – and literally glides the guitar pick at my hand. I felt something hit it – and it had hit my left hand went to the left. I didn’t get it in time. A woman asked me if I had gotten it – and I said no – She said don’t worry I will get another one for you all cheery. Well, she did. The same thing happened again! This time I was down in the dumps as when I reached for it – someone else did too, but they ended up getting it. I was so bummed out. I then felt a tap on my shoulder and low and behold it was her son. He takes my hand, puts something in it – and shuts my hand then winks. I look down at my hand opened it – and my mouth dropped. It was him who had got it before any other nitwit could get it. He got it for me! I went “Are you sure?” He goes “OF course it’s YOURS.” I was smiling the rest of the night like a retard. LOL. I literally blew a kiss at Randy Flowers as a thank you. My dad didn’t even knew I had it until I told him and showed it to him. But damn, I miss that guitar pick. It probably would’ve gotten lost in the move anyway, so I’m glad that the ex has it. It only shows what an a**hole he really is. But it’s just a piece of plastic but Meat loaf plastic history! Ah well, live and learn. I did completely forget about it when I was at his apartment that night I left. So that was my fault. But he may have the guitar pick – but he doesn’t have the memory of how I got it. Just like the baseball – you have the memory and picture to remind you of how you got it regardless if it’s in your position or not.

    Don’t worry about the move to the apartment – you’ll do fine. It’ll take some time to adjust to the new surroundings and what not, and it’ll always be hard the first two months you’re there. But it gets some what easier. Just try to buy things in bulk if you can. It’ll last longer that way.

  4. I can’t run a mile without stopping, I don’t think, which is embarrassing to think about. Congratulations for getting off your ass and starting running, though! I should follow your example.

    Congratulations for finishing your 3 miles, too. :D Progress is progress. You even battled past that evil stitch. You go girl. ♥

    I’m sorry you have to spend some much time away from Andrew, you two are so close. But at least nowadays there are things like Skype, which may not be the same as having him with you but it’s pretty close, right?

    I admit I skimmed through the baseball game summary because it all went over my head (we don’t play baseball here) but this Jon Jay guy threw you a baseball? Now that’s pretty cool. :)


    I have really cheap gummy earphones too, for my iPod, but they break every sixth months or so. I always get the same pair though because for the price they have really good sound quality and they last a decent length of time.

    They better be swanky, or I’m sending them back. ;)

    Take care! xx

  5. Congrats on hitting the 3 mile mark! That’s a good distance, especially if you were only doing a mile not too long ago :)

    Aww, it is hard to spend time apart once you get used to each other’s company so much. Even if my husband goes on a business trip for a few days, it suddenly feels really weird.

    That’s awesome that Jon Jay personally threw a baseball to you guys! That was very nice of him to show that he noticed you guys cheering for him :D Those looked like great seats too!

  6. 3 mile?! That’s a lot X__X I really need to start exercising, but the first step is always so hard especially, since I love my bed too much lol

    Sometimes our emotions gets the best of us :) But it sounds like you had a wonderful baseball event!


  7. Congrats on being able to run a mile! I bet that right now I can barely run a quarter of a mile! hahahahaha. I am so out of shape it isn’t even funny.
    I should probably exercise but running just isn’t my thing. Hated it with soccer practices and school PE Classes and I still hate it now.
    Good luck on getting that time down. I know you can do it! What I would do if I were you is go back down to 1 mile until you can run that 1 mile in a good amount of time and then go up to 2 miles and so on and so forth. It would be repetitive and annoying but it would definitely help you.

    I finally got back into blogging myself! I didn’t think I was going to because of some personal stuff that I had going on in my life recently but I did! & I am glad I did. :) That said, I didn’t think I was going to go around commenting anymore either…due to my personal issues but alas, since I have my blog back…I have my commenting spirit back as well. :)

    That is amazing that you were able to catch the baseball. Even more amazing that he threw it right to you guys! I guess yelling out his name did work! (: I’m glad y’all had fun at the game. Sometimes baseball games are hit or miss when it comes to how much fun you had (or at least that’s what I thought I haven’t been to once since I was really young).

    I probably would have cried, too. It was always very emotional when I had to leave my boyfriend when I went on trips that only lasted a few days to a week. I missed him so much. We ended up breaking up and I am single now but I still understand where you are coming from!

  8. Three miles doesn’t sound like much?! Wow, I think it is awesome. Back when I was still active the most I could ever do was 2 miles… how I wish I could get back into wanting to do exercise but every time I do I cave in the long run… not enough motivation? Shrugs.

    I’ve never been to a baseball game, though one of my friends could have sworn that I was there with her at one of the games they hold here. It does sound like it could be fun. Baseball tends to be one of the few sports I can stand.

  9. Wow 3 miles? I’m the worst at long distance running so I’m extremely impressed, wow. That’s amazing that you still did it so fast even though you had a stitch. Good job on pushing through!
    Aw that sucks about spending a week apart. Hopefully this week went by fast for you!
    And wow that’s so cool how Jon Jay threw that ball at you guys! That is so awesome. I would’ve wanted to keep it just ’cause I’m a sentimental person, but the memory of it is good enough. The closest thing that has happened to me was when I saw Taylor Swift in concert and she paused during a song (she was pretty close to where I was sitting/standing) and I yelled ‘I love you Taylor!!’ and she looked up at me. Me and my friends also spelt ‘SWIFT’ with glow sticks on our shirts so we stood out. It was freaking amazing hahaha that she even looked at me. Or us :S.

  10. Congratulations on finishing that three-mile run! You really built your endurance since the start. It’s an accomplishment and you have record of what you have. The next step is to beat 38:26? :)

    You and Andrew have a cute relationship. He’s sweet to take some of your stuff to school. It sucks when your significant other have to part away from you for a while :/. I’m used to seeing my boyfriend once or twice a week during the semester for a couple of hours. :I.

    It is nice of the family friend to buy all of you a ticket to the game! I hope the pitcher will recover soon from that hit. I don’t follow baseball so… The Dodgers from Los Angeles? I heard they’re doing a lot better this season. It is so awesome that Jon Jay gave you girls their baseball!! He’s such a good sport :D. Even though your team lost, you still had fun!

    Hope you’re enjoying the last of your days before school starts!!

  11. 3 miles? I think I don’t even can run a quarter of 3 miles… Lol. I want to, but scared to run a few miles in a big city where I live. However, congrats on reaching 3 miles! I’m sure you’re proud of yourself.

    Awww that’s the hardest part, to not see your boyfriend for awhile. When I still studied, I only saw my boyfriend two days (Saturday and Sunday). It was hard, but we kept on loving each other. Now, 6 years later we are living together. Just keep on loving him and before you know it, you’re living together. <3

    How awesome it is that your friend catched the baseball!! I'm not a sport fan, but I'm sure it's feeling like heaven when your friend catched the baseball and even meet Matt.

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