Thank you, 2013

This year has been kind of crazy for me and a bit of a whirlwind. I can’t believe how quickly the last half of the year went! While I’m not too sorry to see it go, I had some really great memories this year and I’ve learned a lot. I have a lot to be proud of and also a lot to learn from.

For starters, I managed a 4.0 GPA this entire year! Grades were finalized about a week ago and I managed to earn straight A’s this semester and last semester. It wasn’t easy, especially after working 30+ hours a week this semester, but I’m really proud.

I bought a car in May. It’s a 2010 Hyundai Accent and I absolutely love it. I really needed a car to go back and forth between school and home, and also so I could get a job while I was away at school. I had been saving for a while, so I was able to put a good down payment on it, but I still had to take out a pretty big loan. Enough to make me uncomfortable with the amount of debt I am currently in when combined with my student loans. So I guess we can also say that 2013 is the year that I went massively in debt. YAY!

My best friend got her eyebrow pierced and I passed out. This is one of those memories that I file under “lesson learned” because I won’t be going with friends anymore to get piercings (not that any of them really do anyways). Nonetheless, it was extremely embarrassing and, looking back, we can all laugh about it, but it’s probably my most embarrassing moment. Especially considering I shouted out for my mom when I started to become conscious. I don’t like to let people know that though… :P

I went to Puerto Rico on a mission trip. I love to travel, so being able to spend a week there and sight see as well as love the community and build a roof for the sweetest old lady was wonderful. I made a lot of friends and I learned a lot – I also put on my first tin roof! I had the blisters to prove it, too! :)

Jon Jay from the Saint Louis Cardinals threw me and my friends a baseball at a game. It was awesome. I was so happy this summer because I was able to go to a lot of baseball games with Andrew and my friends. I love the Cardinals and when I’m in Kansas City, everyone roots for the Royals instead. The entire night me and my friends kept passing the baseball between us and giggling because we couldn’t believe it happened!

I moved into my own apartment in a different city and pay my rent and bills (with help from my parents). There were a lot of problems at first, including not having hot water for nine days and not have screens on our windows, but I’m really proud of how me and my roommate handled it. It’s not the ideal apartment, but we’re broke college students making it work. It’s lonely sometimes, but it’s ours.

I got a job at a movie theater in August and while it hasn’t been perfect, it’s been what I needed and it helps me pay the bills. I worked, as mentioned above, about 30 hours a week, sometimes more. It was really hard managing work and school and not having time for friends. Really hard.

I struggled with depression and anxiety through most of the fall semester. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t easy. It’s difficult for me to even go back and read the posts I made — or more accurately, the posts I never made. (I also want to thank you all for the love you gave me during that time. You guys are beautiful people.) I was so down that I couldn’t even write down my feelings. I think there was a point that Andrew may have suggested I talk to someone. I managed to get through and I’m hoping that I’m stronger because of it. I pray that when I return next semester I won’t go through it again, but I wouldn’t say it’s something so easily conquered. One day at a time.

And now, I’m finishing this year of ups and downs, memories and struggles, here at home with my family and friends. I hope you all had a good 2013, have a wonderful new year’s eve, and have an even better 2014! <3

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  1. As far as I know, just staying indoors and reading and/or watching movies with Tristan. That’s as far as my plans goes for tonight.

    Re: Meeting family is kind of scary and nerve wracking at the same time! Those awkward silent moments is what tips the iceberg. I know it was a nightmare for Tristan to meet my dad and his girlfriend, and we did have a couple of silent moments, but it turned out okay despite my dad’s girlfriends negative comments but we brushed them off without saying anything (normally I would’ve said something, but I didn’t that time). I even got kind of nervous a little bit by just being at my dad’s house knowing that I used to live there. Tristan was nervous, and didn’t want me leaving him a lone at all. But he got used to it, and my dad loves him! I’m sure your boyfriend’s parents loves you and his family! I met Tristan’s mom finally on Christmas day! As well as his brothers and sisters. I wasn’t really expecting a gift from them, but I ended up getting one! I like them all and glad that they want to help out as long as I stay positive and nice to them.

    I’m so happy to hear that you managed to pull off a 4.0 GPA! As well as getting straight A’s. It isn’t easy working and having to study and trying to maintain your GPA all at the same time. But you did it and for that I am proud of you! I think I gave you my number, so please call or text anytime I have unlimited texting and calling. So if you need to talk by all means text/call me anytime!

    Gift baskets are super easy, and you can’t go wrong with them! I like the idea of the popcorn movie gift basket. I never thought of that, but next year will be different I’m sure! We wanted to get the grandpa some cigars he likes but you have to order them, and the Grandma an MP3 player too, but we didn’t have the money this time so forks it was and they laughed when they saw them. So overall; it was a better Christmas than last years and they wanted to make it a better one for me. Which Christmas eve I almost cried with joy and happiness because of all those gifts which they didn’t have to do, plus the Mp3 player that Tristan got me. I was not expecting all of those gifts and more! I was also struggling with depression as this is the fourth Christmas spent with out my Grandma sitting with me. This is also the second Christmas spent without my dad. So it was a little hard, but I pulled through. I hope that you can maintain that 4.0 GPA and all A’s within the years to come! Have you thought about Financial Aid and Grants?

  2. Congrats on your grades for this year – that’s amazing, especially considering the amount of hours you’ve been working. If I work I end up writing my essays on the week they’re in, which is an absolutely awful and tiring experience.

    I can’t believe you passed out – it must have been bad. How big is the needle they use for eyebrow piercings?? I’m too terrified to get anything pierced – I had my ears done when I was 8 and that was scary enough haha. I did have a friend who passed out more than once when she got a tattoo done, so that must be bad too.

    Hope you have a wonderful 2014!!


  3. Your theme. *-* I have a soft spot for teal.

    God, you’re superhuman! Congratulations on your grades! They’re amazing, obviously, but you’ve always been a great student. :)

    Ugh, piercings, no. I still need to get my ears pierced… last time I went the gun got stuck in my ear -___- I just left after that, haha.

    Take care! xx

  4. Happy new year! You accomplished a lot in 2013! That’s awesome that you got straight A’s while working. That sounds really hard to balance. Congrats on getting a new car and for moving into your own apartment too! It’s too bad about all the problems you had with the apartment, but it is nice to feel independent and have your own place.

    The Puerto Rico trip sounds great. I haven’t been there, but I’ve heard good things. I don’t think I could go to a piercing place though, haha. I don’t think I’d pass out, but I really don’t like seeing things like that.

    Sorry to hear about the depression and anxiety though :( I’m glad you got through it, and I hope you won’t experience it again in 2014. I hope you have a great 2014!

  5. Congratulations on getting a 4.0 GPA the entire year! It’s a great achievement to have- especially as a college student :). And even a plus since you had work! Same congrats on getting yourself a new car as well. Even though you’re in debt, I’m sure you’ll make it up when you finish school and all~

    Are you a piercings type of person? I can imagine passing out if I even get an ear piercing.

    I remember about that post about the Cardinal’s game! You always called that player’s name and he looked at you guys XD.

    You definitely pulled through this year despite of the challenges you had to overcome. I hope you’re passed that depression and anxiety stage and you’re on the road to recovery! Good job with being independent! I hope you will have a great 2014~

    ps. blog more! I miss hearing from yahh~

    1. Hehe, I am not a piercing person at all! I have my ears pierced but that is all and even getting that done was pretty terrible.

      I am going to try and blog more! I just have so much going on and not a whole lot to say sometimes! Miss ya Nancy <3

  6. Happy new year! I think you’ve accomplished a lot in 2013! :) You should be really proud on yourself! :D I must agree with you, 2013 went by fast. Though I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in 2014! Wish you the best! :D

  7. this was such a nice post to read! i love reading posts where people reflect on the past year – i find that incredibly tough to do because i have a horrible gauge of time, and i always mix up when events happen.

    congrats on your grades! your year sounds so full and wonderful. hope 2014 is even more amazing!

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