Growing up is Hard

My roommate and I have finally found an apartment, but she is on vacation right now so I’ve been trying to get everything set up before we move in next Thursday. I called the gas company to get that switched to our names and that worked out smoothly. I called the electric company next and they had me on hold for thirty minutes.

Bad start.

I finally spoke with a representative and she couldn’t find our apartment in their system. The street we are going to live on has a number (like 50th street) but it also has an actual street name. I gave both addresses and still no luck. The representative said I would need a meter number then.

So I called my landlord (which I had a few other questions for her and she’s very helpful so it wasn’t a huge deal) and she was able to send me the meter number. I called the electric company back and waited for another fifteen minutes on hold. Finally I spoke with a friendly woman and everything was worked out accordingly. She then told me she was going to transfer me to another person who would make sure that my address and information, etc. was accurate.

I was transferred and my information was relayed back to me and it all sounded correct. Then this guy started to ask me some questions about moving in. It was kinda random but they were innocent enough questions.

“How many TVs are you bringing with you? And how many laptops?”

I replied with one TV and a laptop for both my roommate and myself.

“What do you use the internet for? Do you stream or download or anything else?”

I don’t know. I use the internet like any other normal person does. What kind of questions is that?

“Okay so mainly just streaming then. That plus the tv will be $79.99 a month and when would you like to set that up?”

Uhm, what?

He explained that a TV and internet bundle would be $79.99 a month and again asked what day we would like to have someone come set it up for us. I proceeded to tell him that I would not be needing cable. Me and my roommate both don’t watch much television and we really don’t have the time or money for it.

“Oh okay then just the internet will be $44.99.”

My slow brain was finally realizing that he was trying to sell me internet. But then I was confused because don’t you do that through the internet company? Since when do you set it up through the electric company? But since I’ve never done this before I figured that maybe that’s how they did it here in Kansas City. So I asked, “Do you have to get internet through the electric company?”

“Well,” he responded, “We are partners with Time Warner so you get a discount if you go through us.”

In other words, no, I do NOT have to get internet through them. “Okay, then I don’t want to set up my internet right now. I haven’t even talked to my roommate about it yet.”

“We’re already halfway through so you can cancel the order later if you decide you don’t want it. There’s no cancellation charge and it is hassle-free.”

Okay, buddy, but you’re missing the point that I don’t want it and it would be a hassle to continue talking to you and to have to cancel it later! At this point I was beginning to get flustered. I tried to tell him again that I didn’t want it when he continued to ask me more questions. “Do you have a computer modem? If not, you can lease one from the company and it’s actually not that expensive. Let me add that on to your order and…”

And this is the point where I just burst into tears. This guy was making me get internet that I didn’t want and it was expensive internet. Plus, he was starting to add on other charges that I didn’t need and I was very uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do. I felt like he was already stealing money from me and I felt even worse because it wasn’t just me he was screwing over but my roommate, too. So crying is the obvious answer to all of my problems.

Thankfully my mom had walked into my room about halfway through the conversation to ask me something. She could tell that I was flustered and getting upset, so she sat on the bed and was waiting for me to get off the phone to talk to her. When I started crying I just handed the phone to her.

She very aggressively said, “All my daughter wants is to turn on her electricity. She doesn’t want internet or cable or whatever else you’re selling.” The guy started to rationalize what he was doing and my mom repeated, “All she wants is to turn on her electricity.” She had to repeat that four or five times before the man finally stopped trying to talk her into it. Or maybe my mom just hung up.

I love my mother.

Normally I could handle this situation fairly well. I know what I want and you selling me crap I don’t want is not what I want. But the fact that he was so persistent and wouldn’t listen to me just left me feeling so vulnerable and I had no idea what to do. Growing up us hard and people are rude. :(

11 thoughts on “Growing up is Hard”

  1. I know what you mean about growing up. I had to do the same thing at the apartments, I was living at. I was struggling each month, and had to constantly ask my friends for money here and there. I hate it when people think they can just ask you personal questions and just act like you’re going to go ahead and go through it. That guy obviously wanted his commission that day, when you called, and would not take no for an answer. I had the same thing happen to me – when I called Time Warner to see about the internet. This guy literally talked my darn ear off! Unfortunately – he tried to get me to set up an appointment and I said no I’m just going to wait and see for right now. He goes “Well I can still set it up, and if you change your mind I can cancel it.” I told him no that would not be necessary. And left it at that. I hate it when people do that to you. You automatically want to yell at them, and yet you can’t. That’s the same thing that happened to me when I got my blood test work done, to receive this gift card through my insurance. They sent it to the house that I used to reside in, and why is beyond me but they should’ve had the address updated as it was in all the other departments. But this one lady was saying I would have to go and take the tests again and send them again. I told her LOOK – I have already waited 3 weeks, and the results are in your guys’ hand! I’m NOT going to go way out of my way to get my gift card that YOU guys are supposed to give me! I can do your job better than you! She mouths off something and I said can I please talk to your supervisor? And when I was on hold I had enough time to calm down, and I actually apologize to the supervisor for going off at the worker. I know that the worker couldn’t do anything, but she was making me so darn mad! Finally the gift card comes, and the backing is off. Making me think that since it was sent out to the wrong address the people that I knew to well could’ve used my card up and then sent it back it got me riled up and actually accused them of doing that. They had not even seen it. But I apologized to them after I had thought that and accused. Things like this makes people go absolutely nuts (paranoid)! Well, at least me anyway!

    But I’m glad your mom was there to help out, we all need some help from time to time. But don’t worry, since you have a roommate and everything, it will be less stress on you to pay everything at once. See, I didn’t have a roommate when I lived at the apartments. So I paid for everything and only had $100.00 to work with for the remainder of the months plus laundry money. But you have a roommate that you can trust and that’s all that matters and it’ll be good for you two! Responsible and dependable is what defines you guys.

  2. Ugh I hate people like that! I get those things a lot and at our age we’re expected to be able to handle these kinds of situations. But people like that guy will take advantage of the fact that we’re new to these kinds of things and they feel that they can just take our money. Good thing your mom came to the rescue, her timing was great too! Maybe you can ask her for help about other things that you need to know about growing up and living responsibly. She will also make sure that something like that won’t happen again :)

  3. God, he sounds annoying. I don’t much mind when people try to sell me stuff—it’s their job, after all—but I hate overly aggressive salespeople who push me into buying crap I didn’t ask for even after I say that I’m not interested. Good thing your mom was there for you, though :)

  4. Part of me wants to say the guy was just doing his job. The other, much larger part, is saying he’s a douchebag. I mean, it’s all very well offering, but when you said no he should have just rolled with it. Customer is king and all that shit. What an utter prick.

    I know I’d have freaked out too, Becca. (I was about to write Bex then… can I call you Bex? Or is it Becca always?). I’m terrified for when I have to leave home and move into a flat and everything. I hate making phone calls as well.

    All mums are able to turn into badass motherfuckers when they have to; I know my mum’s surprised me once or twice. ;)


    Hello again! Yep, I’m back. :)

    Oh, you make me look so lazy with all that running you’re doing. I’ve gone on walks, but no runs yet. I should get a certificate for my sheer level of laziness…

    Everyone glares at me where I live. It’s like, does my existence offend you? So, yeah, I mostly just do the half-nod, awkward smile package and leave it at that.

    Take care! xx

    1. Later I realized he was probably just trying to make a bonus for that sale – so just doing his job which I could understand, but I clearly said no several times so then he needed to back off. I obviously need to work on my being-aggressive skills. It makes me think of that dumb cheer…. “Be, agressive. Be, Be, agressive!”

      Haha! I’ve never had anyone call me Bex before. Is that a nickname there? Normally everyone just calls me Becca (or Rebecca if I’m at a formal shenanigan) but feel free to call me Bex! I kinda like it!

      I really don’t go running as often as I should. I was doing it every day for a while, but I’m in a bit of a slump right now – only gone twice this week and they were pretty pitiful. But I suppose it is better than nothing. I’m really only doing it because I am SO lazy and I really, really like junk food. So it’s to prevent me from becoming morbidly obese, lol.

  5. That’s weird! I didn’t know electric companies could sell you internet like that. That guy sounded way too aggressive though. I know it’s his job, but he should have let go when you told him no the first time.

    I’m glad your mom stepped in to help you! I would file a complaint with the company though. I had an aggressive telemarketer call me once, so I complained, and they apologized and then removed me from all of their spam calling lists.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have patience with most telemarketers anymore. My advice is to stay firm and just hang up if necessary!

  6. I can’t believe how rude that man was! I really hate people who are like that. Ofcourse it’s his job… but I don’t know why people want that kind of jobs. Although he just had to say okay when you said no. Just like people on the streets that are trying to sell a membership for a TV newspaper or something like that. Leave us alone, we don’t want it.

    I’m glad your mother was there to help you out.

  7. Aaah, that sounds so stressful! I hate it when people just constantly try and push you into stupid sales, just so they can get their monthly bonus or whatever, they need to learn that no means no. Growing up is stressful! I’m going into my second year of university now so my friends and I have just moved out of halls and into a student house. It makes everything so much more serious when you’re in a house instead of halls, I don’t really know why. It’s scary. Luckily our landlords are super lovely and include all of our gas/electric/internet/tv/etc in our monthly rent so we don’t have to deal with all that.
    At least you know that your mum is always there for you when you need her, it’s lucky she walked in when she did :D

  8. That’s different. I don’t get why he need to ask what you use the internet for or even obviously forcing you to get internet from them. That’s was so irritating but at least your mom came in at the right time.

  9. Congratulations on finally finding an apartment! Good luck with getting everything set up for the upcoming school year.

    I can’t believe how much trouble you had to go through just to have electric in the apartment. Shame on that man for being desperate for some commissions. Seriously, for him to bug you about adding on the additional services and making you cry is messed up. You said no once and he kept on going about it. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you again. If it does, ask them for their employee name and ID so you can make a complaint about them or ask them to connect you with the person in charge.

    It is awesome of your mother to step in and help you with the situation. People are rude out there and you can’t always be nice about it. You gotta be an asshole sometimes too to make a point (only when you have to).

    I hope you have the electricity going through the apartment now and figured out :)!

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