Thank you, 2014

2014 has been such a wonderful year! I’ve had some pretty monumental life changes and I think that these struggles and triumphs have made me a better person. It’s hard to think that Christmas is already over and that tomorrow is going to be 2015.

I finished another year in my finance degree, with a 3.9 GPA. Not the straight A’s that I wanted, but I worked my butt off for the grades that I got and am still really proud of what I’ve accomplished both semesters while working 30 hours a week.

My beautiful, wonderful, amazing roommate decided to quit her job and move home, so I searched desperately for someone(s) to take her spot. Unsuccessfully. I searched for a while with two girls that were a bit bat-crazy before I decided I would cut my (financial) losses and just live on my own. One of the better decisions I made, because I love my studio!

On March 29th, as we celebrated our four year anniversary at a fancy restaurant, Andrew proposed. :love: Speechless and shocked and totally in love with him, I said yes! This year has been full of wedding planning and my heart is full with so much love, I can’t even begin to explain or describe my feelings. I am just incredibly happy with him and I can’t wait until August 8th of 2015!

I got an internship at a marketing company over the summer. It was a great learning experience, but most importantly, it paid really well! ;P I was able to save up some money for the wedding and get valuable learning experience as well, even if it’s just how to work with drama-loving-women. Sheesh.

In July, after wearing glasses for as long as I can remember, I got contacts. A big, scary step for me, but one that I’m glad I made. They’ve been great to wear so far! I still keep trying to push imaginary glasses up my nose and I still wear my glasses on occasion, because I do miss them at times. ;P

At the beginning of August, Andrew and I took a road trip to Ohio to visit the infamous amusement parks, Cedar Point and King’s Island. It was so much fun planning the trip and booking the hotels, and doing it all ourselves! I can’t even describe how much fun we had (or how much sweets we ate!) but if its any indication of future vacations, I can’t wait!

The last half of the year wasn’t as exciting as I focused on my classes and working, but Andrew and I had our engagement pictures taken and I squeezed in some more wedding planning. We both should’ve been models. ;)

Overall, what a wonderful, wonderful year. I’ve been very grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life and the wonderful memories I have to share. I hope that 2014 has been as good to you as it has been to me. Have a happy new year’s eve!

7 thoughts on “Thank you, 2014”

  1. Happy New Year, Becca!

    I need to know what kind of magic you’re doing aside from studying to get a 3.9! I’m here struggling to barely meet a 3.7 *_*. And especially with working 30 hours a week, you are beast!!!

    Congratulations again on the proposal! August 8 is coming up and I wish you both the best :). And another set of congratulations on getting the internship~ I’m sure you’re having fun, right right??

    Hope 2015 will be an exciting year for you- even moreso with your wedding coming up! Best wishes!

  2. You should be proud of the grades you got, especially when you were working a lot too! That would be so hard.

    That is great that you have enjoyed living on your own. It would probably make your finances a bit tighter, but if you are more comfortable that way, go for it. Plus, having a room mate that was not a good match would make life harder.

    That is so exciting that you will be getting married this year, I hope you have a fantastic day and that the planning will not be too crazy and stressful.

    I hope you have a really great 2015! :D

  3. Wow! It seems that you really had an amazing year. From your grade down to the engagement. That’s one life goal this year. I hope to find a regular day job and live on my own. Also, don’t be so stressed out about wedding plans. Be the beautiful bride!
    Here’ to a wondeerful 2015! Cheers!

  4. It sounds like you have a great year, full of accomplishments and good experiences. It is hard working and attending school, so great job! And your GPA is fantastic.. I always feel like I need to be perfect, but then I try to remember that it is really the experiences that you get in college that will set you a part (your internship for example). Speaking of your internship, you were fortunate to have a paid one!

    Congratulations on your engagement, and good like planning. I looked at your engagement photos and you both look very happy!

  5. Happy new year! Your year sounds absolutely wonderful and I’m so happy for you! Congratulations again on your engagement :) Your engagement photos are so adorable hehe.

  6. Wow, a lot happened in 2014 for you! Even though you didn’t get the straight A’s you wanted, 3.9 is still a great score, especially balancing work at the same time. That can be tough! I’m glad living on your own worked out too. It’s nice to have a space all to yourself :)

    Congrats on the engagement and on getting the internship! I hope wedding planning is going well!

    That’s great that the contacts worked out too, and I remember your entry about the Ohio trip. That sounded fun! I hope you have an awesome 2015! Happy new year!

  7. It sounds like you’ve had an absolutely fantastic year! (just wanted to say that your GPA is an incredibly impressive achievement considering how much you worked!) Also, can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming wedding! <3
    Here's to an amazing 2015! :D

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