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I am back in Kansas City once again and I am ready to struggle through rock out my junior year of college!

Since my roommate ditched me moved back home, I said goodbye to the crappy little two-bedroom apartment forever. It was good for the year we had it, but I really do not miss it or the noisy neighbors having sex all night long. Since I had trouble finding sane roommates, I decided to just go solo and find a place just for me. I didn’t think I would be able to afford living on my own, but my parents are wonderful people and are helping me through it. :love:

I moved, literally, right down the street from my old apartment into a cozy little studio. It was renovated just this summer so almost everything is new! It’s small, but it will work just fine for me this school year.

This is the view right when you walk into the studio to the left and then the view from the kitchen. (Sorry for bad quality – I had to use my Kindle because I left my camera back at home in St. Louis… D’oh!!)

studio (1)
I haven’t done much decorating yet – I have a few artsy-fartsy ideas in mind but just don’t have the money right now to do it. I also accidentally left quite a few things back home in St. Louis, so it’s silly for me to go buy it when I already have it. It’s just four hours away. D’oh. So I probably won’t get into much decorating for a couple of months. :P Andrew and I are headed back for sure in the middle of October for engagement pictures, so it might just have to wait until then. :)

I also have these really cute chevron curtains that I am dying to hang up, but I don’t have a drill and there aren’t any curtain brackets already in the wall, so I either need to find a man (or woman!) who can do it for me or I’ll just make do without the curtains. (Unless anyone has some nifty ideas on how to hang curtains without the brackets! I tried the adhesive strip hangers, but those just fell right off. :( )

I love that it has a separate changing area from the main room that leads to the bathroom. I moved my dresser in there right across from the closet. It is almost like walk-in closet, which I’ve never had before! It’s also nice because I can just throw all my clothes in there that I haven’t picked up/thrown in the hamper/put away so my main room is nice and clutter-free. :)

My favorite part of the whole studio is the bathroom. I love the tile – it’s so clean and modern! It’s not huge (which is why it was hard to get some good angles) but it’s actually a little bit bigger than I am used to, which is exciting! I’d like to get some kind of fabric to cover all my junk on the shelves eventually, but it’s fine for now.

Aaand this is my kitchen. Pretty small and not a lot of room to cook, but I am learning to make do. :)

It has been fun living on my own! It’s quite different from having a roommate like I’m used to, but I’ve been really enjoying it. This is the last year of my life that I will be living as a single woman! Come August of next year, I’ll be stuck with Andrew forever. ;P

I haven’t been as lonely as I thought I would be. Going back to school is always hard for me and I knew it would be especially since I was living by myself. But I have really just enjoyed it so far. Walking around in various stages of clothing, singing in the shower, sleeping in until eleven on the weekend and not being judged, raiding the fridge without wondering if I bought whatever I am now eating. It’s been nice. :)

12 thoughts on “Welcome to The Studio”

  1. Cute studio~ :) Living alone is quite fun, but I can’t do it again nor with roommates except my husband :P Good luck with school!

  2. Studios have so much potential! The bathroom in yours is lovely! I live in a studio and I’ve discovered the benefits of stacking high! Tall, thin shelves make the whole place look bigger. Hope you enjoy your new home!

    Singing in the shower is one of the best things about living alone. Belt everything out, full volume!

  3. Sounds fun! I’ve always dreamed of living on my own during my university years but I doubt it will happen. I’ll just have to wait until I’m old enough to buy my own house. The idea of decorating my own space sounds really exciting! Good luck with your school! :)

  4. That is such a cute little studio! I remember living on my own in my own little studio apartment about 3 years ago. It was really nice but too far out of town. Your bathroom is really cute. I love the look and smell of a newly renovated apartment, knowing your one of the first to live there is so nice and it is so much fun to decorate! Congrats on your own apartment and living on your own!

  5. The new place looks cute! I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to move out and live on my own. I think moving on your own is a good move, rather than having to keep up with housemates/roommates. Cute and small spaces are great, in my opinion, especially when you’re living on your own. :D

  6. Your new place looks nice! I think it’s ok if you haven’t done much decorating yet. I always prefer to do a bit as I go :) I like the tile in your bathroom too!

    I lived with roommates for 5 years before moving into a place by myself for a year. I wasn’t sure what I’d think of it, but I actually liked it a lot! Roommates can be fun, but it is nice to have a place all to yourself too.

  7. Your studio looks so cute and cozy! I love that it has so many shelves for storage. It’s like it’s built perfectly for people who, y’know, have stuff. :P

    I think living alone is a perfect change for you, especially since you’ll be living with your SO next year! It’ll give you a nice break to have some time and space to yourself. :) Living with other people can be a bit stressful.

  8. Wow, you are lucky that you able to move out from your old apartment. I have no idea how you would have lived in there listening to all that. But your new studio looks awesome! I’ve never lived with roommates or on my own yet, because I’m still living with my parents. I’m pretty sure I’ll be moving out when my parents are gone, because I’m an only child and they’re very clingy. /help! XD; I also like the bathroom as well :D It’s update and modern *____* Which sadly isn’t in our house ;-; But I already have a dream apartment in mind which I want to live by myself in. :)

  9. It looks really nice! I’d love my own place and it doesn’t matter if it’s small, as it’s only really you living there! I think it’s a good idea that everyone lives on their own once in their life, especially before moving in with an SO because you can see your own habits and either change them or just be more aware before living with someone else!


  10. Your studio apartment is cuter than my old one! I made do with what I had, though I was stupid enough to buy a cellphone, when I could have used that for more food and decor. Ah well, live and learn. I’m still living with Tristan and his grandparents, and after we graduate college, we will leave. I honestly miss being out on my own and having my own place. Congratulations on getting your own apartment!

  11. Oh wow, I like your place so much! :) You’re so lucky to have found such a nice place so quickly, and you’re lucky to have very supportive parents too! :D I’d love to have my own place as well, but rent is too expensive here. Haha!

  12. Your studio is nice. It is small but cozy. At least you’ll feel single even just for a year or so. And you can study well. Living alone is great. I’m also living alone but in the other country but I have roommates, but they’re sane. ;)

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