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Thank you, 2014

2014 has been such a wonderful year! I’ve had some pretty monumental life changes and I think that these struggles and triumphs have made me a better person. It’s hard to think that Christmas is already over and that tomorrow is going to be 2015.

I finished another year in my finance degree, with a 3.9 GPA. Not the straight A’s that I wanted, but I worked my butt off for the grades that I got and am still really proud of what I’ve accomplished both semesters while working 30 hours a week.

My beautiful, wonderful, amazing roommate decided to quit her job and move home, so I searched desperately for someone(s) to take her spot. Unsuccessfully. I searched for a while with two girls that were a bit bat-crazy before I decided I would cut my (financial) losses and just live on my own. One of the better decisions I made, because I love my studio!

On March 29th, as we celebrated our four year anniversary at a fancy restaurant, Andrew proposed. :love: Speechless and shocked and totally in love with him, I said yes! This year has been full of wedding planning and my heart is full with so much love, I can’t even begin to explain or describe my feelings. I am just incredibly happy with him and I can’t wait until August 8th of 2015!

I got an internship at a marketing company over the summer. It was a great learning experience, but most importantly, it paid really well! ;P I was able to save up some money for the wedding and get valuable learning experience as well, even if it’s just how to work with drama-loving-women. Sheesh.

In July, after wearing glasses for as long as I can remember, I got contacts. A big, scary step for me, but one that I’m glad I made. They’ve been great to wear so far! I still keep trying to push imaginary glasses up my nose and I still wear my glasses on occasion, because I do miss them at times. ;P

At the beginning of August, Andrew and I took a road trip to Ohio to visit the infamous amusement parks, Cedar Point and King’s Island. It was so much fun planning the trip and booking the hotels, and doing it all ourselves! I can’t even describe how much fun we had (or how much sweets we ate!) but if its any indication of future vacations, I can’t wait!

The last half of the year wasn’t as exciting as I focused on my classes and working, but Andrew and I had our engagement pictures taken and I squeezed in some more wedding planning. We both should’ve been models. ;)

Overall, what a wonderful, wonderful year. I’ve been very grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life and the wonderful memories I have to share. I hope that 2014 has been as good to you as it has been to me. Have a happy new year’s eve!

You + Me

I received our engagement pictures today. :love:

We took them at Faust Park, a beautiful, beautiful park back in St. Louis. I had never been there before, but our photographer recommended it and I am so glad we went with it! It’s such a huge park and there’s so many trails and flowers and old buildings. Very picturesque!

I think we received about 180 pictures back. I was so overwhelmed at first because there were so many! I can’t believe how well they turned out, either. I wouldn’t consider myself (or Andrew either, haha) very photogenic – but I am so happy with how they turned out. I did notice that in almost all of them my hair is messed up, but I don’t think anyone can really tell except for me. ;)

I’m going to just share some of my favorites. :)

Resized 172b+a

Resized 169b+a

Resized 163b+a

Resized 145b+a

Resized 140b+a

Resized 131b+a

Resized 124b+a

Resized 82b+a

Resized 70b+a

Resized 61b+a

Resized 50b+a

Resized 39b+a

Resized 38b+a

Resized 32b+a

Resized 11b+a

Resized 1b+a

Isn’t Andrew so cute? :love:

Since I have our pictures back now, I’m going to start working on our save the dates and start collecting addresses! We have to cut down our guest list a little more before anything though. We’re currently sitting at about 265 people and our max for our venue is 250. I never knew that the guest list would be so difficult! :/ Nonetheless, I am so excited for this next stage of wedding planning. :)

All photos taken by {Courtney Smith Photography}.