Scrambled Eggs and a Clean Room

This year my school started late start days, and they are exactly that: a day where school starts about an hour later than normal. During this time teachers have meetings… and I’m not sure what else. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me why we have them, but I absolutely love them. We have one a month, and I look forward to each one.

It’s so nice to be able to sleep in, even if it is just an extra hour, on a day that you have school. It’s not nearly as nice as a day off, but I’ll take what I can get. I always have so much more time in the mornings, too. As a rule, mornings are the bane of my existence; I usually can never get up on time and am running late, can’t find my school ID or my shoes, have about fifteen seconds to brush my teeth, don’t have time for breakfast, etc. But on late start days, I somehow manage to be able to sleep in and be able to get ready with, somehow, time to spare.

I actually had time to make breakfast for myself (scrambled eggs and orange juice, please :)) and I still have extra time, which is why I’m writing this post now. Gasp – in the morning! I know. :P It’s absolutely lovely. Plus, I just feel better when I wake up and the sun is out, compared to not being able to see the sun. :/

I haven’t been sleeping very well lately, and I’m not exactly sure why. When I get home from school I’m so exhausted so I’ve taken the habit of napping before dinner, so that probably is one of the main reasons. Yet having to wait til night time to be able to sleep again is such a long time when I’m already so tired. :blink: I just need to break the habit and hope that that helps.

Another habit I’ve fallen into recently is cleaning my room over the weekends. No matter how hard I try, I cannot keep my room clean for more than three or four days after I’ve cleaned it. I’d say that I just don’t have time to keep it clean, but that’s a lie – I’m just really lazy. So during the week my room gets really cluttered and then on the weekends I tidy it up.

Though, this weekend I also had to keep it clean because Macy keeps getting into stuff and I didn’t want her taking any of my things! :P

On Friday I have about ten scholarship applications and essays due. I worked with my dad last not on the application itself – some of the questions they ask are kind of ridiculous. One of them asked what percentage financially does each child rely on their parents. It’s just like…what? I never really thought about what percent I relied on my parents. :? So we just kind of guessed.

I’m really pretty nervous about these scholarships. I got a decent automatic scholarship from UMKC (my university): $3,500 a year, renewable. But other than that, I haven’t received any others. College is so expensive and I’m competing against at least thirty other really intelligent peers of mine. Gah. I know it’s better to at least try and hopefully get something, but I feel like these scholarship applications will be all in vain. So I guess most of my time this week will really be spent working on my scholarship essays. And praying, praying that I can get something good in return for my hard work.

I applied for dorming on the UMKC campus over the weekend. I know of one girl that is attending with me, but we both agreed that we didn’t really want to room together, so I’m just going to be put in with someone I don’t know. I kind of don’t really mind that much. I feel like I can generally get along with most people, so I’m looking forward to meeting new people, including a random roommate.

I also signed up for orientation over the summer, sometime in June (I already forgot :P) to sign up for classes and all that jazz. It’s crazy to think that in August I’ll be off to college. Kind of crazy and scary at the same time. By applying for dorms and registering for college, I basically committed to attend UMKC in the fall. I’m pretty happy with my choice because I love the campus and school itself, but I can’t help but wonder if I should’ve picked another state school to receive more money. There’s a few that I could’ve gotten almost a full-ride, but I didn’t like the school too much. I think I made the right decision though – picking a school that I really liked instead of one that just gave me a lot of money. At least I hope so.


7 thoughts on “Scrambled Eggs and a Clean Room”

  1. I always wait until the last possible second to wake up. Its a pretty bad habit of mine since forever. haha.

    Good on picking a school that you like. You wouldn’t want to be stuck at one that sucks. I know I wouldn’t!

  2. To begin with, late start school days sound like a great idea. Personally, I feel that high schools need to do more to prepare you for college. As for the sleeping problem, the bright side is that you’re able to sleep on a regular schedule. :P I’ve been up all night…not that I’m complaining. Or am I? :) As for completing everything, good luck! Have you filled out the FAFSA? It helps a lot when filling out scholarship applications. I’m also guessing that you chose to go to University of Missouri-Kansas City. :) I think that picking a school based on how much you like it is a good idea. When I was a Junior, I transferred to a school that I didn’t like…needless to say, I still haven’t finished my degree. :(

  3. I loooove to sleep. And I’m a night owl so I usually go to bed way too late and feel dead tired in the morning. BUT, somehow because of the jetlag-hassle I’ve had lately, I’ve started to go to bed early and waking up early – feeling so well rested too! Weird.

  4. Hey you! Long time no see or hear from! Sorry about disowning my domain like that. I was told about a deal through (I think it might be still going on if you like their page on Facebook), and thus lead me to get I’m really satisfied with it. I’m still working on it though.

    How’s your dad doing with his cancer? I hope he’s doing okay?

    Oh wow I remember late days. I had no problems with mornings when I was in school. I would always ALWAYS wake up at 5:00 a.m. if not 5:30 a.m. to get my things done. But since being sick it’s taken my mornings away due to the clonazepam aka klonopin has me doped out. I’m talking to my psychiatrist today so maybe I can get him to get me on something else?

    I love sleep. Sleep’s good! I didn’t get a lot of it last night or whatsoever. I think I may nap. And speaking of naps, I think you need to choose an earlier napping time than right before dinner. Persay, sometime after school, or a little bit after school if you’re going to nap. It only gets hard if you take a late nap, like right before dinner and than try to go bed afterwards. Just won’t kick in….Well; this is my new blog. So I hope to see you there. :D.

  5. I love sleeping too <3 I remember also welcoming the extra hours I could sleep before class or even school itself.

    It's okay. I live with my fiance and it's difficult to keep the room clean and so I would hate to think about the whole house when we get a place together.

    Yeah, good luck on those applications ;D Because of college being so expensive, I decided not to go plus other factors.

  6. It’ll be nicer in college you get to sleep in random times! Not that I get to. I wake up at 5:30. At least last semester I had some classes that started late but this semester all my classes start at 9:00 or 9:30. I used to be horrible in mornings too but now I’m okay with it. I must go to sleep early though, not right now because I’m cutting my morning class tomorrow.

    I think taking a nap would make you more tired. Sitting up and doing things make you more focused. That’s me though.

    Haha exactly that’s why I have to clean my room every day. I don’t like messes and my mom literally screams when she sees them. That’s why I never have time for anything I think I complained about that in my blog and you read it.

    Oh good luck with the scholarship essays! I didn’t get to do those not that I’d qualify. My grades were enough to get me close enough to full scholarship so that I only need to pay for my books though I think if I fail a class I’d lose it.

    I refuse to live with a random person that’s why I commute to school. Because of that I didn’t go off to college, hahaha. But the only reason I did go to my college is because it gave me money. Well not that I got into the schools I liked.

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