Hello sun!

Winter has to be my least favorite season. I love the snow, which is one of the only things that winter makes bearable for me, besides cute hats. All winter I had been wishing for a buttload of snow so that I could have a ton of snow days because snow days don’t affect the day that seniors get out. The day the seniors get out is set in stone near the beginning of the year, so no matter how many snow days the school has or how late the rest of the school has to go, we get out on that day.

Naturally we got one snowfall this year and it was about an inch.

But anyways. This past week seems to have made its transition from winter straight to summer here! It’s been about 80 degrees (f) all week and the sun has popped out of the clouds. I was so excited to finally be able to pull my summer clothes out of the closet and wear them. It’s been absolutely wonderful.

Which has its consequences, too. I mentioned in the last post that I had a deadline for all of my scholarship applications and essays. At the beginning of the week I had about four of the scholarship essays written out of the eight or so I wanted to apply to. Since I just couldn’t resist the sunshine, I ended up spending the first half of the week playing tennis with friends and going jogging outside.

I like to use these sunglasses I received as a gift from our coach during tennis season. They’re basically the old 90s sunglasses that look exactly like this. I prefer them to my other sunglasses because I put them on over my regular glasses and they tend to fall off. The orange ones stay on much better despite the fact that I look like an extreme dork. One guy at the park did say he liked them – whether he was joking or not doesn’t really matter. :P

Anyhow, because I went out and enjoyed the weather, I didn’t get as many of the essays written as I wanted to. Thursday I worked on them for the majority of the night before finally deciding that they weren’t going to get much better no matter how long I worked on them. So I sent them in and turned in the papers that needed my signature this morning. I think that they were decent essays, but not my best. Either way, I’m glad to be rid of them and have one less thing gnawing at me in the back of my mind. I don’t think I will really be relieved until I find out the winners of the scholarships, but I’m hoping that we won’t have to wait too terribly long.

Yesterday was Jovers’ one year birthday. Rather exciting and weird to think that I’ve had this site for so long! But it’s been wonderful to have my own domain. And I’ve loved running this site, so I hope for many more years to come! :love:

My brother’s birthday was this week as well so we went out to eat tonight at a local Italian restaurant to celebrate him turning twenty-three. Everything they have at this restaurant is just delicious. I ordered a side salad, and then we got an appetizer of onion strings to share. By the time my actual entree came, I was full from the salad, appetizer, and the bread that they set on the table. But more for me to eat later! :D

Tomorrow my family is traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas for one of my cousins’ wedding. It’s a six hour drive which is a bit of a drag because this will end up taking my entire weekend, but oh well. I know that she would come to mine and I want to be there for her on her special day. I’m really excited for her. And to wear one of my new dresses. ;)

I really need to get my things together and pack for it, but I just absolutely hate packing. I’ve always hated packing, and it can screw me over sometimes. When I was going to France and Italy last summer, I didn’t pack until the morning of. Somehow I managed to not forget anything. I really don’t know why I hate it so much. I think a lot of it is that I never plan my outfits out, I just pick something on a whim in the morning, so it’s hard for me to decide on outfits. And it’s so time-consuming and I have to go over everything to make sure I don’t forget something. It seems like a never-ending process. One that I never want to start!

So about that packing…

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  1. hello Becca! thank you for visiting my page ^^ first of all, happy anniversary to Jovers! may your site keeps running years and years to come ^^

    you are lucky to experience both winter and summer and I really love your sunglasses! it looks so cool! and yeah, 6 hours journey is tiring, as I have to travel that far from my hometown to where I am working right now. but i’m sure it’s all worth it to see your relative walking down the aisle in her special day ^^ have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, that trip to Little Rock seems like fun. How long’s it going to be? Hope you enjoy it. Summer is a season worth looking forward to; in my opinion spring is just the signpost that vacation is just around the corner. ;) Looks like you’re enjoying winter turning straight into summer, other people would be absolutely bummed at the lack of a transition. You’re well adapted. :D

    Aww, and I love those sunglasses! They’re Ray-Ban’s, aren’t they? I’ve always wanted a pair of Ray-Ban’s myself, but couldn’t get them on account of them being so expensive! Add to that if I had one, I would want it to be authentic vintage, and I think that’s too much to ask my parents already. :o They’re not even supposed to be spending for me anymore since I’m turning eighteen very soon.

    Applying for colleges can get really stressful, I’d agree! I remember when I was in your position, writing an essay for this particular university which also happened to be a big-time requirement in our English class (we figured we also owed him big time for that as he had actually done us a BIG favor, having made the essay a requirement). Damn, with our schedules so packed at the time, it was quite a struggle. I enjoyed it though. :D Essays are <3. I hope you land a scholarship; I never got one but I did get into the university I wanted to go to. :)


    Regarding your comment, you really should try running a marathon sometime! :D $100 is too much, though. Most of the marathons I participate in are free events, or cost no more than $20 to attend. I'm a tightwad like that when it comes to sports but I think it's just too bad I don't have much to spend on that aspect of my life — most of allowance has to go to college, that being the most important.

    A nine minute is pretty good though, I would think? Many of the folks in my PE class run way slower than that but based on my understanding 9 minutes for a mile is more or less average already. That poses as a challenge to me. :)

  3. You’re lucky for having snow at where you live! But there’s always the good and bad for everything, like digging out snow in the morning :X. For us over here, it feels like fall, where it’s barely reasonable to go swimming at the beach.

    Hopefully, you got everything together from the scholarship deadlines! I haven’t really done anything much with scholarships because they don’t really apply to me :I.

    A lot of people these days are rocking out those retro sunglasses :P! Even my twitter’s default has me rocking them too ;P. But they work eitehr way :P.

    I hope you’ll receive some money from the scholarships! :D! Those really help a lot in college!

    Happy birthday to Jover (:! Though it may seem like you had the site forever, it’s barely even born ;P.

    Happy belated birthday to your brother as well :D. It sounds like everyone enjoyed eating out!

    You always have a lot of things happening in your life!

    I don’t have yearbook as a class. I always did it outside of class time such as lunch or even afterschool at home. But regardless, I had less free time and did most of the work. It’s still something outstanding :D.

    I never buy sites unless it’s on some special promotion. It sucks because when it’s $2 this year, it’s going to be $10 for the renewal fee!

    Take care ;D

  4. Happy Birthday Jovers!! Way to go! :D
    You love the sun? I can’t say I like any particular weather…be it winter, monsoon or summer…all the three are soo extreme these days…especially in my country. It doesn’t snow here but we have pretty heavy rains and a horribly hot Summer…!

  5. My favorite season is Korean summer … ahahaha. The summer here is too hot for my summer clothes! Which consists of long-sleeved layered tops and shorts and sandals because I’m neurotic like that. There’s a little time in spring and summer suitable for my needs, kinda like right now. We had a mild winter too but it’s only been about 60-70 degrees for the past week. I was able to shed my winter jacket but other than that no change really because it’s freezing in the morning.

    I have a difficult time doing work too when the weather is nice. But congrats on being able to finally finish those essays! I usually don’t like to drag them too long just because they won’t get much better with proofreading. What’s so dorky about the old 90s sunglasses? The small sunglasses are the ones that look dorky.

    Happy birthday Jovers’! Too bad molla-ing.org died on its birthday … well I gave it to someone who’s taking care of it for me. Happy birthday to your brother! He’s one year older than mine it seems. I have a hard time eating at Italian restaurants because the servings are so big!

    Right now I’d love to go to a wedding but too bad I don’t have relatives and nobody’s getting married anyway. My geography sucks but is Arkansas far? If not then you don’t have to worry about packing too much. Go get it done anyway though.

    I think I remember Ryan from a post where you were calling him spoiled. I have a 26 year old brother as well and he’s completely independent. He has to work full-time every day weekends included to pay for his apartment and earn a little extra money while in school. While Jason gets everything for free. What kind of favoritism is this … -.-

    I’m not gonna use WordPress.com because you can’t even edit the themes. If I do move to Tumblr I would put Disqus for comments. I’d miss talking to you, haha! My lovely blogs, lmao.

  6. Ahhhhhh! That sounds like Texas! It’s around getting pretty toasty around here and it seems winter was skipped somehow!

    But despite being somewhat warm, it’s very nice outside as well though I wouldn’t discount it getting super hot soon. Very soon, knowing Texas. Lol

    But yeah, that’s great you finished most of those essays in all honestly, I can write a great essay but I hate them in general. I’ll do them if I have to but I just hate them.

    Happy Birthday to your brother and your site~

  7. Winter is my least favorite season, too. Thankfully my southeast Michigan winter was about the same as yours–not nearly as cold as usual and with barely any snow. I was really glad we didn’t get a lot of snow though, unlike you. :P

    The weather has been beautiful here too and I have been doing my best to enjoy it to the fullest, especially since I know it will probably get cold again before lasting heat sets in. I’ve been running outside, taking walks, wearing summer clothes, and it’s been wonderful. :)

    I hope your trip to Arkansas went alright! I used to hate packing, too, but I’ve gotten used to it now since I go home from university so often, probably at least once a month. Anyway, congratulations to the newlyweds. :)

    Also, congratulations on having www.l2dragonwind.com for a whole year! I don’t think I’ve ever really had a blog for a full year. I had BrokenFall.org for a couple years, but I think I moved my blog to Rachelisms.net before a year was up. I’m sure I would still be at Rachelisms if Rachel.nu hadn’t become available, but yeah… I wasn’t there a year either. :P Hopefully you’ll keep Jovers for a long time to come.

    Happy birthday to your brother as well, and I hope you win some of those scholarships. :)

  8. That’s great news to hear your dad is doing so much better and no vomiting (yet)!!! I’m really happy for you and your family! My cousin got rid of her cancer. It was only a little bit. When they did her thyroid surgery, they found a small piece of cancer there but it’s treatable so they were able to remove it. My Aunt is doing so much better too! I was worried sick about them even though we hardly even talk and see each other.

    OMFG, I remember that France and Italy trip! You had a blast there! I wish I had motivation skills to save money for a trip like that. I think my first stop would be Australia to go and visit Georgina! haha! If not there than most likely Pompeii or Ireland. I love the history of Pompeii. It’s such a tragic event that took place. But very interesting to learn about!

    Oh man I procrastinate on EVERYTHING. And I mean that with every breath of my being. I hate doing dishes, and I hate cleaning. I usually put it off until I’m extremely bored and don’t really know what to do, so I just clean until I can’t any longer. Like today, I cleaned the dishes and cleaned out the refrigerator, but had to sit down cause I was over exerting myself and felt like I was passing out a bit.

    Man, how long have we’ve known each other? Seems like only yesterday we were talking about having boyfriends with the same name (btw, I just noticed he has a new girlfriend my ex Andrew does). Ah well; doesn’t matter. Leaves me room for more guys. Though, I think this time around I’m gonna wait and let it happen. Though I may end up going back to school. Not really sure. Not back at Art Institute of course.

    Well; I agree I have come a long ways in the dieting/exercising thing. I just picked it back up again. I hope to drop down to at least 140 lbs. and lose my belly. But that will come in due time. Also, when and if my family leaves for Canada, I’m gonna have to be stuck out here. I need insurance to cover my psych medications and my diabetes medication. So if they do move, I believe I will have some where to go once and if they move that is.

    Which is gonna suck, but ah well; can’t really do anything about it. My psychologist wants me to stay on SSI for a while longer to see how I do and what not. I can work but also want to stay on SSI. :( . Suckage!!!

  9. I love snow! It doesn’t snow where I live so I’m so jealous of people who live in areas that snows!

    It is good to have some fun time since you did finish 4 essays hehe

    I’ve always enjoyed packing haha so I would love to pack for you if I could hehe

  10. Happy belated birthday to Jovers!!! Honestly, it seems like Jovers has been around forever :love: To many more to come!

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