Meet Macy

When I came home today, I was greeted by this cute little face:

Hello, Macy!

My sister had been visiting our local Humane Society in search for a puppy. I knew that she had been looking at a certain one in particular, but I wasn’t expecting her to get one so soon. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be able to blame her either for not turning down this adorable ball of fur. She is a doxin/beagle mix and she just falls all over herself. :*

Tabor (my four year old golden retriever mix) doesn’t really know how to react to her. At first he stayed away from her, but I can tell that he’s getting annoyed and irritated by her. Macy just wants to play and Tabor just wants her to leave him alone.

Macy & Tabor

Macy will just chase Tabor around the living room. They’ll get used to each other eventually, but I can’t help but feel a little bad for Tabor because she does like to nip at his tail and feet, and jump on him as well. ;)

She’s not trained so my sister will have to train her and we’ll all have to chip in to take care of her because my sister does work a lot. It’s so fun to just sit and watch her. When Steven came home from school, we both just stayed in the living room for at least an hour just playing with her. She’s just adorable! Because she’s so little, she keep’s taking Tabor’s toys and dragging them underneath the chair. Tabor can’t get them back either since he’s too big to crawl underneath. Poor dog. :P


Just like Tabor, Macy comes running whenever my mom starts to prepare dinner and she hears the crinkling of ingredients and the smell of the different foods. As my brother says, now my mom will have two friends to help her cook dinner. :P

My mom is not the biggest dog lover, so she wasn’t exactly keen on my sister getting a puppy, but I think she’s relying on the fact that my sister plans on moving out soon. My mom made it quite clear that she’s not picking up any of her messes either. Though, she can’t help deny that Macy is cute. Tabor was definitely cuter as a puppy, but Macy is still cute. :love:


It was hard to take some decent pictures of her because she just jumps around and waddles away before I can snap one of her. I didn’t want to use the flash either because I don’t want to hurt her eyes! I managed to snag a few good ones though. :)

I’m sure that it will be an interesting next couple of weeks – or however much longer we’ll be keeping her – as she teethes and gets into everything like all puppies do. But welcome to the family, Macy. =)

14 thoughts on “Meet Macy”

  1. Macy and Tabor are adorable! Getting decent pictures of pets can be quite the chore… They’re so hypo active, especially dogs!

    Instead of a laptop like most schools, we all got iPads for work and etc. Basically all I paid for was the case and insurance.

    I’ve heard a lot of hype about Smash, I need to get around to watching it sometime soon.

  2. Aww! Those are such adorable dogs!
    I just rescued a three year old female red heeler who is so full of energy and always wants to play but she’s in the house with a 12 year old black lab who doesn’t do much and I think they are driving each other crazy! haha It’s cute though. I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun with your sisters new puppy. (:

  3. OMG Macy looks so tiny compared to Tabor. She’s just too cute. :O

    It’s hard to get focused, sharp pictures of animals since they move around a lot.

  4. Cute dog! I hope she doesn’t annoy your mother too much. I’m not a dog person myself so I would have no idea what to do with a puppy.

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  6. Goodness! When I was looking at he picture Macy looked so tiny compared to Tabor~
    Nonetheless they are both really adorable. :D
    I don’t think my mom would ever allow me to have a dog, even though I really want one. Ha, plus there’s not enough room in our house to have one so that plan wouldn’t really work out. :/
    How are you Becca?

  7. Oh my god, Macy is so cute ;D Yeah, animals are hard work to take care..especially the puppies. Probably why I won’t get another animal for a long time.

    Still so cute though!

  8. Awwww! Macy is just the most adorable pup ever :D! It’s sweet of your sister to adopt a pup from the Humane Society! It really helps everyone all around :)! I understand what Tabor’s probably feeling. That happens a lot to my 7 year old cat whenever we have new cats coming in. She’s just grouchy!

    Macy’s just too cute :)! I’m sure everyone in the family’s enjoying her presence one way or another. I mean, your mom can’t deny the joyfulness of Macy! :O Good luck with training the pup!

    I was just really excited for Vegas XD! Now everyone else in the band who went and I really miss it! But heck, it’s worth the memories made.. Kinda. Haha.

    :O! I never knew how early you graduate! Because for us, we graduate a lot earlier than the other schools around us! At least you graduate 4 days before I do :D!

    Take care and good luck! :D

  9. Awww, Macy is adorable. She sounds like a lot of fun. I hope she and Tabor become great friends eventually. :) I don’t know that I ever want to work at the humane society. I’d just keep bringing the animals home. :D

  10. Aww. Cute puppy is cute. I recently got a puppy a couple of months ago in addition to the forever-puppy I already have (He is two). The older one wants to play all the time and the baby doesn’t! The baby will hide under stuff to get away from the older one. haha.

    1. That’s exactly what Macy does! She’ll start nipping at Tabor and then she’ll run and hide when he comes after her. xD Must be a puppy thing, haha.

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