Dresses and Birthdays Don’t Normally Coincide

Huzzah huzzah.

My senior prom is about two weeks away. While most girls dream about this night since they were five, I’m a little more apprehensive. Is it bad that when I think about prom, I think about all the work that has to go into being prepared for that night? Then again, it’s a little hard to look at prom more positively with how it turned out last year.

On the bright side, it can’t be worse, yeah? ;P

Becky, my mom, and I went dress shopping over the weekend. I love shopping for dresses for homecoming because the style is something that I like. I prefer the shorter dresses to the longer ones – I guess they look better on me? – and I can always find one at the first store we visit since there is such a wide variety to choose from.

With my luck, it took all night to find one for me. I didn’t think that we were looking that late for a dress, but all the stores we visited had about one rack to choose from. And, naturally, they were all bright pink and frilly, or cheetah-printed with most of my skin showing.

No thank you.

We finally found one after going home to eat dinner and heading back out to a different mall. The little booger cost $198, waaayyy too much for a dress I am going to wear for one night, but we bought it because it was the only thing that I had. My mom agreed to pay up to $150 and I will cover the rest, which I’m perfectly fine with. I feel bad that my mom is already paying that much for it.

It’s a long, formfitting, dark purple dress with a little bling on the top part. :P I’ll upload a few pictures of me in it after prom. The dress does have me a little more excited about going, though I’ve yet to figure something out for my hair!

Becky didn’t manage to find a dress, so we headed back to my house to look at some of my sister’s old prom dresses. She really liked one, but it was a bit large on her, so she showed it to her mom to see if they can alter it. I’ve got my fingers crossed because I think it looks so cute on her. :) Plus, you can’t beat free!

Saturday was my birthday, so this is officially my first post that I’ve written as an eighteen-year-old. 8) My family went out to eat together to celebrate a few days before, so I didn’t really do anything much. Andrew took me out to lunch at Applebee’s, my favorite. Then I had to work that night which was a bit of a bummer.

Not exactly my most exciting birthday, but it also isn’t as important to me anymore. Just another day, except with cake. ;)

Andrew gave me a boxed set of the first four books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin, which is exciting since I’m such a sucker for books. :* I’ve heard marvelous things for the series, especially for A Game of Thrones, the first in the series. I’m about 100 pages into it and enjoy it so far, but for an 800 paged book, I’ve got a bit to go!

And speaking of things I have ‘a bit to go’ with, my travel site is still under construction, as I like to say. I’m not sure why I had such an unrealistic expectation to finish it over spring break (when I didn’t even have time to work on it over spring break). From my France and Italy trip alone, I have seventeen journals to write (I have a small bulleted outline for each). That’s like seventeen blog posts, except with pictures and more details. Even if I did one a day, that would take the majority of a month. And that’s just for that trip.

So anyways, what I’m saying is that I’ve got a lot left to work on the site. I’ve got a little checklist of things to do right above my computer as a sort of reminder to work on it and to not go completely insane with all that I want to put on there!

That’s obviously not all that I need to do before the site is completely finished, but this is definitely a start and a point that I can open the site for visitors. I think that’s something we all can work with. :)

All this planning for the site makes me want to start working on it now and get a big chunk of it done, but I’ve got to head off to work in less than an hour – which in itself will probably be a nightmare because we’re expected to be really busy tonight. But I’ll just keep thinking about my first paycheck that I’ll receive Friday. 8)

13 thoughts on “Dresses and Birthdays Don’t Normally Coincide”

  1. Hey I honestly don’t blame you for feeling bad about your mom paying for the vast majority of the dress. I feel bad about my ‘dad’ paying for a lot of my stuff too, but I help out, and I’m adopted into their family so it works out but I still feel bad.

    Hmmm, well; I definitely gave it a shot at listening to you and my ‘dad’ about the caffeine and sugar intake on Starbucks coffee. Well; I did NOT have a migraine today like I did yesterday. For some reason I”m believing it’s the caffeine they use, or the syrups but I didn’t have any coffee from there, and I just had a cinnamon bun (sugar only) a slight headache, but that’s about it. Just a real slight one, and it was gone after I took a nap. But yesterday’s migraine was the worst ever! I’m gonna be talking about it in my post soonish.

    Anyway, I cannot wait until your travel blog is open. I guess you could start off (just a little suggestion) by uploading your France/Italy trip first, than keep uploading it until you’ve gotten all your traveling down. I’m so envious of you that you got to go to a foreign country!

    Hmm, yeah it will definitely be hard. I’m taking the online classes and it’s so much better than being away from home. I home sick easily. And I know for a fact, my little sister wouldn’t want me to move out just for school. She wants me to save up for a car. Which I am trying to do so. You’re gonna miss your dog, but you can always come back and visit him whenever you’re not busy with homework. :). I have mine all done again. But I may need to work on one of them. Not sure as of yet. I have to log back in and see if I did it correctly or not. But I will soon find out last week’s grades tomorrow. :).

  2. I once dreamed about prom since I was five but when the time rolled around I wasn’t mentally alive enough to go. Yeah my senior year was pretty screwed up. Kinda ironic I used to go to homecoming and other dances but I didn’t bother with prom.

    I like short dresses. I can’t stand long evening gowns, or long casual dresses even. With all my Korean fashion influence I gotta see those legs, bwahahaha. That’s not that expensive for a prom dress. I’ve seen casual clothes that expensive. Ohhh Korean things …

    I can’t wait to see pictures!

    How come I thought you were older? Lol that would make no sense because you’re a senior now. I guess I’m confusing people’s ages. Not all birthdays have to be so exciting. Short and sweet sounds good!

    Haha at least you got motivation. I’m completely going to forget any thoughts about creating even a travel section on my blog. Did you get a domain for it? I can’t remember.

    Park and picnic sounds more exciting than eating ramen and watching TV. But I didn’t really have much time with my boyfriend so wasting time at a restaurant wasn’t the way to do it.

    That’s an obvious type of dramatic though. When you watch a movie about high school they always exagerrate things to the point that younger kids start believing in them. I was scared of high school when I watched Mean Girls.

  3. Aww, prom. I missed my senior prom. I thought that because I’d gone to junior prom, and it wasn’t anything exciting, I’d miss it (together with my would-be date). We had plans to go elsewhere; what happened then is another story.

    I like shorter dresses too. I wore a cocktail dress to both my junior prom and grad ball. Wearing a long dress is a bit too much imho :D It’s not as if you were going to the Grammies or any big party!

    Becky’s lucky :D She is fortunate to have a friend like you!

    Can’t wait for pictures! Hope your prom goes well.

  4. Ah yay you’re 18! We’re legal!
    I always set goals for Spring Break and Winter Break and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met them… Wait no! I did! During Winter Break have an annual New Years Layout/Update to American Vintage and that’s always gotten done. Look at that, I’m quite accomplished!

    I hope you have a great time at prom and I can’t wait to see your dress (:

  5. HAPPY be-lated BDAY!!! ;)

    I didn’t know girls dream about their proms…I always thought it was an over exaggeration that movies like to portray high school girls lol

    I never went to any of my proms. I don’t regret it though. Dress shopping can be annoying when you find something, but it turns out waaay to expensive or the fit doesn’t quite fit. It’s cool how your mom knows how to alter clothes :D

  6. I remember shopping for dresses for prom. It was so difficult. Like you, a lot of the dresses were already gone or cost way too much. I went to so many stores trying to find one that I didn’t hate. I finally found a nice one, but I did not enjoy looking for one. In fact, I don’t really like dress shopping in the first place.

    Happy Belated birthday! I find that the only thing I really look forward to when it comes to birthdays now that I’m getting older is the cake haha.

  7. Oooh! Prom is around the corner once again. I’m sure you learned from what happened last year and I’m sure you can prevent it from happening this year. Lucky for me, I don’t even care about prom. You’re not the only one who prefers shorter dresses- but make sure it’s not too short like how we do it in LA. XD!

    I’m glad you found a nice dress you like for prom! But wow, almost $200 for that is just.. Too much. Free dresses are the best too ;D! Happy belated birthday to you too :)! It’s cute how Andrew took you out at Applebee’s. Everything can’t be all fun and games, work gotta be put in there too.

    Projects can sometime take a while to complete, but just work on it piece by piece. You know what should be done, don’t worry about the rush ;D!

    GradNite is when we go to a theme park overnight as high school seniors and have fun :D! Everyone else is kicked out before we enter. :D.

  8. It’s true that most girls do put a lot of prep work into their prom night. Just try to have lots of fun on your prom night, so all your prep work doesn’t feel like a total waste! I chose a short dress for my prom as well – I’m a short girl so finding a full length dress would have been even more of a pain :( At first I felt a little sad that I didn’t have one of those long, flowy, princess-like dresses but in the end I stopped caring because it was much easier to dance in a short dress! :) Hooray for your purple dress! My favorite color ;)

    Happy belated birthday, Becca!!! Hmm, 18 and 21 are good milestones, but besides that…birthdays just feel like you getting older and maybe an excuse to do something nice & get a few presents for one day :P

    No worries about your travel site, I’m sure you’ll get it done eventually :) And since you made outlines, you won’t easily forget what happened.

  9. Senior Prom?! Cool! we don’t have such cool stuff here in India… I think it still not socially accepted over here even in the big city schools! But I always wished I could go for one once! aww!
    Your description of the dress tells that it must be looking quite pretty! do upload some pics!
    Happy Belated Eighteenth b’day btw!
    The song of Ice and Fire? that sounds a bit familiar…dunno why though… is it 800 pages per book or all the books together?
    I hope you’ll finish the site soon! good Luck with it! :D :D

  10. Prom. Ahhh. I hope you had a good time overall! Prom can easily become such an overstatement, and costs so much money! I was lucky – I’d found a great dress (for $35) that I bought a summer or two before my prom, and had completely forgotten about until Prom, so I had a dress sorted :) It was just my hair that I needed to get done and nicely styled :) I have long hair, so I generally like going with a half bun, that way it looks neat and organized at the top, but it’s still nice and open :)

    Happy belated birthday! How does it feel to “finally be 18”? lol

  11. I didn’t go to prom, but a bunch of my friends went as a group. I just might attend next year’s since it’ll be the last one I’ll have an opportunity to go to.
    Every time prom comes around, I always hear about peoples’ budgets and plans on where dinner and the afterparty should be.

    Happy belated birthday!

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