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Small Silver Lining

It’s been a rough couple days.

I had a talk with my mom again about where I want to go to college and what I want to do, and that always puts me in a foul and depressed mood. She always implies that going into French is silly and that there’s nothing out there for it. She told me I needed a back-up, and I guess the simplest way to put it is that I feel helpless. If I don’t go into French, what do I go into? I realize that there aren’t tons and tons of jobs for it, and honestly I don’t really know what all specifically there is, but it’s the only thing that I really like that I could actually do something with. If I didn’t go into French, I’ve no idea what I would go into.

I always like to have a plan and to be prepared, so this whole not knowing what I want to do thing is just eating at me. Andrew’s all, “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks in the end,” which is true and all, but they all have valid points.

School has been getting suckier and suckier. My grades are dropping. I don’t have motivation to do homework. I just want summer to get her so I can leave the country, at least for a little while.

I got a call back just a few minutes ago as I was typing this up from the manager at the pool that I had an interview for. Not surprisingly, I didn’t get the job. She said that my interview went great, but there is a lot of people coming back that worked last year, and other people had more experience, so they were chosen over me… Le sigh.

I’ll be able to clean houses with my mom this summer, and I have that babysitting job, so I’m still able to make some money, just not as much as I wanted. Plus, lifeguarding would’ve been really good experience and something I could’ve put on other job applications. Cleaning houses is such a crappy job, but it’s a job, nonetheless.

Amidst all this negativity, I’m going to Physics Day at Six Flags with my class at school, so it’s something to look forward to on Friday. I love blowing money on stupid games that I never win and the most delicious food ever. :) As cheesy as it is, I want Andrew to win me a stuffed animal. ;)

Then after that on Friday, my friend Sidnie (who ironically enough got the lifeguarding job), is having a bonfire, so that will be pretty fun. It’s actually on my 101 list (though it’s still not finished… any suggestions?) which I’m slowly working on.

So here’s to things hopefully getting a little better really soon.


Lots of Fingers Crossed

The weather has been so amazing lately! Well, some might not say amazing, but I welcome this 90 degree (F) weather opposed to -6546543 that we’ve had all winter. The only thing that I hate about the arrival of spring though, is my allergies.

I didn’t use to get them at all, but a couple of years ago I’ve been starting to get them. I often get a runny nose and sneeze a ridiculous amount of times. The worst though is when my eyes itch. They just itch itch itch and I want to rub them but I can’t because it makes it worse. It’s almost painful. Blahh.

Yay for allergy medicine though! :D I’ve also find that icing it helps, as weird as it sounds. I guess it numbs the itch? I don’t care, as long as it works!

About a month ago I submitted a job application to the local pool and I got a call back from the manager! She’s set me up for an interview on the 20th, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that all will go well and I’ll be able to get the job. I originally applied to work in the concession stand, but someone told me that they already had the workers they needed for that, so I said I’d be willing to lifeguard, though that would be my second choice. I don’t really care honestly, I just want the job.

I’ve never had a job interview, so I’m hoping it will go alright and I won’t mess it up too terribly. I mean, it shouldn’t be too hard, just applying to work at a pool, right? :o

This lady my mom cleans for also has offered me a job. She has four kids, all under five years old, and my aunt nannies for them. She wanted to know if I’d be willing to help watch them with my aunt when they get out of the house, like to the Zoo, to the Botanical Gardens, or to other places of the like. It would only be about twice a week and it’d be half days, about 8am to 1pm. She said I was the only one she was considering, so I’ve basically got the job.

What I’m hoping for is that I will be able to get the job at the pool, and still be able to babysit and that the schedules won’t conflict. I’m pretty sure I can do it, because I really want both jobs, so we’ll see how things play out.

So fingers crossed! :l