Lots of Fingers Crossed

The weather has been so amazing lately! Well, some might not say amazing, but I welcome this 90 degree (F) weather opposed to -6546543 that we’ve had all winter. The only thing that I hate about the arrival of spring though, is my allergies.

I didn’t use to get them at all, but a couple of years ago I’ve been starting to get them. I often get a runny nose and sneeze a ridiculous amount of times. The worst though is when my eyes itch. They just itch itch itch and I want to rub them but I can’t because it makes it worse. It’s almost painful. Blahh.

Yay for allergy medicine though! :D I’ve also find that icing it helps, as weird as it sounds. I guess it numbs the itch? I don’t care, as long as it works!

About a month ago I submitted a job application to the local pool and I got a call back from the manager! She’s set me up for an interview on the 20th, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that all will go well and I’ll be able to get the job. I originally applied to work in the concession stand, but someone told me that they already had the workers they needed for that, so I said I’d be willing to lifeguard, though that would be my second choice. I don’t really care honestly, I just want the job.

I’ve never had a job interview, so I’m hoping it will go alright and I won’t mess it up too terribly. I mean, it shouldn’t be too hard, just applying to work at a pool, right? :o

This lady my mom cleans for also has offered me a job. She has four kids, all under five years old, and my aunt nannies for them. She wanted to know if I’d be willing to help watch them with my aunt when they get out of the house, like to the Zoo, to the Botanical Gardens, or to other places of the like. It would only be about twice a week and it’d be half days, about 8am to 1pm. She said I was the only one she was considering, so I’ve basically got the job.

What I’m hoping for is that I will be able to get the job at the pool, and still be able to babysit and that the schedules won’t conflict. I’m pretty sure I can do it, because I really want both jobs, so we’ll see how things play out.

So fingers crossed! :l

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  1. Hey doll! Thanks for your precious and sweet comments! I really enjoy reading them, and I am sorry it took me ages to get back to you.

    Well; I for one am going literally bonkers not being able to cook new recipes I’m finding and that my boyfriend can cook all he wants but I can’t. It’s really frustrating as to not having a working kitchen. All we really need to do is just get the money and put in the sub-flooring which will lift the bottom flooring up and then we could put the tile in, and a working stove/oven and a sink. We may not have room for a dishwasher but that’s okay! I like to keep busy. Lol as odd as that may sound :/.

    We have certainly hit the two month mark and I am damn sure we’ll hit that one year mark and many more. Life is really pleasant with my Hun Bun. He’s making it that way. And the way we do things and talk things out, it’s just unbelievable. I never thought I’d find someone as good as him or at all. But I am so happy to have him in my life, and am just thankful for that.

    Doing job interviews are a piece of cake! A lot of people will probably tell ya stuff to make you jibber jabber a lot and get you nervous but do NOT listen to them, just be truthfully honest with your schedule, what you can handle, what you can’t, if you have your CPR license (which I’m sure you need in order to be a lifeguard or something like that?) and overall; be yourself! That’s the key factor there besides dressing sharp, and presenting your best. You’ll be able to get the job. No questions asked. They will probably ask if you ever had any experience, but just be honest with them. Do not lie in an interview.

    I’m sure the schedules won’t be a problem, if they are, you’ll probably make more money doing the lifeguard job then babysitting. But I certainly hope you can get both jobs! That’d be awesome! I only did babysitting a couple of times, and had offers from other family members that I’ve known but they never followed up on it like they ought to. So that in a way ticked me off. But just be careful! :). Good luck to you and many more anniversaries for you and your Andrew haha that is wrong…I still can’t get over the fact we both have boyfriends with the name of Andrew lol.

  2. Hey girlie! I forgot to add that my Grandmother lived in Quincy and Joplin Missouri. Do you live anywhere near there? Can you go on AIM for a bit?

  3. (Reply to comment on my site)
    ANIME CONVENTIONS RULLLEEE!!! And I love cosplaying!!! <333 SO funnnnnnn

    I don't have allergies in spring, luckily. :D I'm allergic to hair conditioner(if it gets on my skin) and some brands of sunscreen. XD That's it! My friend is allergic to dust, cats(though she loves them and hangs around them anyway XD) and yeah, Spring. D: She gets hay fever!

    I wish you luck with getting both jobs! I never cross more than one hand's fingers. :D Well I always do the right hand crossing or otherwise clenching both fists really tight like crazy. XD We have a cake raffle at out school and we won by clenching our fists like crazy!! Also when we have this thing when every week(nearly) the principle picks out a class and they get to do something special like watch a movie or make pancakes!!! |D So I hope you get the jobs you want!!!

  4. Good luck on getting the jobs! Just try your best – I’m sure you know the deal. Dress nicely, be straightforward and honest, etc. It’ll be an experience. Your first job is always a worthwhile (good or bad) experience, and I hope that you enjoy whatever you get!

  5. Allergies are popular during spring because of all the pollen. :( I like seasons autumn and winter best; spring is too rainy (but it contains my birthday!), and summer is hot (but I do love to wear shorts!).

    I have heard icing helps, too. There’s some kind of ingredient in icing that helps. I’ve also heard that sugar helps. So maybe it is the sugar in the icing? Honey works, too. But since I dislike sweets… Besides, they make me tired. :/

    Good luck on your interview!

    It would be awesome if you are able to have both jobs! You could/would make more money, then. ^^

    I need to apply at Starbuck’s. They supposedly have a great program for students? Plus, I could save the free monthly 1 lb. bags of coffee beans for December! :P Easyyyy Christmas gifts! ;) It’s also close to school, and Starbuck’s has Internet (awesome!).

    Yep, it is Georgina’s “Sky” theme. I have made my own themes before, but I don’t know if I will be using an old one I made anytime soon, but I am working on readying them up to share with other peoples. :) I decided to have a little bit of visitor content. xD

    I’m looking at taking a few of my favorite blog posts and making them into a book. Like, I will save them, and put them into a book format/whatever, then publish it so I can at least have a copy. It could be cool, no? Then I could have it forever, even if the Internet just … quit tomorrow! :P

  6. Yep. Haha. I still do not have Internet at home, but it’s better than not having a lappy at all. :)

    Yeah, I end up browsing. But the only problem I am having is the fact I keep clicking on a name (I hover, and go to the website if it isn’t a dot blogspot/livejournal), and I see the “Not available” page. I freak out because I clicked a link, hit back, and lose the other page. >.< I guess I have another problem – wanting to go to my other friend's websites at home/other websites because I remember something, and then realizing I don't have Internet at home when I open the Wireless Network Connections window. Heh. Whoops. o___O

    You cannot retake tests in college. I could retake the class, but I cannot retake the test. On the plus side, he will drop our lowest test grade and replace it with whatever we make on the final.

    I'm pretty good at math, I'm just … not favoring this junk.

    I just don't really favor sweets. They're good, sometimes. But only very sparingly. I've always stayed away from eating a lot of sweets. If you think that's odd and crazy, which do you think is crazier? Me not caring much for sweets, or my strongly disliking chocolate (but it’s okay SOMETIMES)?

    I don’t favor Starbuck’s, either, and they got these new cake-sucker-things. >.< Pft. What the heck happened to the donuts?! :|

    Oh, yes it is possible.

    And if you live in the United States, you have hopefully heard about the "ON/OFF" switch for the president?

    Anything is possible.
    But whether it will happen is a totally different situation. :P


  7. Hey! Of course you can be advertised!?! You have passed my test (as always!!!) you are getting great progress on your site! I love it!!!!!!!!! Can you make me a link button image of your choice? (h 31, w 88) thanks! Or I can make one for you… I don’t mind! Thanks bec!

  8. I really don’t have a lot of advice for job interviews, but I have heard my dad talking to my siblings about it before. He says that when they ask what your weaknesses are you should say that you have a hard time saying no to people, haha. But for a pool job you probably need to talk about being a strong swimmer. Px Well, Good luck! I hope you get the job!

  9. I know it happens all of the time. ^.^ I am okay with that. She is about a year younger than me, and pretty much gets almost anything she wants. We were two totally different people, and we had a fall out and down because she thought I was trying to steal her boyfriend. ._. Mhm. We were best friends.

    Haha. When I comment on a new blog post, I have two tabs open for that person’s site: one for reading and one for replying, that shows the comment box. :P It’s just so much more convenient! :P

    Chocolate is chocolate, even if it is flavored. So hopefully that answers your question?

    It a cake, with icing on the outside, on a stick. I would love to try all of the flavors, no lie. ;)


    The Internet Kill-Switch Debate…



  10. Mmm, she wasn’t very mature.

    I don’t like having to scroll up and down; I enjoy being able to casually add some text to a text box. :) Much easier, methinks.

    Haha. And yeah, they do look cute! Ahahh. When I try them, I will write a review on my blog. :P

    I really hope is not passed; I think it is an invasion of privacy and of our constitutional rights.

  11. (Reply to comment on my site)
    ANIME IS SO AWESOME!!!! You have to get into it. :D But make sure you don’t watch the dubbed ones, they sound awful. Dx Only watch the subbed ones! Have you ever seen Pokemon? Well duh of courseeee. But did you watch Pokemon and stuff? :D

    .. HEHE. I’m a weird girl I guess….Once my friend(this wasn’t an allergy) got a REALLY big blood nose. It went for more than 2 hours!! And she used up the WHOLE ENTIRE TISSUE BOX!! It stopped once but in a few minutes it started again. Dx

    Lol celebrating nothing! It’s just to make kids more well behaved in the playground really. If a kid is doing something bad they get their name in “the book” and miss out on getting into the lucky dip. :D That’s pretty much why we have it!

  12. Wow, that’s some pretty slim odds! That’s like me running into my first grade teacher on a random trip to China or something. Well, not that bad, but that’s still pretty extraordinarily. Where do you currently live, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Normally, I never got many presents to begin with. I mostly got money but being a kid, I never bothered spending it because whose to say when I would see money again? Unfortunately, my mom asked to borrow my money and I never got to spend it… that’s another story entirely but now I kind of want to spend money the moment I get it — not very smart.

    I will sometimes go back and look at my previous essays as well but they’re not horrible; I’ve always been a good writer. I’ll just cringe and wish I would have spent more time on it or maybe it doesn’t flow as well as my essay do now (that’s all thanks to blogging though).

    In my English class, we’re also given a lot of essays where we have to finish them within the time period (60 minutes); if we don’t, we get marked down. For the most part, I always manage to get at least a B (how, I’ll never know) and in ways, it’s also improved my typing skills. ;3 I’m a bit faster now.

    I’ve been a bit unorganized myself but it’s easier to just get on the computer and forget about your course work.

    Good luck on your weight loss!

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