Small Silver Lining

It’s been a rough couple days.

I had a talk with my mom again about where I want to go to college and what I want to do, and that always puts me in a foul and depressed mood. She always implies that going into French is silly and that there’s nothing out there for it. She told me I needed a back-up, and I guess the simplest way to put it is that I feel helpless. If I don’t go into French, what do I go into? I realize that there aren’t tons and tons of jobs for it, and honestly I don’t really know what all specifically there is, but it’s the only thing that I really like that I could actually do something with. If I didn’t go into French, I’ve no idea what I would go into.

I always like to have a plan and to be prepared, so this whole not knowing what I want to do thing is just eating at me. Andrew’s all, “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks in the end,” which is true and all, but they all have valid points.

School has been getting suckier and suckier. My grades are dropping. I don’t have motivation to do homework. I just want summer to get her so I can leave the country, at least for a little while.

I got a call back just a few minutes ago as I was typing this up from the manager at the pool that I had an interview for. Not surprisingly, I didn’t get the job. She said that my interview went great, but there is a lot of people coming back that worked last year, and other people had more experience, so they were chosen over me… Le sigh.

I’ll be able to clean houses with my mom this summer, and I have that babysitting job, so I’m still able to make some money, just not as much as I wanted. Plus, lifeguarding would’ve been really good experience and something I could’ve put on other job applications. Cleaning houses is such a crappy job, but it’s a job, nonetheless.

Amidst all this negativity, I’m going to Physics Day at Six Flags with my class at school, so it’s something to look forward to on Friday. I love blowing money on stupid games that I never win and the most delicious food ever. :) As cheesy as it is, I want Andrew to win me a stuffed animal. ;)

Then after that on Friday, my friend Sidnie (who ironically enough got the lifeguarding job), is having a bonfire, so that will be pretty fun. It’s actually on my 101 list (though it’s still not finished… any suggestions?) which I’m slowly working on.

So here’s to things hopefully getting a little better really soon.


8 thoughts on “Small Silver Lining”

  1. I hope your ok );
    Maybe you should tell your mum that French is what I love doing and that I should be able to decide what I am doing in college. Thats so cool you have a passion for French! If it is getting you down, Don’t do my icon contest… I know what it feels like when your parents take their power and just use it in unnecessary ways… Anyway! I hope your days get better and that things start to brighten back up! I will pray for you (:

    See you bec!

  2. :O Your mom does have a point about needing a backup. Or so. In this day of society, its generally “Do what you don`t like and get rich.” or “Do what you like and be poor.” But it`s not applying to all cases. :(

    Within time, you`ll find a second passion (: Don`t even worry! If anything.. Read a lot of brochures. That helps a lot.

    For sure, my grade are dropping -____-! Bleghhh. Its the recession that has sucked my brain. D:!

    I wish you the best of luck with the jobs you are thinking about as of now :P! Just don`t make it your career (:!

    I heard of physics day at six flags! You are lucky D’:! Now I`m just semi-curious about the area that you live in cause I live like 40 minutes (give or take) from six flags. Unless you`re not talking about the one in California :O! I hope you`ll have super fun (:!

    Thank you for the luck (:! I appreciate it :D!

    I hope your social studies teacher will find a way to rebuild her life :/. I am curious.. If people lost their houses due to natural disasters, who pays for the new one? :o

    There is a limit to blogging! As long as you`re not being racist, hateful (towards stereotypes?) and so, its cool. :P. We always strive for improvement :D! And entertainment :P

    Take care :D

  3. I KNOW what you mean. I finally made my college decision. Though I have no clue what I want to study. That will come (I hope!)
    French maybe more difficult to get a job. Though you have plenty of options. Language teacher, translator are the main things I can think up. But if you love French, go for it. Besides, we are a connected world now-a-days. Being bilingual (or multilingual) is great.


    I agree! Read what you like! You are what you read! Haha, no, that’s only what you eat (right?) lol.
    Yea, I have quite a heafty book list. I should just make a page of books that I recommend to people!! :D If you ever need a good book, just ask. I’ll be happy to let loose.

  4. I’ve always thought that it’s best to do what makes you happy. Everyone can have their opinions, but in the end it’s what you think that matters. Chances are you’ll be a lot better off happiness-wise and get further by studying what you enjoy.

    I’m 21 and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life… school-wise. My dad has been on me to enroll in classes somewhere, but I have tried school a few times and it just makes me so soooo miserable. I’m happy right now, the happiest I have been in a while… so I kind of want to just forget about school for a little while, not forever, just a little while. It may not be exactly the smartest choice, but eh. :x

    Anyways, I really hope everything gets better for you!!

  5. I think you should go into French. You never know what you might find. And it is good to have a back up. Look into some minors or even start out with French as a minor. I want to be an engineer and one of the things the faculty and staff say when I go to visit them is that Engineering is a good foundation. After you become an engineer you can do anything else and get good pay. So whether or not you are interested in Engineering, :), maybe you could look into things that you can mix with French. That will send you down a certain career path that uses French.
    If you figure it out now, that might get you motivated to bring your grades up. I know it helps me when ever I visit the University I want to go to. :D
    I hope you will find another job soon. Is there a state fair in your area? Maybe you can work one of those.
    Have fun at Six Flags and the Bonfire! :D I hope he does win you a stuffed animal! :)
    Here, Here!

  6. Your life will all be better soon. Try do something with French to impress your mom about it. c: My grades all dropped at the start of the year but now they’re getting sort of okay already. Just keep going! :) Do your homework; they help a lot! :D At least you have a job! Better than nothing. :3

    Sure, don’t worry I’ll keep in touch, and maybe quite often after exams. :) Exams are next week and will end some days later, so I’ll definitely spend the whole day on the computer to celebrate. :) I’ve just gotten to know you too and I’d like to know you more, of course. Anyways I’ll just keep in touch with my friends, just like when I’ve never closed. ^^

  7. Ohh…D8 It’s bad if you are really good at something and love something so much but there aren’t that many good jobs for it! :( I hope you cat eventually find something that involves French.

    …Aww….;-;…Maybe you could try getting a job at like KFC? Lol idk. XD Just some place to get work experience from! >w<

    Oh goodie! Lol yeah. Cleaning houses isn't the best…but at least it's something! My friend who is just turning 12 in a few days has a job shared with her older sister who is turning 17! :D She calls it "Junk Mail" which is pretty much is. :P It's just getting brochures and stuff, putting them into packs and delivering them to houses! And yeah, in a month or so she got $200. :'D But that's a lot to me because I'm young. :'DDDDDD

    .. Lol hope you win that stuffed animal then. :'D

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