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One Day at a Time

Normally I love road trips, but the one that we took over the weekend to Arkansas for my cousins’ wedding was not one of my favorites.

To start it all off, we ended up leaving later than we had wanted to, so the entire six hours driving there, my mom is repeatedly saying “We’re going to be late.” or “We should’ve left earlier.” or “We’re going to miss the wedding.” I guess it wouldn’t have been so annoying, but there was absolutely nothing we could do about it besides sit there and listen to her fret.

We finally ended up getting there ten minutes before the wedding started. Talk about good timing! ;) The wedding was so gorgeous. It was kind of out in the middle of nowhere, but it was almost like a little lodge/resort type of place. There was a large, log-cabin styled house and in the back a huge balcony overlooking the mountains and forest and greenery. So that’s where the actual ceremony took place.

On a lower balcony, there was a fountain and small tables set up for the reception. It was overall a very pretty and nice wedding and I’m really happy for my cousin.

That was about the only good thing about the rest of the trip, though. My grandpa is pretty much the stereotypical grumpy old man who complains about everything. He can also be a wonderful, giving, and friendly man, but this weekend, he was the former. He complained about everything, from the price of gas to the place we ate to having to wait on everyone. We have a really large extended family, so whenever we were going someplace to eat, it took a while for everyone to agree, to my grandpa’s frustration.

I guess it was just a long weekend.

On the way to Arkansas, though, my friend Dustin texted me and asked me if I was still looking for or wanted a job. I replied that yes, I was. His mom is the front desk manager at a Holiday Inn close by and he said she was looking for someone part-time and asked if I would be interested, because he could get me the job.

I was so happy. I am so happy.

I’ve been looking for a job for quite a while now, though as of late I had kind of given up because I was getting nowhere fast. So when the opportunity arose that I could get a decent job (I did not want to be flipping burgers) for decent pay (I’ll start at $8 an hour, 75 cents more than minimum wage!) with someone that I actually like, I took it.

I was nervous the whole ride back from Arkansas because I was to go in for an interview when I got back, yesterday night. So as soon as I got home, I took a shower and put on some nicer clothes and headed up there to meet his mom. She was really nice, but I was so nervous that I was practically shaking. It wasn’t even really a typical interview; it was more of a “Hi nice to meet you let me ask you a couple of questions real quick” kind of thing. Which I was fine with.

I had actually applied there last year some time, but she couldn’t find my application so I took another one to fill out. She said she would call me when she wanted me to come in for training so I’m still waiting (a little nervously) for that call.

Instead of being so relieved that I’ve finally gotten a job somewhere, I’m like ten times more nervous that somehow I’m going to screw it up or she won’t need me or something awful is just going to happen and I’m going to lose it.

This week I am extremely busy, too, which does not help at all. Thursday night is the midnight premier of the Hunger Games which I’m seeing with Andrew, Becky, and a few other friends. The next day, I have a fundraiser I’m doing with my church. Saturday, I have bowling with my youth group. That night, I’m babysitting. The next Saturday I am also babysitting. So I guess I’m just really nervous that for some reason I’m going to have to give up some previous commitment that I made for this new job. I hate it when you make plans with someone and they cancel and back out. I don’t want to have to do that to other people.

At the same time, I may not even start working this week, so I may be worrying for absolutely nothing. It’s ridiculous how much I can worry before my first day has even started. But as many people have told me, worrying is something I do very well. I’m just going to be happy when this week is over.

Hello sun!

Winter has to be my least favorite season. I love the snow, which is one of the only things that winter makes bearable for me, besides cute hats. All winter I had been wishing for a buttload of snow so that I could have a ton of snow days because snow days don’t affect the day that seniors get out. The day the seniors get out is set in stone near the beginning of the year, so no matter how many snow days the school has or how late the rest of the school has to go, we get out on that day.

Naturally we got one snowfall this year and it was about an inch.

But anyways. This past week seems to have made its transition from winter straight to summer here! It’s been about 80 degrees (f) all week and the sun has popped out of the clouds. I was so excited to finally be able to pull my summer clothes out of the closet and wear them. It’s been absolutely wonderful.

Which has its consequences, too. I mentioned in the last post that I had a deadline for all of my scholarship applications and essays. At the beginning of the week I had about four of the scholarship essays written out of the eight or so I wanted to apply to. Since I just couldn’t resist the sunshine, I ended up spending the first half of the week playing tennis with friends and going jogging outside.

I like to use these sunglasses I received as a gift from our coach during tennis season. They’re basically the old 90s sunglasses that look exactly like this. I prefer them to my other sunglasses because I put them on over my regular glasses and they tend to fall off. The orange ones stay on much better despite the fact that I look like an extreme dork. One guy at the park did say he liked them – whether he was joking or not doesn’t really matter. :P

Anyhow, because I went out and enjoyed the weather, I didn’t get as many of the essays written as I wanted to. Thursday I worked on them for the majority of the night before finally deciding that they weren’t going to get much better no matter how long I worked on them. So I sent them in and turned in the papers that needed my signature this morning. I think that they were decent essays, but not my best. Either way, I’m glad to be rid of them and have one less thing gnawing at me in the back of my mind. I don’t think I will really be relieved until I find out the winners of the scholarships, but I’m hoping that we won’t have to wait too terribly long.

Yesterday was Jovers’ one year birthday. Rather exciting and weird to think that I’ve had this site for so long! But it’s been wonderful to have my own domain. And I’ve loved running this site, so I hope for many more years to come! :love:

My brother’s birthday was this week as well so we went out to eat tonight at a local Italian restaurant to celebrate him turning twenty-three. Everything they have at this restaurant is just delicious. I ordered a side salad, and then we got an appetizer of onion strings to share. By the time my actual entree came, I was full from the salad, appetizer, and the bread that they set on the table. But more for me to eat later! :D

Tomorrow my family is traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas for one of my cousins’ wedding. It’s a six hour drive which is a bit of a drag because this will end up taking my entire weekend, but oh well. I know that she would come to mine and I want to be there for her on her special day. I’m really excited for her. And to wear one of my new dresses. ;)

I really need to get my things together and pack for it, but I just absolutely hate packing. I’ve always hated packing, and it can screw me over sometimes. When I was going to France and Italy last summer, I didn’t pack until the morning of. Somehow I managed to not forget anything. I really don’t know why I hate it so much. I think a lot of it is that I never plan my outfits out, I just pick something on a whim in the morning, so it’s hard for me to decide on outfits. And it’s so time-consuming and I have to go over everything to make sure I don’t forget something. It seems like a never-ending process. One that I never want to start!

So about that packing…