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A New Kind of Summer

Since Friday, things have been looking up a lot more. I still miss my grandpap, but I’m not randomly breaking down and crying anymore. My parents came back Sunday, and they said my grandma was doing great.They took her out to eat and she was so excited that she could now just go out without worrying about leaving my grandpap at home by himself. She wanted to go out again the next day for lunch, haha.

I’m not sure why, but this summer for me has been extremely exhausting. My trip to Europe I knew would be tiring, but I just don’t think I ever really recovered from it. I slept a lot the week after, but I also started my babysitting job which really drains me. I guess it’s this heat too; it’s over 100°F outside right now. :o

I guess usually over summer break I just lounge around and don’t really do anything with myself, and this summer I haven’t done that a whole lot. I’ve traveled a lot: two and a half weeks in Europe, and almost all of last week in Pennsylvania for pappap’s funeral. I babysit four kids (all under 5) twice a week, 8:00 – 1:30, and I’ve been keeping really active. I’ve been playing a lot of tennis with my friends and have been going swimming or just hanging out with friends. Nonetheless, I’m glad I’m actually doing things this summer.

I decided that I’m going to make a scrapbook of my trip to Europe. I used to be really into scrapbooking, and then I kinda just stopped. It’s really time consuming and I get frustrated when things don’t look perfect. So, I bought a kit and scrapbook and I plan to start working on that pretty soon. I’ve also been meaning to start writing posts about my trip. I think my next post will be one of those. I just need to gather my thoughts.

In other news, I got my scores back finally from my AP English Language and Composition Exam I took back in May. You may (or may not) remember me talking about it being extremely hard but I got a three on it! It was out of five, five being the best, and if you score a three, four, or five you get college credit. I wish I would’ve done a little better, but I’m just glad I got college credit.

Also, I’ve decided to do away with affiliates and instead just create a link page with all the blogs I read, like, and whatnot. So if you used to be an affiliate, you may keep my link up or you may take it down. I moved almost all of my affiliates to the link page. It’s up to you.

I feel like I’m just all over the place right now.

Would You Like Some Tears with That Stress?

Edit: I didn’t really want to have to do this, but I’m going to be going on a short hiatus. With redoing my room and school and the France Trip and my grandpa, I really don’t have time for anything, not even time for myself. I’m hoping that things will lighten up after this weekend and after my room is done.

It’s only Monday and I can already tell that the rest of this week and the following week and a half afterwards are going to be awful. Yes, finals are really close as is the end of the year, but that does not mean that every teacher I have should assign a project and exam review that is over 100 questions long. Ugh. -.-

I have a physics project that I’m working on with Andrew, and I’m stressing so much over it. It’s our second day in class that we’ve been working on it and I already don’t know what’s going, got pissed off, and am extremely stressed out.

On the ride home from school, I just started crying. I’ve just got so much going on right now. This weekend I’m leaving right after school on Friday to go up to Pennsylvania to see my grandpa, which will be really hard in itself, and I won’t be back til Monday afternoon. Monday afternoon, my friends are throwing a surprise birthday party for my close friend Jacqueline, and I really want to be there but don’t know if I can make it. I’ll have been gone all weekend and have tons of homework to do still.

And in regards to my last post, I have decided to switch rooms with my sister. There are a lot more positives (redo my room, get closet organizer, get rid of extra furniture, go through all my junk stuff) than there are negatives (less space). My sister is also giving me her old computer, which is newer than the one I have now, so I have to back up all my files and hope that nothing goes terribly wrong (like one time where my external hard drive broke. Yeah, that was fun. I lost all my files). I think we’re going to go shopping for paint sometime this week and maybe start moving and painting this week or next.

So to add all of that, plus school, plus preparing for my France trip together, which is the day after school gets out, and it’s all almost too much for me. I don’t know where to begin with my school work or with anything for that matter.

I feel like this post has turned out extremely whiny and that wasn’t my original intent. Whenever I am stressed out I just like to sleep. It makes me feel better and puts me in a better mood, but I just don’t have time to sleep away the rest of the day. I just need a break I think, and I won’t have one of those until after I’m back from my trip. So in a month.

How do you guys unstressify ? (I think a invented a new word!)

P.S. If I’m extremely slow with replying to comments, I’m sorry and hope you’ll bear with me. I still love and appreciate them. I just got a lot going on. :(