To Move or Not to Move

I feel like this week just dragged on and on, and then when Thursday and today came, it just zoomed by. Not a whole lot really happened through the week besides all my teachers simultaneously assigning projects and essays and other excessive and time consuming work. I’ve also been really motivated, for some reason or another, to add more visitor content. So I worked on that all throughout the week and added a pretty heft amount of content that I hope you all will use and enjoy. If not, oh well. I had fun making all of it. :P

My mom has also been in what I call this clean-and-pitch mode, where she cleans everything in the house from head to foot and pitches everything she doesn’t want or that we don’t need. Which, honestly, we needed. My two brothers basically hibernate year round in the basement, so needless to say that two grown men don’t know how to pick up after themselves or stay remotely organized. Since Ryan came back from Greece, and Rachel from college, we just kind have been throwing junk down there. Well we went through that and got rid of a lot of stuff. We reached a stalemate though when my mom didn’t want to throw stuff away, she wanted to sell it in a garage sale, so we couldn’t do much more until we hold one, which we think will be either in the summer or fall.

I’ve also been really needing to clean my room. So I picked it up and vacuumed, when my sister made a proposition. I have long been wanting a closet organizer, as my closet is just a mess, and rather small, so I have no where to put anything. My sister has one, and she said she would give it to me if we switched rooms.

Now, it seems like the obvious answer would be not to switch rooms, since I have a much bigger room than she does, and I have more furniture so it would be hard to fit it all in her smaller room. Yet, if we switched rooms, I would not only get the closet organizer, but my mom said we could redo our room completely. Which means I can paint my room, which I have been wanting to do for a while too. I mean really, I can only stand this ugly teal pastel color for so long, right? ;)

Soooo, I’ve been kind of debating back and forth whether I should take up the offer. I think if I switched rooms, since it’s smaller, I would stay more organized since I would have less space to work with, which would be really nice. It also forces me to go through my things and get rid of just plain crap. Which I really need to do. I haven’t gone through my desk drawers or dresser drawers in who know how long. I can’t even remember the last time I went through them, which is pretty bad.

I’ve started going through some clothes and old scrapbooking things (which used to be a big hobby of mine) and have cleared out two drawers. Success! I’ve still got a ways to go, and I figure even if we don’t switch rooms, I just really need to go through everything. Not just my closet, not just my floor and under the bed, but through all my drawers and spaces. It’s funny, all the odd things I’ve been finding so far. Some of the things date back to when I was still in elementary school–seven years ago! Sheesh! I think I just grow attached to things and don’t like to throw them away. :P

So do you guys have any advice as to what I should do? I’m kinda stuck in the middle.

15 thoughts on “To Move or Not to Move”

  1. Many moms seem to function the same way, haha… “clean and pitch”! My mom always claims that she doesn’t throw away anything when she cleans, but she’s always lying. Stuff ALWAYS goes missing after she cleans, when we could have found what we needed before.

    The first thing I thought of as a factor to consider when deciding whether or not to switch rooms was that moving all of your furniture sounds like it will take a lot of work. Moving the *stuff* of one’s room is one thing, but moving all the furniture, too, makes it a much larger task if you ask me. However, it does sound like there are some definite advantages of moving: 1) the whole room “makeover”–painting and starting fresh is always exciting, 2) you’ll get the closet organizer, and 3) I imagine you’ll essentially be forced to go through all of your stuff if you have to movie it all, so it’ll be like you’re getting your cleaning/organizing done at the same time as moving.

    I think the real questions to ask yourself are these: Is the size difference a big deal to me? Am I willing to do the work that switching rooms entails? (As opposed to half-heartedly doing it and still having a mess when you get there.)

  2. Good luck with the tasks that you have to do :D! When you’re inspired to do visitor content, do it asap! Because you’ll be satisfied (: And you’re less prone to be stopped by any road blocks :P!

    Oh mothers. They always have that “thing” where they feel as if they want to make the house feel lighter ‘~’. I guess its for the best :P. A house with too much stuff is a no go! Because it’s just messy- unless you know how to work with em! Good luck with cleaning up your room :)! I’ve been cleaning my room and its a huge improvement :O!!

    Hopefully, you can think of something for that closet organizer situation. Maybe you don’t need that closet organizer after all :O! Or just buy one! You can go through your junk either way and figure it out :P. Good luck with everything :D! I remembered the last time I did a massive cleaning. 4 body-bags thrown in the trash can -___-!

    At this rate, the future will be warming for you and your family :D! As long as you don’t get caught in any money-drama -___-!

    Have a good weekend :D!

  3. Hmmm, I could’ve sworn I had a comment on your post! Maybe it disappeared but I know I commented on it!!! Odd.

    Anyway, yeah I also read/heard that soft colors will also make you study better, and not make you go crazy. Lol. I have a sort of a soft baby pink color in my room, and I almost went stir crazy if it weren’t for me getting out of the house and walking to the Library. I told my dad to me it feels like Cabin Fever. It’s that bad. I hardly get out anyway, so that’s what I told him. I mean yeah I do get out to take clothes to the laundry room, and to take the dog out to potty and what not. But other than that it’s back in my room. But oi! I already have schizophrenia in remission I don’t need it to come back lmao. But no seriously I don’t need it to come back.

    Also, that’s great you and your sister will be switching rooms! It’ll give you a clean slate of where you want your furniture to go and what not. And also paint your room a different color, than the color you have now which I think if my memory serves me correctly a teal color? Yeah, my friend’s going to help me paint my room, sometime next month. So I’m really happy about that. She’s also going to help me pick out some curtains for my room also. I’m very excited about this whole adventure we’re doing next month. Dunno when, but it’ll be exciting! Just thinking about it, is making me be all happy inside. :).

  4. I think you should stay in the bigger room and just have a complete overhaul – clear out everything and I mean EVERYTHING and just start from scratch only putting the things you know you need/love – I think that moving into a smaller room is a step backwards, especially if you have more furniture than your sister. Just re-do the space that you have!! I would never move into a smaller room if I had a choice! :|

  5. Hey Becca!
    I like your new layout! It is very neat, clean and simple! Their my favourite styles :D How are you? I have a new layout up now. More like a new background though!

  6. My room is always a mess, I don’t have room for anything! And I don’t really have time to clean everything during school terms. My books and sheets are always cluttered somewhere in my room :S.

    I think you should switch rooms, because you have more closet space, and you get like a better excuse to clean everything out. Just my opinion :)

  7. Argh, yeah! I get frustrated too. I’m just sitting there and I’m ready to chuck a pencil at the wall. Is physics fun? :p

    I got over the ones at the back of my mouth, just really irritated around the front and its a total beyotccch (language, soz!) I lost the waxy stuff…I swear I left it in my bag but turns out…probably on a train somewhere /tear.

    Aaah, thanks :D & Yes, blogging is awesome!! I love the meeting people part component 8D

    Ew I hate it when my week just DRAGS. It’s so slow. There was this time where I thought Tuesday was Thursday because it went by so slowly. Bleurgh. Your blog reminded me to start making some visitor content, but I don’t know what to make. Haha.

    Good luck with cleaning and stuff! It takes me 6 hours to go through my room, just cleaning stuff and redecorating. Yesterday I redecorated my closet door so it looks less me-from-3-years-ago to me now. Haha.

    You should definitely start with the smaller stuff before you get to the big. I find that’s heaps easier :D And a label maker definitely comes in handy! As to swapping the rooms or not, I think you should! It gives you a chance to start fresh and have an awesome room as well as an organised closet :D :P

  8. Gosh, this post reminds me of how much I need to organize MY room, haha. It looks pretty neat, but people don’t see the heaps of useless crap I stuffed away in boxes and drawers… oy.

    As for the room, a smaller room isn’t always a bad thing (even less of a bad thing when it has perks attached to it :D), so as long as the room isn’t TOO small… I’d say, go for it :D

  9. My parents are pretty bad at keeping things that we don’t need. Me and my sister are always telling them to just throw it away, as they haven’t seen it in months, so they probably won’t miss it. They instead still keep whatever it may be and just move it to a different storing place. It’s so annoying since I am not a pack rat at all.

    I just cleaned my room last weekend. I went through all my clothes and vacuumed and dusted. It took me forever. I had two huge trash bags filled with trash and clothes that I no longer wanted.

    I remember me and my sister switched rooms once. I went from not only the bigger room, but also the bigger closet… I don’t know what I was thinking. I actually never regretted switching, though. I kind of liked having a smaller, more “cozy” room. I think I maybe just liked the change.

    As long as you don’t mind all the work of moving all your furniture and what not, then I’d switch. :)

  10. :O! That always happens when you get something new XD! That’s why I learn to just wait and play with the new gadgets later :P. :O! Maybe with practice, you’ll be able to do hard mode for the games again (:!

    Well.. We’re still alive. :P. Congratulations on surviving the Judgement day of may 21. XD!

    Thank you :D! I don’t know how to write properly. :/… It’s like. It’s hard to start it, but it’s easy to go through the body portion of the writings. :/. And I always have a tendency of doing it in an essay-format!!

    Nice! Well- what is your trash is someone else’s “treasure”! I just cleaned up a portion of my drawer. And found myself with 3 small bags of trash to toss away. And I found some cool notes I took of the past. :P I just need to go through 2 body boxes in my closet now -___-!

    Oooh :P So I am guessing that you’re changing room :O! Have fun doing that ;D! But– Be sure to not lose anything along the process. ‘~’. I switched rooms with my parents last year and now, they’re looking for some of their junks and can’t find it -___-! And I feel.. Guilty because I moved ’em all over the place!

    Have a good sunday!

  11. Heyyy! I’m so sorry for not visiting for such a long time. x.x I promise I’ll be visiting every single day and commenting on every single one of your blogs again! <3

    Lol sometimes my mum has a big cleanup day. XD Have to tidy my room…sweep the floor…vacuum the floor…clean the everything..throw out all the old junk. x.x Whenever I have some random junk I just throw it in the toy box or on my book shelf. :'DD Who knows why. XD Or chuck it in ma school bag! We don't have a basement to chuck all our junk in.

    Oh cool! I think you should really switch rooms. 8D And it would be so awesome to paint your walls!! Blue! Blue! XD Because I love blue. Any blue except for super bright blue. :P And it would be so awesome if I could have the chance to re-organise my room, but sadly right now i can't because I share a room with my brother and we have REALLY big 2 beds. ;o; They're connected and yeah…At least we have a TV! And the guest bedroom also has a TV! But the one in my bedroom is bigger. 8D

  12. We don’t have a garage or basement so we sort of just collect junk in these containers which we keep stacked in the corners of various rooms. Some are important and contain school documents and birth certificates and such but most just have junk. I guess that’s similar to your basement. Keeping things you don’t need is just a part of life, I suppose :/

    I would hate to throw away these things or sell them. Many of them have a history behind them and I don’t want to let go of them, haha. But I guess it’s good to de-clutter your house.

    I hate cleaning my room but I’m forced to as it always gets messy – papers pile up on any flat surface that is available and clothes end up scattered on my floor. The best advice I had ever received in regards to keeping a clean room is “stay the hell out of there”.

    I was going to write something here but I simply forgot how the idiom/phrase goes LOL. Anyway, it seems like you’ve got yourself a whole lot to think about. From what I’ve read here, I think you’d be better off switching rooms seeing as you get a better closet, less space to fill up with junk and you get to repaint your room. Whereas if you kept your room, you wouldn’t get any of these.

    I always find odd things when I clean my room. I left a primary school in year three and I recently started talking to an old friend from there. She told me that when she was cleaning through her things, she had found an old Tic Tac box with a strand of my hair. Apparently I had given that to her before I left and she just never threw it away 8) The weird things always surprise me.

    Oh my gosh I really dislike those kids. Being disrespectful is the most uncool thing ever. I actually value my education and I don’t want to have to lost it just because these guys think they’re being awesome.

    I watched you on dA :)

  13. My mom’s in cleaning mode pretty much every summer, so I can just imagine how your mom must be like right now. This summer, though, I got into it as well. I cleaned out my entire closet, something I’ve been putting off for, well, years. I found a bunch of old things like you, including some Polly Pocket and Bratz stuff, which I’m giving away. I have a lot of Pokemon Cards too, but there’s no way I’m giving those up!

    I guess it depends if you really need all the space in your room or not. It’s nice to have space, but if you’re more organized, you’ll end up with more space anyway. I would switch if the difference in space between the two rooms wasn’t too big, but, if it was, I’m not sure. I guess it depends on what your priorities are when it comes to your room.

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