Would You Like Some Tears with That Stress?

Edit: I didn’t really want to have to do this, but I’m going to be going on a short hiatus. With redoing my room and school and the France Trip and my grandpa, I really don’t have time for anything, not even time for myself. I’m hoping that things will lighten up after this weekend and after my room is done.

It’s only Monday and I can already tell that the rest of this week and the following week and a half afterwards are going to be awful. Yes, finals are really close as is the end of the year, but that does not mean that every teacher I have should assign a project and exam review that is over 100 questions long. Ugh. -.-

I have a physics project that I’m working on with Andrew, and I’m stressing so much over it. It’s our second day in class that we’ve been working on it and I already don’t know what’s going, got pissed off, and am extremely stressed out.

On the ride home from school, I just started crying. I’ve just got so much going on right now. This weekend I’m leaving right after school on Friday to go up to Pennsylvania to see my grandpa, which will be really hard in itself, and I won’t be back til Monday afternoon. Monday afternoon, my friends are throwing a surprise birthday party for my close friend Jacqueline, and I really want to be there but don’t know if I can make it. I’ll have been gone all weekend and have tons of homework to do still.

And in regards to my last post, I have decided to switch rooms with my sister. There are a lot more positives (redo my room, get closet organizer, get rid of extra furniture, go through all my junk stuff) than there are negatives (less space). My sister is also giving me her old computer, which is newer than the one I have now, so I have to back up all my files and hope that nothing goes terribly wrong (like one time where my external hard drive broke. Yeah, that was fun. I lost all my files). I think we’re going to go shopping for paint sometime this week and maybe start moving and painting this week or next.

So to add all of that, plus school, plus preparing for my France trip together, which is the day after school gets out, and it’s all almost too much for me. I don’t know where to begin with my school work or with anything for that matter.

I feel like this post has turned out extremely whiny and that wasn’t my original intent. Whenever I am stressed out I just like to sleep. It makes me feel better and puts me in a better mood, but I just don’t have time to sleep away the rest of the day. I just need a break I think, and I won’t have one of those until after I’m back from my trip. So in a month.

How do you guys unstressify ? (I think a invented a new word!)

P.S. If I’m extremely slow with replying to comments, I’m sorry and hope you’ll bear with me. I still love and appreciate them. I just got a lot going on. :(

15 thoughts on “Would You Like Some Tears with That Stress?”

  1. Aww good luck with your finals, I hope you do well! I know how you’re feeling right now, I’m taking a break from all the studying and preparing for assessments. You’ll get through everything and then you can go to France! How exciting, I’ve always wanted to go there.

    For me, I always take breaks, eat some snacks (lol that’s not healthy though!), listen to music, take naps, watch an episode of a TV show I like to ‘unstressify’

  2. Maths and science…what a brilliant combination of two subjects that are just… D:< Dx

    I don't know…my friend said she would give me hers, but I'll wait until I go to the ortho. My teeth have straightened up already, just cuts a lot. I get like 2 new ulcers everyday. x_x

    Lol yeah! I totally get where you are coming from! I hate adding stuff that isn't top notch quality…so I just wait until inspiration strikes me and I'll make content like crazy :D

    Wowow! Have you decided what to do with your new room? :D:D

    Oh ew. Did your teachers decide to pile all your assignments on at once? That happened to me last term and I stayed up until 3 am to finish some. It was horrid. Good luck with your projects and stuff! I'm sorry about all the stress, I hate all the stress and stuff. :(

    Aww :( I hope everything goes well for the next few days!

    Don't worry about ranting and stuff – it's your blog, there really isn't a set rule saying you can't complain. Everyone needs their vent, right?

  3. I always hated the end of the semesters… well at least the week right before finals. It always seems like that’s when the teachers decide to pile up a bunch of work and last minute stuff. Plus the review packets that they give are always super long.

    I’m getting ready to re-paint my room and I’m actually looking forward to redecorating and what not. Hopefully you’re able to enjoy your redecorating at least a little. :P

    Sounds like you’re going to be busy for the next month or so. I hope you’re able to somehow find a balance between everything, so that you don’t become completely overwhelmed.

    Good luck with everything!

  4. Sorry that you’ve been really stressed lately. As far as the exams thing goes, I think teachers just want a last excuse to torture you before you leave for summer. I don’t know where they benefit from that since they have to grade all the papers so in a sense, it only backfires. Or perhaps they just want to test to see if you paid attention at all during the course of the school year? Who knows. Teachers can be a little weird sometimes.

    I’ve always been in the same room. Whenever we move, the room I pick is the room I stay in until we move again or whatever. In a way I see what you mean because when I moved, it game me an excuse to throw out any junk. If we didn’t move, I probably wouldn’t have cared at all. That sucks that you get a smaller room though; hopefully it isn’t that much smaller!

    Whenever I’m stressed, I just take a small break, listen to music or lay down. I don’t get on my computer because that won’t solve anything; that’s only a distraction. I like to remain calm and peaceful. When I’ve calmed down a bit, I resume working. A little break every now and then is encouraged so you’re not overwhelmed.

  5. Eeek. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you! You can get through it. You can do it (:! You will pass by it whether you like it or not XD! Good luck! Eeeek.! Physics is horrible. :/. I don’t understand how to be perfect in Physics. D’:! But good luck with the project :D!

    Sometimes, you just gotta let it out. You can make through this hardship. Do you know why? Because you’re Becca and you’re mentally strong! :)! I hope you’ll have fun going up to Penns & visiting grandpa! You can do it :D! Trust.

    I hope you’ll have a fun transfer of items from your room to the new one :D! Congratulations on a new/better computer! :D! And with that said, it’s all beneficial! Eek! That French Trip is getting closer than it should be! XD! And your blog is your blog. Get down as far as you want. You’re blogging for yourself- not everyone. :D!

    I just know.. that biting a wooden pencil helps the stress headaches. I need help too. :/.

    I like doing that strategy too of writing! But recently, when I do that- I get like.. 70%’s on my paper. Oh dear lord. :/.

    Garage sales- it’s like a home made pawn shop XD. Too many haggles, and one side will always fall into the deal!

    Take care ;D

  6. Hey Becca! I’m sorry to hear you’re starting to get stressed out already!That’s never any fun! I know how it is to be stressed out! I’m really pmsing about my seizures and just want to do the dang MRI already. Ya know? But hey at least I got it approved this time around! :D.

    And no problem, everyone is busy with their life at some point in time. Even ME! But seriously, if you’re behind on returning comments, no biggie! People are just going to learn how to deal with it.

    So basically; are you excited about switching rooms and the trip to France? I know I would be! And speaking of painting rooms, my dad’s girlfriend actually said she’d help me out, on painting my entire room as well; as my bathroom! I know I can count on her! The other girl; not to sure about. She got pissy at me for not answering the door Sunday night, but hell; I was in an seizure attack. So what was I supposed to do? Walk right out of it? You just can’t. She told me her and her sister in law where watching me through my window and saw me on the computer. Uhm, yeah I was on the computer but I was also seizuring at that time too. Which I was on my way to lay down on my bed. And even if they were outside watching me, my dog would of been right there with his ears perked up. Ya know? But yeah. He smells; and senses everything! I’m just glad his little ears aren’t sensitive to Siren noises. Ya know? But yeah. That makes me pissed off to know that my supposed friend spies on me.

    Well; f*ck that. She aint gonna be mooching off of me anymore. I mean hell; I can understand that she doesn’t have a phone or a job (her fault not mine) or the internet, which she uses at the library. But dang. She was over here on Monday, and I was nice enough to let her use my computer after she was being a bitch about me not answering the door and I had to explain to her exactly what goes on during a seizure attack. And we were watching a movie “The Room mate”, after I had gotten her off the internet. And my guy friends were texting me and she’s like “Hell, I could’ve been on the internet while you were texting your friends”. I looked at her like “WTF?!” That is NOT her internet. That is mine and my dad’s internet. And I don’t appreciate her mooching off of us. Ya know what I mean? But yeah, it just dumbfounded me for a bit why she said that. I was actually going to tell my friends I have company over, and she’s like nah don’t do that! But she just wants a free ride. Ya know? I mean I do let her use my cell to see if her food stamps are in. But jeez, not any more. Especially when I get the iphone (which I’m not sure when that will be, but we are planning on getting it).

    But enough about me, I hope you have a great time in France, and see the Eiffel Tower and what not! Take lots and lots of pictures when you go!!!

  7. It’s that time of the year again. Teachers love to cram everything then, I don’t understand why. Other times they’re always cramming so how come it’s finals that seem stressful? Probably because they’re all due on one day and how teachers stress the importance of finals. I hate them so much.

    Good luck, I think the best thing to do is know your priorities and get everything done then all play. France, so lucky! I wouldn’t know how to unstressify because I have no stress … other than useles family problems that I shouldn’t really care about.

    This reminds me that I should redecorate my room. But I’m oh so lazy!

    Don’t worry about being slow at replying … I think I am the queen of slow, and I don’t even go to school. Only because I live an internetless primitive life. Though that’s over now, yay! Sorry for this late reply though!

    I don’t think I’d ever be able to learn how to code WordPress … I don’t even know how I managed to learn coding at all. There are plenty of premade themes I can perform surgeries on. This one is nice too!

    That was very devoted of you then. 6 hour drive then 4 hour graduation … I’m terrible, I fell asleep at my brothers’. Like literally zzzzs. I’m now so glad I missed my high school graduation.

  8. I’m so sorry you’ve got so much on your plate :/ Make sure you have some sort of rewarding system for yourself, like after every thing you get out of the way you treat yourself to something nice ^^ I also like to make lists of things to do when I’m THAT busy. I don’t always follow them strictly, but at least it makes me feel a little bit more in control :P

    Good luck with everything!

  9. It seems that you’re pretty busy. Maybe try to hang out somewhere relaxing or listen to your favorite music.

    I’m not yet preparing for my dorm by the way. ;) I still have a week and getting the hang of it.

  10. Thank you! I think I’ve accomplished in capturing the dreamy affect with this layout! Ha the Emma Watson was sort of bland it really wasn’t my style but this one sure is:D

    Totally. I agree I’m not the person who is really interested in the vintage clothing type. But lately I’ve just been thinking “vintage” its literally trending now.

    And thank you! You have a lovely site as well:)
    Wow…I’m sorry to hear about all the stress your going through. I understand that school, projects, and exams can be stressful. But I recommend to take it one step at a time. Literally, what I do is that I try to think of what comes first, what’s more important right now, when I’m done with that I just go with what comes next.

    All I can say is take a deep breathe, and try to relax with this situation. In the end I know that everything will turn out all right, plus your stress will be goon soon enough.

    Take care and I hope to hear from you soon!:)

  11. I can understand why you would want to go on a hiatus. That does sound like a lot to deal with. I too go to sleep and then when I wake up I try to break up all that I have to do into manageable chunks or do the most annoying thing first and then put the rest in manageable chunks.
    I hope you come out of this with a better understanding of how to deal with stress. I think you are very fortunate to still be a kid with all this, when you are on your own one day you might be able to handle it might be better. :)
    I hope my deep books don’t keep you away, because as I look at the rest of book list I’m going to be reading along the same line of depth. :)

  12. I’m hoping the sequel is just as great! & Yeah, I completely agree. Heaps of sequels don’t compare to the epicness of the first movie. Lets hope Hangover 2 is a different story :D

    I’m completely over school…everything should be a-okay now. I hope it gets better with physics :( Is there anyway you can drop it or change classes? :/

    Arg. I hate postal companies too. :( That sucks. 150USD? That’s a lot!

    Ooh :D Your room is sounding very nice at the moment! Best of luck with it :D

    I hope your hiatus works out for you :)

    Have a nice day (:

  13. When I have too much stress, I generally just sit back, take a deep breath, and turn on my favorite band…really loud. It’s amazing how much that helps my stress.

    I hope your grandfather is okay, with whatever is going on. <3

    Exams are coming up for me soon, and every single exam is at LEAST 80 questions. Some are even 160 questions. I am so not looking forward to this, but I know it has to happen for me to pass my 8th grade year. -_- I wish you the best of luck on your exams as well.

    D: I want to go on a France trip. That’s been a dream of mine to go to Europe, and definitely to France. I hope that goes well, too. :)

    Also, take your time returning comments and blogging. Your home, school, and social lives come before it. :)

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