A Test From Hell

I took the AP English Language and Composition exam today, and it was a nightmare. There are two sections, a multiple choice section, and then a section where you have 120 minutes to write three essays. I already knew that the multiple choice would be difficult, and it was, but I didn’t expect the essay questions to be so obnoxious. Ugh.

I’ve been stressing over this dumb exam for ever and now I feel like I totally bombed it. So much for college credit and for wasting $87. At least all my friends felt the same. No one felt like they did a really good job. We also had to write the essays in pen, which kind of threw me off, because I then couldn’t go back and erase things and fix them; once they were down on the paper, they were stuck there.

But, there’s nothing I can do about it now, except to wait for my scores to come in the middle of July. So far away! :(

To celebrate our immense failure, we all decided to go out to IHOP, which was delicious and satisfying as always. After that I came home. And I slept. And I slept some more. I was so exhausted and I felt like my mind was just fried. If you asked me what the sum of 2 + 2 was, I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell you. :P

I just got back from playing tennis with a bunch of friends. It was really fun, but I really have to practice a lot more in order to be ready to play singles in the fall season. But I’m not too worried. I’ve got a whole summer ahead of me. :)

Anyone else take an AP exam? If so, how was it?

14 thoughts on “A Test From Hell”

  1. We don’t have that subject in college. And I hope the test would not be like that. I really hope so!

    By the way, thanks for your advice. I’m getting a dorm now. Actually, I have a dorm now. Although my mom really did her thing about this. And now I’m preparing for this new life in a dorm.

  2. I remember these times well. I am so glad I am not in that predicament anymore :) You’ll find most times you did better then you thought …

  3. awww I wish it was better=/ That sucks that it sucked! I hate when that happens. It makes taking a 3 hr test more miserable. I bet you didn’t do as bad as you think. Whenever I think I do bad, I actually do good lol. At least your friends agreed with you. I have no idea how my friends thought of it. haha I know one of my friends who took it was more concerned with AP chem and AP calc. It was good that you went to Ihop. I always go there when I am feeling sad lol. Breakfast food makes me happy haha

    My school makes us pay 90 for an exam -_- also my school is being stupid and going to charge us to take AP classes! It’s so stupid, we are paying to be smart. It will cost (about) 70 for the class and 90 for the test. However there is a 300 cap. I think I am only going to take 2 next year.

    I took AP Art History and AP studio Art. The art history was not as bad as I expected, but I still do not think I did amazing. The Studio art is opinion based (the judges) so i have no idea lol

    mhm yea that is why my writing sometimes stays as a draft. I never want to bore people. I read a lot of blogs in my blogging life haha Some of them are so hard to write and comment on. It’s so hard.

    Also with your mom, I think connections grow because they gave birth. Like most kids have a deeper connection with their moms

  4. We don’t have AP classes here but I took advanced English and believe me, I know how those essays are! We had three hours to write three essays and answer a series of short and long answer questions… it was HELL. These were the exams that would help us go to university too. We didn’t have to worry about money, though.

    I hated writing those essays though, you couldn’t stop, you couldn’t have a break, and you definitely had to write in pen. Some people did the essays first but that intimidated me so I did the short questions. It was really awful though. In the mock exams I got a really bad hand cramp… thankfully that went away before the actual exam but it was scary because my hand was swelled up and so huge. D: I tell everyone that story when I mention exams… xD

    I’m glad you took time out to SLEEP though. That’s fantastic. The other day I slept for umm… 12 hours. It’s unusual for me. XD

    I hope you squeeze some more tennis practice in! :)

  5. :O! I wonder if your essay questions are the same as mine XD!

    I think the AP English Lang. test was.. ALRIGHT. I`m not really expecting much out of it. But hey! This is an AP test that you have an experience for (:!

    Wow! You guys pay 87 bucks for the test? :X! That is horrible ‘~’. We pay the reduced price of 5 bucks per test. ‘~’. GO GHETTO SCHOOLS!

    I hate writing with pen because I tend to become.. Messy. But its something you need to get used to :/. I hope you got a 3 or better and don`t worry about the AP exam (: At least you have gotten though it! :D

    Good job! (:

    Are least you celebrated. I didn`t. -__-! I blame my pregnant teacher ‘~’.

    Hope you`re taking care ;D!

  6. You had to pay 87 dollars to take the test? I only had to pay 81 dollars for mine. I think your school is sneaking in an extra six dollars!! Sue someone! haha…. maybe you ended up doing well afterall? I wish you the best! And at least you got iHop… yum!

  7. I took an AP English Exam but it didn’t really count for a grade, we just had to take it so we all failed lol. It was long and boring, the stories they had just sucked and I could not concentrate for anything.

    They made us do that too, I didn’t see the point of writing in pen at all. The school paid for the stupid exams, we all knew we were going to fails so we decided to just do whatever and go with the flow.

  8. Oh our school offers a lot of AP classes. My friend took AP physics B freshman year. He took at least 2 Ap classes a year. He’s really smart though lol

    Yea they are going to make us pay. I very much dislike my govenor. I could complain about him for a very long time, but I won’t get into politics lol. Anyway yea they are considering AP classes ‘college courses’… well my schools standards are going to go down lol. It’s not such a great school anymore.

    We do not have AP Word History. My friends liked AP Bio. But I heard the Bio teacher at my school is amazing lol. I am taking AP US Govenernment and Politics and AP Comparative Government and Politics. I was thinking about AP euro and AP Econ. But I don’t want to stress out senior year lmfao. and I do not want to pay a lot of moneyy.

    yea my new blog, I was like I am just so happy so I am going to post about my friend lmfao. I think some stuff that is personal is good, just not the boring personal like “I went to the mall… I got jeans.. then I went home and watched Tv”

  9. Its okay XD! There wasn’t much I could do about it but bare with it impatiently :/.

    The CollegeBoard seems really really paranoid about everything. It makes me.. Sorta hate them because of it. It discourages me from taking AP classes -__-!

    Thank you (:!

    The only thing I don’t look forward to is.. I don`t know. A lot of responsibilities -___-! Horrible! But thankfully, we get … Semi-reduced prices for our dues.

    Hope to see your entry in soon XD! Good luck with deciding on what to do with the domain :P

    Take care (:

  10. Sorry for the double comment :/. I didn`t see the comment on the recent post XD!

    I guess I`m not alone when it comes to putting music loud! :D! Except.. That I`ve been playing my iTunes for… 9 hours so far ‘~’. … It gets boring! Even though I do have 5,600+ songs, its on my laptop, not desktop D’:!

    Thank you for the luck (:!

    I hope you`ll enjoy the remainder of your schooltime as well (:! Don`t mess it up! :D!

    Have a good weekend :D

  11. Not all college classes are strict :X! The only time college credits in high school is worth it is if you’re going to go to schools like Yale/Harvard. :P. But its always nice to skip a year of english! :D!

    I feel semi-bad when I smooch off of my parents. I`m like, “I`ll give you a raincheck that you can redeem in 20 years.” They’re like “Come on, Nancy.” Its just an iou type of thing :/. In my side. :O.

    :O I wonder why your older music disappears. Thats weird! But if you don’t use it frequently, then it shouldn’t really matter :P. I don`t even know how to use my blackberry’s radio without the data plan -___-! My old phone can do it and its crap! XD!

    Thank you (: take care!

  12. Sorry it’s taken me such a long time to reply to your comment. :X I’ve been really busy.

    Anyways, I hope you do okay on your exam. :S I hate exams and everything having to do with them, especially because I’ve been bombing all of my recent exams. :/ I wish you the best of luck though!

    I haven’t taken any AP exams, but I know there are exams coming up soon since it’s almost the end of the school year. Time to study and cram my brain full of useless knowledge that I won’t remember a week after the exams. Blegh.

  13. I took the AP English language & comp as well! The multiple choice was actually way easier than I thought it would be, though.. we had practice tests in class that were intensely hard o.o

    I’m sure you did a lot better than you think you did! :) The essays… ahahaha. The main one that I had a problem with was the synthesis. I really had no opinion on the subject. Sigh.

    Don’t worry too much! Just think positive about your results C:

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