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Not a lot of things have really been going on in the last week or so, so I haven’t really had the desire to write a new post, and it’s summer so I’ve been rather lazy :P, but I started writing one last night and then scrapped it when my mom came in my room this morning and told me that my grandpap had passed away. :(

It’s not really that much of a shock; I’ve mentioned in previous posts how his health has been declining, and I’m really glad that we went up to visit them over Memorial weekend just to be able to see him. It made me really depressed seeing them like that, but I guess it prepared me for his death some.

I’m not real weepy, I don’t think I’ve even teared up yet, but I am still sad. He was my grandpap and, though I didn’t see him a whole lot, he still means a lot to me. We had a lot of good memories, and it’s hard to think that I will never see him ask my grandma for another peice of pie, or scoop of ice cream, or complain that she doesn’t ever feed him enough. The little things.

My family and I are heading up to Pennsylvania tomorrow since we already had plans for today. It’s Independence Day for those of you living in the USA (happy 4th!), and we’re going to my aunt’s for a barbeque and to swim and just hang out with friends. It will be nice before we have to leave, though it does dampen the spirits a bit.

We really don’t know any of the details as to when the funeral or viewing will be, but we hope that we will have tomorrow as a travel day since it’s such a long drive. I know getting there and seeing everyone will make it so much harder for me, so if you guys could keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers, it would be greatly appreciated. <3

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  1. The hardest thing about summer… Is creating a blog post when nothing has happened much lately.

    I am sorry about your grandfather’s passing. But it IS a good thing you had the chance to visit him before anything else happened. It’s nothing you can regret for now. Your grandfather is in a better place now- pain free.

    It’s always the little things that makes a big difference. But I do hope you’ll have fun with the Independence Day celebration despite of this downfall. Have fun and be happy!

    Life is always unexpected!

    We’re having a BBQ for independence day :P. We don’t do fireworks anymore because it’s supposedly too hazardous and.. The ones that are sold here are really crappy- they have this everlasting horrid smell of firecrackers XD! So we’ll watch ’em from far away :D

    I hope the mystery of why the car stopped will get solved soon :)!

    Take care and stay strong

  2. I guess that’s the same that’s going on with me. Even when I get something to talk about, by the time I post the blog, I forget about it D:!

    Thank your inner conscience for convincing you to go and see him :)! But hey, life isn’t supposed to have regrets! And you did well there.

    I just ate BBQ a couple of hours ago :P! And my neighbor also had BBQ which caused the smoke to come into my house :c. BBQ’s are only fun when you have a lot of people gathered around at one spot :D

    For some reason, I’m scared of firecrackers. It’s like an automatic thing, I’m like paranoid I’ll catch on fire or something D:!

    Have a good night :)!

  3. I’m sorry for your grandpa’s death, your family will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers.
    You are lucky though that you got to see him, my mum’s family live in another country, and they’ve had some unexpected incidents and my mum couldn’t even see my family without planning a trip 6 months away.
    All the best to your family <3

  4. awww..sorry to hear about your grandpap :( hmmm.. will surely pray for his fast recovery. ;) really? during my summer days, I did a LOT of things. Summer always seem to be the most productive season of the year for me. :) Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy your summer and be productive as you can before your summer ends! :3

    P.S. you might wanna join my mini giveaway sis! :)

  5. Sorry for the really late reply. I had finals, and then went to mexico and summer. But I am back, well for now lol I haven’t really had many desires to write post either….

    I am really sorry about your grandpa. I remember reading your other post. I believe that he is in a better place, not suffering. Suffering (I believe) is the worst. I’ll pray for you and your family and hope that they all are okay. Just stay strong and remember that life keeps going no matter what happens :D

    Also have a very happy 4th of July :D

  6. I’m sorry about your grandpa. I remember what you wrote, but remember that the pain is gone now and he is in the better place. =) If I were religious I’d keep you and your family in my prayers but I’ll just say that don’t lose hope! Hope is like … my religion in a way.

    I hope you had a better 4th than I did … I guess nothing bad happened but being forced to attend social gatherings has become sort of like a torture for me.

    =/ that’s not a good change at all. Jason didn’t turn into that kind of person … he is willing to hang out with me still, but it’s just, annoying. However many people aren’t even in college and think they’re too cool to hang out with their younger sisters. Hmmmph.

  7. Awww Becca, I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandpap! That is extremely sad!

    Just remember he’s in a better place now. You may not be crying right now, but you will be sooner or later. You’re in shock. But I’ll be praying for you guys!!!

    Getting out and about is always a great way to let off some anger or depression issues. Ya know what I mean? Yesterday I went to Walmart did my OWN shopping, and my dad believe it or not was actually happy with that. I got some stuff for my cell, my earphones for my ipod and and my lunches and it was all under 90.00 :D . I made a joke with the cash register and she took it seriously. I told her I’m just messing with you and she’s all “*sighs in relief* I was hoping you are!” and than for my payback I couldn’t find my Debit card right away, so I was like oh no I can’t find it “She’s like shhh, don’t say that now!!!” lmao….I finally found it it had gone all the way inside of one of the pockets. So I guess I got paid back for what I said. But than once I saw how much it was and I ended the convo with “Okay I guess I don’t have to kill ya now” lmao. We lol’ed and the other customers waiting in line were kinda laughing too. It was just funny.

    But yeah, the idiot finally took the hint and never showed up for work >D I’m evil. I did feel kinda bad though later that day after I had told on him, like it was my fault, but it surely wasn’t. But yeah. Anyway, I’ll talk to you later!

  8. I am really sorry to hear of your death.
    When my granddad died it was really sad for me aswell so I do know how you feel. I will keep praying for your family! I am really sorry this happened. Sometimes when these things happen, I think to myself: Grief just makes things go slower and makes you move on slower but in the end, It will pass on and you will generally forget about it. I really can’t forget about mine because there have been too many issues over my granddads death and it is just sometimes (for me atleast) a popular topic to talk about! It frustrates be sometimes! I just wanted to ask you, On wordpress… How did you get those smileys above the comment box? I thought that was very nifty (:

  9. It’s like a patriotic thing to have or attend a BBQ for Independence day! I am scared that one false move, the grass will get on fire due to the sparks of the firework :X! It’s these little paranoia things that makes me.. Iffy. Apparently, this year.. There’s a lot of “explosions” going on. This “explosion” is some home made fireworks that people make. And when it goes off, seriously it’s louder than 89479214897 of the sky fireworks put together! It sounds more like a terrorist attack than anything else -___-!

    Ahh! BBQ leftovers! Everyone has BBQ leftovers no matter what! At least you’ll know what you have for the next few days XD!

    Take care ;D!

  10. Even if your expecting someone to die its still really sad when they do. So I’m wishing the best to you and your family. It sounds kinda nice that you and your family got to spend some time together though for the 4th ( or was it actually the 5th?). I think being around kin is helpful for when you are sad.

  11. In reply to your comment so random people won’t think I look like I’m writing stuff unrelated to your blog:

    You know what I don’t understand at this point? Everyone who reads my blog is agree with my point – exactly the same as what you wrote. However everyone offline is the complete opposite! I haven’t met anyone other than my boyfriend who’s willing to try to fit in. Wow.

    Hahaha I guess my mom is the typical Asian parent. She is a hypocrite though, she acts on her Asian morals yet try to pretend she’s Caucasian.

    That’s good you’re thinking about it that way. =) Don’t be too sad here’s a virtual hug if I haven’t given you one. *hug*

  12. I know right! Exept, I don’t ever think it is going to stop. Its war forever (…I guess!) Thank you so much! You are such a big help! I will add you to my credits :love: I hope you are feeling better!

  13. I have tagged you! :3 See my latest blog post for details! If you don’t want to do it, just let me know and I will tag someone else!

  14. Awww, I’m so sorry for your loss. The little things are always what’s missed the most, the little quirks that made the person who they are. Best wishes to you and your family. <3

    I agree, it's really rude when people ask common sense questions like, "Do you have emotions?" *just* to ask the question. It's like indirectly belittling a person because they're shy. /Sigh

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