Road Trip!

This weekend my older sister graduated from college. She went to Grace College in Indiana, so it was a six-and-a-half hour drive from where we live in Missouri. I find a lot of people really don’t like long car rides, and I concede that I get a bit stiff and just want to move around some, but other than that, I love road trips. I think it might be due to the fact that I’ve been on them so much as a kid.

Most of my dad’s side of the family lives in Pennsylvania, but we also have some family in Indiana as well. So, every Christmas we go up to my grandparents in Pennsylvania, which is a twelve hour drive, and then every Easter we go to my aunt’s in Indiana, a six hour drive. Oh, and I can’t forget that most years we vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida, which is an eighteen hour drive. It’s hard to forget being cooped up in a van for eighteen hours with people I already spend too much time with at home. It’s fun, really (/sarcasm). Needless to say, I just kind of get used it to, and I guess just learned to enjoy it.

Speaking of my grandparents, we’re headed up there in two weeks to visit my grandpap. I don’t think I’ve talked about him much in this blog, but I did a lot on my other site. He has Alzheimer’s and has had it for about four years now. In the beginning stages, it wasn’t bad, he just would forget to take his medicine, or forgot that he already went to the store and got milk, but it quickly became much, much worse.

The last time we visited in August, he didn’t know our names. We think he knew we were familiar, but he kept calling my mom and dad my other aunt and uncle. Then he was in a nursing home, which was best for him, but my grandma is pretty stubborn, and somehow got him to come back home. He doesn’t do much but sleep. Someone comes once a week to bathe him, but sometimes he forgets even where he is supposed to go to the bathroom.

He’s become very mean and vile, and says stuff that he’d be mortified if he said four years ago. He’s just slowly deteriorating and we really don’t know how much longer he’ll last. :/ I was never super close with my grandpap, mostly because of the distance barrier, but I still love him and have lots of great memories with him. I am going to miss him when he does go. :(

I think I wandered off topic. We went up to see my sister graduate from college, and it was as fun as graduations can be (as in, not at all). She graduated with a degree in Business and Marketing, and is more than happy to be done with school. If only I was done. Only five more years…

Andrew let me borrow his iPod Touch thankfully though, so I was able to entertain myself somewhat while I was there. I was also able to use it to get on my website and return some comments, though I kept making typos since I wasn’t used to the touch screen. :P

Tabor, my dog, stayed with my aunt Jan (I have a ton of aunts, don’t I?), and was a right baby like he usually is. The first night he just stayed in one spot and shook, and pooped. He slept with my aunt that night though, and I think that calmed him down. When we got home today, he would not calm down. He was hopping all over the car, and I have a million little scratches on my feet now from his talons claws. Little brat. But I missed him. :love:

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  1. Congrats to your sister for graduating.

    I’ve never travelled by car for more than 5hrs. England isn’t that big. I’ve only travelled by plane for longer than 6hrs. I’ve travelled 12hrs by plane to Hong Kong, that is a horrible long trip. I can’t imagine doing that by car because there won’t be any entertainment system, but I guess you can stop whenever to take a walk and have some food.

  2. Congratulations to your sister! I live in Indiana, but I don’t know where Grace College is.

    I actually like long car rides… as long as I’m not like crowded, I’ve gotta have my space so I can stay at least a little comfortable. I also have to have a book and my iPod. :P

    Sorry to hear about your grandpa. My grandma had early stages of Alzheimer’s, but she passed away before it got real bad. It would have been so weird for her to not know me.

  3. Yup it’s great to be back. Yeah the reason why I wasn’t updating it as much was because we had no internet connection. Our service turned it off because we couldn’t make the payment. But now I’m back. And I’m definitely going to renew the domain+hosting. Not sure how much it’s going to be, but I am going to renew it though. Oh my you were telling me about your Grandpap. I’m so sorry to hear that. Well; if it’s his time to go, look for the little signs that he does. Like if he puts his life insurance papers out or something. My Grandma did that right before she passed away. It was harder on me, because I had found her on June 13th 2010. (Saturday Night). And I was so confused when my dad said she was gone. I literally threw myself on top of her, and cried for her to come back and said “God I hate you, God please bring her back”. It was horrifying. I knew my dad was trying to be strong, and he couldn’t calm me down. You’ll probably be in shock like I was when he goes. I mean I was extremely close to my Grandma. But yeah. It was hard. Her favorite passage in the bible is Psalm 23. But remember they’re not really dead we just can’t see their bodies, it’s just they’ve moved on. So when he moves on just remember the good times. :). I know it’s a touchy subject. But when that time comes I’ll be here for ya. And I’ve been on road trips before to Nevada. Very boring cause I was with my mom’s family, and I got told I couldn’t sing worth squat. How mean is that? I was a teenager. I’m not a perfect singer, but I got told that by my older sister (different dads same mom). Oh well.

  4. Thanks for your wonderful comments Becca! I’m sorry but for some reason I guess my akismet is putting your link on my comments page as cause I have it set to log their urls and what not lol. It should be set to this one not your old site.

    Yah I know how you feel. I’m kinda wanting another domain for a photoblog as well. But I’m not really sure. Maybe in 2012 we’ll see how well; things are going with money wise and I might get another domain or something. Not really sure though. If I don’t get any hostees, I will definitely do the photoblog thing. But I’m not sure. You could also do a sub-domain if you want? That way you won’t be paying for two domains. Hell; I might even do that! I’m not sure yet. Anyway, I appreciate the compliments on my content. I’m not done adding stuff to it no way. Nowhere near done. But who knows maybe one day I won’t be. I’m honestly thinking I might get rid of the hosting but I’m not really sure. I might just keep it in tact just in case I change my mind ya know? But i dunno right now.

    Oh wow I’m sorry about your Grandpap. Yeah it’ll be hard either way, you go about this situation. But just to let you know, it’s not your fault. It’s God’s will of doing things. He knows when it’s someone’s time to go. I’m part psychic so I know for a sure thing when something happens to me, I tell God “God, I know you’re listening, and I know you know it’s NOT my time to go yet. You have other stuff in mind for me, and please get me through this.” And he listens. It’s almost like a prayer in fact I guess that’s what it is. All you can do is pray. But yeah. It’s gonna be hard no matter what. My sister Olivia, was close but not as close as I was with our Grandma cause I had lived with her, and she didn’t, but even that it was still hard on Olivia, because it was her first time witnessing someone dying (she didn’t find her I did but still get what I mean?). But in the series LOST Jack Shepard’s, dad says we’re not just gone. We move on in life. Our bodies may not be here on Earth anymore, but our spirits and souls will be, those of whom who love us. And that is absolutely true! But yeah. Enough of this subject I’m gonna cry! If I read he has passed away, I’m probably gonna cry. In fact I know I will.

    Anyway, yeah I should of told to suck it up. Yeah I’m no professional singer and I know I can’t really sing all that well; either. In fact when I’m put on the spot when someone asks me to sing for them, I get all clammy and nervous and tell them I can’t sing. Our friend at this restaurant “Marla’s”, asked me to do that, and I said I can’t sing, and she’s like well; just talk it. I said if I talk it I’ll start singing it lol. She’s like okay okay. lol. But yeah, when I’m on the spot I get super duper nervous and have some sort of hyper attack. I did when I had to do my first solo piece in Choir in high school. I was clutching my fists and my friend Bryan, saw that and he went in my bag and got my cassette tape out for me, and handed it to me. I started opening and shutting it fast. Everyone saw. I didn’t care. People were asking if I was okay but I was just shaking and couldn’t answer, Bryan luckily just told them leave her a lone she’ll be fine. Which was good of him. He’s always stood up for me in high school. After high school we kinda drifted apart but I don’t know why. Anyway, yeah sorry for the long intro lol. But I had to say it. Well; girlie, we crooners that can’t sing, we know we better not try out for American Idol cause we’ll get told differently lol. We can always argue back, that would be fun, but not worth it ya know? lol. Anywho, take it easy and have fun at school!

  5. i’m so sorry to hear about your grandpa!! i think it’s so sad to watch people you’ve once looked up to die away. they were once so strong, but then the strenght is suddenly gone, and it’s a big comparison to what they once used to be, so unlike them.

    i’m glad for your sister though!! :D

    yeah i think the once in my blog are my favourites, but “the man who can’t be moved” is also one of my favourites :D how can you not favourite all of their songs, haha!

  6. Yay! Congrats on your sister graduating! I envy people that are already done and look at myself; I still have about another 6-7 years of college left. Egad. If we all die in 2012, my entire life was wasted on school. Isn’t that sad?

    I don’t like long car drives. I like road trips and looking at sceneries but my mind works differently. When on long car drives I think: “It must suck for the driver to have to pay attention on the road for __ hours at a time,” “I wonder how much money this is going to cost for gas?” I like plane rides though. I grew up on planes, really. Ever since I was 6, I’ve been riding planes at least twice a year by myself.

    That sucks about your grandpa. I’ve actually never met anyone with Alzheimer’s but it does sound like it would be difficult to cope with. I can’t imagine visiting someone and they don’t remember me anymore. I don’t think they ever forget about you because you’re on their mind; I think it just comes out differently when they meet you? Kind of like short term memory loss but you’re still there; they just don’t realize it.

  7. Ya, I get what you mean. You’re not really wishing for your Grandpap to die, you’re just wanting him to be out of his suffering. So I totally get that concept. I wanted to do the same with my first pet Po. I wanted to have her be put to sleep to end her misery, but my dad said let nature take it’s course. Now THAT was very hard. She was my first pet. We grew up together. So naturally it was hard.

    You’re very welcome. Yeah, I also dreamed to be on stage until I got stage freight. I know I’m not that great of a singer, but I sing just for the hell of it. My voice is starting to sound a bit better though. But still would never try out for American Idol. No way, not even now since Simon’s gone. The only way I would try out for it is to get to meet Steven Tyler (man that man is scrumptious!!!). It’s actually pretty good, but that show is pretty much rigged. They actually kick off the people who does have talent and keep on those who do not have talent. Like Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry. Chris Daughtry, got kicked off and I was NOT happy. I wasn’t even happy when Diana Degarmo did not win. Everyone was routing for Fantasia only because she grew up poor and was a single mother. Big deal, lots of people are that way. It’s nothing new. And I’m not being judgmental here or anything, but Diana’s voice is 20 times better than Fantasia’s, but of course Simon didn’t like the fact that she was young and in high school. Diana hit a note higher than Celine Dion did on the song “Because You Loved Me”, and I actually cried when I heard that. I said I’m voting her no matter what. I did. She made it to the final round, and when they announced that Fantasia had won, I was like f*ck this *turns off t.v. mad*. Ever since that I kinda stopped watching it but only for the auditions cause those are what makes the show. The rest is just crap trying to be original singers ripping off other singers songs. Big deal. Now what really pissed me off was the fact that Adam Lambert is openly gay, and he lost to Kris Allen (who can’t really sing and yes I do have his cd too, but still don’t like him) because of the fact that he’s gay. That show is totally rigged! I’m telling you. And now this season is much worse! Sheesh, seriously. They kicked off Chris Medina, the guy who had the disabled fiancee. And he was the better singer than any of them, and now they kicked off Casey Abrams or something like that. (I think?). But anyway, yeah that show is totally rigged. It’s not fair. Really. I honestly wanted the blonde hair girl that song “I don’t wanna miss a thing” now SHE can sing. I hope she’s still on? But I’m not sure cause I quit watching it.

    But yeah. I only watch the auditions. And that’s it. Yeah I hear ya on the articles, everyone and their brother has the same ones just revised a bit. It’s not even funny.

    As for your question. I can host ya if you want? I don’t mind. I’m just thinking I’m only going to be doing invitation hosting only. So yeah. Cause I to want to do a project 365 (photoblog). Which I still need to figure out what to do for a layout, and if I get a camera than or not as well. I’m hoping next month, I will. But we’ll see cause next month is Father’s day too. But my dad knows I’m taking him out to Clearman’s Northwood Inn (it’s a fancy restaurant that looks like a cabin with snow on it). But we haven’t been there in so long and I’m dying for their salad! lol. But yeah. I think that’s all I’m gonna eat down there is their salad, and cheese bread. My dad can have whatever he wants. The salad literally fills you up anyway lol. So yeah. Plus it’s healthy. :D.

  8. Congratulations to your sister for graduating from college (:! Road trips are awesome! As long as it happens like a couple of times a year :P. And as long as you know what to do at the time :P.

    Wow :X! That is a hefty amount of road trips going on right there! I can’t believe your family is that extreme with visiting each other! :D! For me.. Most of the family members living in the US lives in Southern California :P. It’s all a cool thing :P.

    I hate it when family members get diseases. Especially Alzheimer’s. It hurts at times about what people with it would say or do. But it is bound to happen and we just have to deal with it. :/. I hope he can recover somehow and get better :)! I’m sure he will- just believe and hope! :D!

    Congratulations again to your sister for graduating :D! I wish her the best of success into her life and career! :D! Family pictures are dearing in the future (:!

    Oh my god. I just flinched a little bit when I saw the prices you mentioned for classes X:! It’s so much money! But the classes better be worth it :D!

    iTunes can be weird sometimes. For some reason, my iTunes reset itself – making me having to transfer songs over to iTunes all over again. Deleting the play counts of the songs :C! It is.. HORRIBLE! D:

    I hope you`ll take care ;D

  9. Schooling on the east sounds like a refreshing change for us west coasters though. Congrats to your sister!

  10. Aww it is so great to graduate and say I finished. I’m glad to hear sister graduated. I kinda wish I was done but and I’m thinking of 8 years of University not just four.
    Alzheimer’s sounds tough. I hope you aren’t to down. :)
    My cat is like that but he doesn’t usually stay with anyone. He is by himself and he doesn’t calm down for a day or two when we get back.

  11. I’m so sorry to hear about the condition of your grandfather. One of my biggest fears is getting Alzheimer’s some day. It terrifies me to lose the memories of the people I love the most. :-/

    Haha graduation is always boring. You’re lucky you had that ipod. For my graduation, I played tic-tac-toe with the person next to me for like 2 hours haha.

  12. I LOVE roadtrips … BEST things ever. I sat in a car for 20 hours once … Yep, I love road trips.

    If you can try and remember your grandfather as he was, as you know this is not him now. I had to do that with both my grandmothers … It’s hard but you’ll be ok in your own time, not before :love:

    New site is :-)

  13. Alzheimer’s is a horrible horrible disease!! my Nan had it too and she passed away last year. I spent the last week of her life with her, next to her bed. I slept there, showered there, ate there. My Mum, sister and I. It was actually really beautiful and peaceful. I am so sorry that he has this but even when he doesn’t remember your name I am sure that he remembers YOU. In those last days I would sing to my Nan – it was something we always did together. We would just sing all the time. One particular time I was singing a song we would always sing when washing up and a tear rolled down her face – she had lost all function, all speech yet she remembered. I know she did. Hang in there and savour every moment!!

  14. Lucky you! I want to be unstoppable from these verbal hate attacks! XD! I just.. Usually feel insecure when I’m eating in front of people who aren’t eating. It’s because.. People would just look and be hatin sometimes. Bleh. I love being a fatty :P. But yeah ‘~’.

    Thank you :D! Before, I just stack on some layer properties and I’m done. No edits, nothing. Now, It’s like technical! But my works now still seem simple /:

    Your parents are very awesome people– in the future, it’s worth it. Because in the future, it’s up to you to.. Almost do the same. It sucks having family being in different countries -___-. We just keep in contact via Skype/Yahoo Messenger. LOL!

    Wow! He is lucky for living for 90 years and counting! A lot of people don’t get it that far ‘~’. But counting as that, you have to prepare yourself! :)!

    Take care ;D

  15. Congratulations to your sister! That must be so exciting. :D That is a really, really long drive. That’s good you enjoy them, though! I find that, although I hate long car rides, I end up getting a lot of work done– or I catch up on sleep and read books. :)

    Yeah, I have family scattered all across the states, too. Family reunions are always so chaotic, and privacy stops existing altogether. That’s partly because all the cousins are so young, but still. :/

    Oh my gosh; I have the exact same experience. My grandfather has Parkinson’s Disease; he’s had it ever since I was a small kid. The sad thing is, he used to be a genius; he had his Ph.D in medicine, and my parents always tell me stories of how brilliant he was at solving problems and how well he spoke. But I’ll never know him that way; my earliest memory of him is my mom encouraging me to talk to him about his disease. Now, he shakes when he walks, he can’t remember things, he can’t form words as well as he used to, and… for some reason he thinks that basketball is a game with secret underground traps and big ping pong paddles. … Yeah. It’s so sad.

    Wow; Business and Marketing! That is a really great thing for women to be going into right now. Best of luck to your sister as she starts her working life! :)

    Yeah, I have forever till I get out of school. Three more years of high school, four of college, and then I plan to go on to graduate school to (I think) get my Ph.D. in biology. Which means I might be in school til I’m thirty. Holy. Scrap.

    I have an IPod Touch too! Technology is so cool these days. But my sister keeps wasting all of our money (we share an account) on really stupid apps. xD

    Aw, your dog sounds adorable. :D

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