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Although many have called it an old-fashioned tradition, and most weddings I attend anymore don’t have them, Andrew and I wanted to make sure we had a receiving line. We wanted to thank each individual guest for being there to support us and just show them how much we appreciated having them there with us. We had many elderly couples that were coming to the ceremony and couldn’t make it to the reception. The reception is already so full of events that there usually isn’t time to greet everyone.

402b+a Instead of having ushers dismiss by aisle, Andrew and I went in ourselves and greeted everyone at their row. All of our guests could remain seated until it was their turn and they wouldn’t have to stand in a line all bunched together. I was still overwhelmed by all of the people that came to celebrate with us!

202b+a After we had greeted all of our guests, we finished up the formal family pictures and bridal party pictures. It was a little chaotic because we kept losing family members and groomsmen and then a sister, haha – but we finished in good time. We picked a park near the ballroom to take the rest of the bridal party pictures. We carpooled there (have you seen the price of renting a limo??) and managed to mostly (we lost a few people on the way, haha) get there all at the same time.


I was a bit disappointed in the weather that morning. It was cloudy, kind of dreary, super humid which was wreaking havoc upon my hair. I was hoping for sunshine and rainbows, but I was happy that it at least wasn’t raining, because I was absolutely terrified that it would rain and we wouldn’t be able to do outdoor pictures! So thank you, Lord, for holding off the rain! Plus, the lighting in the pictures was perfect, so I really have nothing to complain about!

Since it was muggy. there were lots of bugs out. Normally that would not have been a big deal, but the netting on my dress acted like a bug net. Eek! It was so disgusting – all of these flies, gnats, and Lord know what else trapped in my dress. We found a cricket at one point and though we laughed and laughed, I was so happy when my sister picked it out! Thankfully, none of the bugs could be seen in the pictures. :)


Our photographer picked a secluded area of the park with lots of trees and an open area. We started with the whole bridal party and then did individual pictures with each of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. We opted to do funny poses, which turned out hilarious!

After we finished up with pictures, my sister and Andrew had to take each layer of my dress and shake out all of the flies and gnats. I couldn’t stop laughing as we swatted and shook out the tulle and netting. I almost wish the photographer would have gotten a picture of that because it was such a bizarre moment. I never imagined after spending so much money on my dress I would be picking bugs out of it! It still is cracking me up as I write this post.

I was a little nervous about how the pictures at the park would turn out. I don’t consider myself photogenic and I feel like I do the most awkward poses, hand gestures, etc. in pictures, but oh my word. I loved every single picture. My mother and I gushed over them when we got them back a few weeks later, oohing and aaahing over them all! I really can’t pick favorites from the park because there are just so many. But here are a few of them, including the silly ones. :)

This is the fourth post in a series about my wedding. You can also read about the morning of my wedding and the ceremony. :)

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  1. I’m glad that you’ll have memories from this day and onward. The photos are lovely btw, and you’re right. Communication is key and asking for help is needed, though not really my strong suit, but to make anything work, you gotta do it sometimes. Beautiful new layout! ^^

    You and Andrew look so overjoyed and possibly exhausted from the long day. It won’t be something you forget anytime soon, and I’m happy about that.

    1. Yes to overjoyed, and yes to exhausted! Haha, I don’t think we were too tired at this point, but we were starting to feel it and we hadn’t even gotten to the reception yet! It’s definitely something we won’t forget, and these pictures will definitely help!

  2. Congratulations to the both of you! I know you guys had an amazing day and I’m sure those memories would be for keeps. I wish you a great journey ahead. :>

  3. That is really lovely that you thanked all of your guests for coming. It’s especially lovely for the older friends and family, because of past tradition and not making them have to stand. :)

    Wow, that would have been so bizaar with all the bugs in the dress. Certainly not something that you would expect at all, I am glad that you can laugh about it though!

    The photos are so beautiful and it’s so cool that many of the are humerus as well, because the seem to capture so much personality! You looked so magical. :’)

  4. Many congratulations on your marriage! I wish you all the best in the future!

    Are your bridesmaids wearing Two Birds dresses? They look very similar to the ones we had for my cousin’s wedding. I adore this colour though!

    These photos are really fun. I’m sure they will be great reminders of an amazing day.

    1. Thanks Holly! I had to look up what Two Birds dresses were because I’ve never heard of that name, but they are basically the same thing! I purchased mine from Etsy, and the seller called it an “Infinity Dress.” They were awesome because they were really light and flattering on anyone depending how you wrap it. Plus, they only cost about a third of what typical bridesmaid dresses do.

  5. Oh, the photos are lovely, Becca! Seeing these photos of your happy day is making me feel happy! You all look gorgeous in those dresses and handsome in those suits!

    Also, kudos to you for doing that old-fashion tradition of receiving your guests! That’s such a respectful gesture. I’m sure all your guests were impressed by that, even if it’s something some may consider it a little thing!

    Thanks for posting the photos, Becca! They are awesome!

    1. Thanks, Tara!! I feel that if people take time out of their busy lives to spend a day with us (and get us a gift!), the least we can do is greet everyone and say thank you for it.

  6. I loved how all the photos came out. They turned out beautiful! Your dress is also beautiful. I still can’t believe that you are now Mrs. Smith. Is it weird to say yet? Or have you’ve gotten used to it?

    Thank you for re-living your beautiful wedding with the rest of us. It feels like I was there in person (even though I was just there in spirit). I’m glad that we have known each other this long, remember when we first met I was dating an Andrew? We used to laugh at that. I can’t believe how many years you guys have been together, and now you’re married.

    1. Thank you, Jamie! It actually doesn’t feel too weird with my new name. The first week of school was a bit odd because I thought I was in the wrong class when they skipped me but they just hadn’t gotten to me yet! Haha

      I know, right? We thought that was the funniest thing. It’s hard to believe we’ve been together so long, but so have you and Tristan now!

  7. I liked your idea of greeting each row! That’s a great way to give attention to each guest :)

    Your photos came out beautiful, and you guys look great in them! I also love your bridesmaids’ dresses and the flowers you chose for the bouquets. It feels very summer-like :D That’s too bad about the humidity and bugs, but that’s actually nice that it was cloudy. Cloudy days give soft lighting and are a photographer’s best friend! I love that you guys have so many fun photos!

  8. I just finished all your previous posts and I am honestly crying with tears of joy because your wedding looked so beautiful! The photos are gorgeous and you look AMAZING in your dress. I love the idea of greeting all your guests – makes so much more personal.

    I’m glad the weather held up for you, despite it being muggy. I went to a wedding in May in Maryland and the amount of bugs I encountered was ridiculous! I’m not used to that many bugs, coming from the UK, so it honestly freaked me out. Haha.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to read the rest of your series!

  9. Wow! Just… wow! I’ve been reading through your posts of your wedding and it’s amazing! Everything looks so nice and wonderful! It sounds like it was a fantastic day! :)

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