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Making the St. Louis house our home

During graduation weekend, all of our family and friends helped us pack up the trailer and on Monday morning, our little Smith caravan drove the two-hundred-something miles from Kansas City to St. Louis.

My dad drove the truck that pulled the trailer as I was not comfortable driving it, and Andrew is a terrible driver. XD Thankfully everyone made the drive just fine, though it was really rainy and gross out. We were able to back the trailer into the garage and unload all our boxes and furniture, that way we could figure out where we wanted everything later.

We moved in to Andrew’s childhood home. His mother moved out when she remarried, so she is letting us have the house for reduced rent, so we can save and pay off our loans. We won’t be here forever, but I expect we will be living here for the next three or four years – enough time to save up a good amount and to look for a house of our own.

Moving in was a bit hectic. There was a lot of stuff still in the house that we had to go through and a lot of the rooms really needed repainting. The kitchen is a dark green, the master bedroom yellow, one of the guest bedrooms is bright red, and the other is also dark green. That’s a lot of colors. :O That’s a little too much color for me, haha. So we picked out a more neutral color – I don’t remember the specific name of it, but it was a light grey with a little tan in it.

My mom and dad came over to help us paint two of the bedrooms yesterday, and they turned out great! I’ll be excited when we finish touching up the rooms and finish the kitchen because then we can truly unpack everything and clean up. It will be nice to be all settled and unpacked!

Besides unpacking and cleaning and painting, we’ve been relaxing a lot. The move and graduation weekend was all a bit stressful, so I’m giving myself the rest of May to relax. Once June starts though, I’m going to get to work applying for jobs.

Until then, I am going to relax in our new home. :)

Rebecca Smith, B.B.A.

Friday afternoon, I graduated with my Bachelor of Business Administration. :D

I wasn’t all too excited about the actual ceremony; if anything it was stressing me out. Both Andrew and I’s family arrived in Kansas City around 1:00pm and the ceremony was at 4:00pm. In total, there were 13 of us, which was a lot of people to be crammed into our little apartment!

I arrived at school about an hour before the ceremony for the robing and to get in line. It was really disorganized, so I ended up just standing for pretty much the whole hour. I found quite a few classmates that I knew, so the time passed pretty quickly as we talked. My feet were killing me, though. I had bought a new pair of heeled booties for the ceremony, but after standing in them for so long, I was ready to take them off!

I tried to spot my family during the processional, but there were so many people that I didn’t manage to find them right away. I didn’t spot them until I was actually lining up to walk across the stage and I spotted my mom and gave her a little wave.

I felt a little special because I had received Latin Honors, so when they called my name, they also announced Summa Cum Laude, meaning “with highest distinction.” I got a special medal to wear with my gown for the Latin honor. It varies from school to school, but for the business school I was within, Summa Cum Laude is anyone with a 3.85+ GPA. My final GPA ended up being a 3.93 so I was really proud of myself for almost achieving straight As. ;)

My Graduation

After the ceremony, we met away from the crowd by the library to take some pictures. As I’m looking through them, the heeled booties were worth the pain because they are so cute. :<

We ordered from our favorite Kansas City BBQ restaurant, Oklahoma Joe’s, afterwards for dinner. There were 13 of us altogether, so just called it in and picked it up. On a normal Friday night, the line can be an hour and a half long so I knew it wouldn’t be practical to eat at the restaurant. It was just as good. :D

On Saturday, Andrew had his Spanish graduation where he graduated with his Bachelor of Art in Spanish. I brought my phone to read a bit while guest speakers spoke or they called everyone else’s name. ;)

Then on Sunday, Andrew graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing. At this one, they announced both of his degrees while he crossed the stage. I had teased earlier that he could wear my medal since he didn’t receive a Latin honor, so I was cracking up when I saw him wearing it. What’s mine is his, eh? ;)

Andrew Spanish Graduation

I was honestly more excited about Andrew’s graduations than I was my own. I’m proud that I’ve graduated and that I did so well in my classes, but words truly can’t express how proud of Andrew I am. In the same amount of time I graduated with my one degree, he graduated with two – and most weeks he worked more than forty hours at his job. I don’t know how he managed to do all of that, plus make time for us, and still graduate with a 3.5 GPA.

I’m just a super proud wife, and so grateful that I get to stand by his side and celebrate his accomplishments with him. :heart: