Making the St. Louis house our home

During graduation weekend, all of our family and friends helped us pack up the trailer and on Monday morning, our little Smith caravan drove the two-hundred-something miles from Kansas City to St. Louis.

My dad drove the truck that pulled the trailer as I was not comfortable driving it, and Andrew is a terrible driver. XD Thankfully everyone made the drive just fine, though it was really rainy and gross out. We were able to back the trailer into the garage and unload all our boxes and furniture, that way we could figure out where we wanted everything later.

We moved in to Andrew’s childhood home. His mother moved out when she remarried, so she is letting us have the house for reduced rent, so we can save and pay off our loans. We won’t be here forever, but I expect we will be living here for the next three or four years – enough time to save up a good amount and to look for a house of our own.

Moving in was a bit hectic. There was a lot of stuff still in the house that we had to go through and a lot of the rooms really needed repainting. The kitchen is a dark green, the master bedroom yellow, one of the guest bedrooms is bright red, and the other is also dark green. That’s a lot of colors. :O That’s a little too much color for me, haha. So we picked out a more neutral color – I don’t remember the specific name of it, but it was a light grey with a little tan in it.

My mom and dad came over to help us paint two of the bedrooms yesterday, and they turned out great! I’ll be excited when we finish touching up the rooms and finish the kitchen because then we can truly unpack everything and clean up. It will be nice to be all settled and unpacked!

Besides unpacking and cleaning and painting, we’ve been relaxing a lot. The move and graduation weekend was all a bit stressful, so I’m giving myself the rest of May to relax. Once June starts though, I’m going to get to work applying for jobs.

Until then, I am going to relax in our new home. :)

10 thoughts on “Making the St. Louis house our home”

  1. I’m glad to hear that everyone had a safe trip back! Hurray to you and Andrew for getting a place for a reduced rent! It sounds like you have a nice solid long-term plan!

    Definitely get some rest, you deserve it with all of the husting you’ve done!

  2. Ahh thats exciting!! That was nice of Andrew’s mom to not sell the house and let y’all move there!! I’m guessing y’all planned this for a while now! You should post pictures of your bedroom!

    1. I’m thinking about it once it’s all finished! We finished up most of the painting, but now we need to buy some curtains and do some decorating. Step by step :)

  3. Does sound like a stressful time! RELAX! XD

    But sounds like stuff is going pretty well! Good luck on finding a job!

  4. That’s nice that you were able to move into Andrew’s childhood home and with reduced rent! That definitely helps in saving money. I’m amazed at all the colors they had painted though. A light grey is a good idea. I love using greys since they’re neutral and are easy to spruce up with pretty much any color.

    Good luck getting everything unpacked! I’m glad you’ve had some time to relax with all of that going on :)

  5. I’m happy for you. It’s great you can make the house as you like it and pay a smaller rent. Pretty soon you should have your own place. xx

  6. That’s great you guys get to live in Andrew’s childhood home for reduced rent. It’s great because that saving will definitely help you guys pay off your loans :)

    Light grey and tan sounds like a good colour combination. Neutral colours are definitely better for decorating in the long run.

    Enjoy your new temporary home. And good luck with the job hunt!

  7. Firstly, a belated congratulations on your graduation :)
    I’m glad everyone made the move back safely, and good luck with getting everything sorted and decorated while you settle in. I hate moving – I hate the unpacking and deciding where everything’s going to go.. Hope you feel settled and more like it’s home soon – and good luck with the job hunt

  8. What a great living situation :) It’s very nice of Andrew’s mum to let you move in. I personally wouldn’t want to live in my childhood home because the neighbourhood is terrible and it’s far from the city… I would probably demolish our house haha. And I don’t see my parents moving out of there any time soon. I can imagine it must still have been hard for you to make the move. I’m sure in time you will be able to save money for your own home, but in the meantime make this hours yours, too :)

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