Simple and Sweet, You Make my Life Complete

I had to work on Valentine’s day this year, so me and Andrew celebrated on Thursday instead. There’s this amazing barbeque joint called Oklahoma Joe’s about ten minutes from us that is built into an old gas station. Every time we go, it is always so busy; there’s a line almost to the door. Last year we had gone there for lunch on Valentine’s day and it wasn’t busy at all. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be too busy for dinner but it still was. :P It didn’t take too long for us to order and get our food though. I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and Andrew got their “Z-Man” which has brisket, cheese, and onion rings on it. Their fries are to die for – they’re probably my favorite fries ever, and they give you this huge bag of them.

It was all very delicious.

I wanted to keep it simple this year. Okay Joe’s (what we call it for short) is pretty inexpensive but it’s something that we both really enjoy. I didn’t want Andrew to get me anything because he is always spending money on me and I just wanted him to pay for dinner and that would be his gift. He grudgingly agreed. He had already gotten me a gift as a joke before we had decided this, so he gave me that anyways. He warned me before I opened it that I wouldn’t like it and it was just to be funny, so I was wary as I took it out of the package.

It was Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James. -_- My last name is Gray, so he thought that would be hilarious, and apparently my reaction was worth it. l flipped open to a random page and started reading and couldn’t keep from laughing. I flipped to another to do the same thing and Andrew about fell off the bed at the face I made.

He’s such a little turd.

Andrew loves the show Adventure Time, so I bought him these custom made Adventure Time shot glasses off of eBay and he really liked them. We don’t drink often but when we did, it was always straight from the bottle or in plastic cups, so I thought they would have dual purpose. I was very proud of my gift for him because he is so difficult to shop for!

After we had dinner, we rented two movies, Wolverine and Runner Runner. We got about three-fourths of the way through Wolverine before we both fell asleep. Andrew had already seen it but I was exhausted from that day (I had four classes) so I’m not sure how it ended, haha.

The search for a new apartment is on again. My roommate is moving back home, so my only option right now is to live with these two other girls. It’s been very frustrating. Valentine’s morning, I went to see an apartment about a ten minute drive from campus. They were beautiful apartments, were in our price range, had amazing amenities (swimming pool, tennis courts, movie theatre – I mean who has a movie theatre??), and had a unit available exactly when we were looking to move in.

We got applications and I had filled mine out. I was so excited to have found something so quick and something that was literally perfect to us and then the other girl couldn’t do it. She doesn’t have a car and it would apparently take her an hour and a half to get to campus so she wouldn’t be able to do it.

I was really disappointed. I understand she couldn’t do it, but it just makes the search extremely difficult since we pretty much can’t get an apartment more than two miles from campus. It’s been frustrating on top of school and work and I feel like I’m doing all of the work. I’m not even very excited to live with them; it’s just really my only option besides living by myself, which I can’t afford.

I keep joking with Andrew that we just need to find an apartment together. He actually wouldn’t mind, but I really want to wait until we’re married to live together. Le sigh. Sometimes I hate having morals. :(

So there we are. School and work are both killing me. I skipped church this morning so I could study for a test and here I am blogging instead. But I needed Thursday, just to spend time with Andrew which I don’t get enough. A little ray of sunshine through all the work work work.

5 thoughts on “Simple and Sweet, You Make my Life Complete”

  1. I honestly thought you were reading Fifty Shades Of Grey? I guess I confused you with someone else? And here in your post it said that you both agreed not to get anything for Valentine’s day yet you both got something for each other. That’s funny!

    Tristan and I didn’t really much celebrate it along with everyone else in the world that celebrates a commercialized holiday. We both don’t go with the trends and try to stay away from them as much as possible. I mean we both agreed that sharing our love and confessing our love for one day and celebrating it for one day when we can do it any other time is not worth it. We prove to each other that we love each other and don’t need a consumer/commercialized holiday to tell us when to confess our love to each other. Sure it’s a nice gesture and all but that’s the same with Mother’s/Father’s day. Why not celebrate them year round? That’s how I think of it anyways. So we stayed home most of the day and night (in fact — we didn’t go out at all just stayed in) to avoid the traffic and chaos. We did,however, go to the beach on Saturday (yesterday) with his Aunt and that was fun. She celebrated our birthdays and bought us a bunch of junk food. I mean I over did it with the Mcdonald’s thing and than Jack In The Box? Damn! lol.

    Anyway, I’m sorry to hear that your third room-mate can’t get to the school and back. I guess that’s the trouble with room-mates and having to depend on them for help. When I lived at the apartment, I never thought of having another room-mate as the previous ones had left a scar on me. The stuff that went on in that house and the things that were done and said just drove me up the wall. I was glad to get out.

    I don’t think there’s anything morally wrong with wanting to live with your significant other. Tristan and I are living with each other. Of course it didn’t go as planned – he wanted a stable job first before anything and I don’t blame him really, but it was to help his Grandparents out and me as well. So I moved in and have been here since. Though don’t get me wrong – we are talking about moving out but still keeping it mind and on the down low at the moment.

    RE: I completely agree with you that Facebook is a waste of time! IF you truly want to connect with someone and have their number – call or text them! It’s as if you’re having a pen pal and that’s basically all it is really anymore. To see what previous friends in your life are doing and are saying. No thanks. And the Facebook news that goes on before it hits the local news? Jeez! I don’t even need to watch the News! But whatever. aha. I’m genuinely taking a break from it this time. I don’t want Facebook to be the answer to my negativity issues. So I’m just taking a break from it and only going on when I have to post my artwork. etc.

  2. What a lovely Valentine’s celebration! I like your boyfriend’s sense of humour – my friend recommended 50 Shades to men when it first came out, and I made it through about a quarter before falling off the sofa laughing…

  3. Yum, I love BBQ :D I’m the type that doesn’t want to do anything extravagant or expensive for Valentine’s. We always cook something nice at home. I think it’s nice to keep it simple and go to a place that you both enjoy! That’s funny that he got you Fifty Shades of Grey though, haha.

    That’s disappointing that you found such a great place, but it doesn’t work out for your roommate :( At my college, apartments near campus were pretty popular, so I understand the difficulties in searching around there. I hope you’ll find something soon! Good luck!

  4. That’s too cute <3 Glad Valentine's day was good for you both. I too, didn't get much for Valentine's day but it was okay because I got most of my gifts early. I'm impatient. Lol

    I never read a full page of 50 shades but I read enough to have me scratching my head. Lol

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