Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

Andrew left Friday evening for Orlando, Florida. Him and his family are going on a Disney theme park kind of vacation; they’re going to almost all of the Disney parks and I think they’re going to be gone for a week and a couple days. It was really hard for me to say goodbye to him because when I’m in France and Italy I won’t be able to talk to him hardly at all (no phone or laptop). But, c’est la vie!

I’m leaving for my trip Wednesday morning, and I guess I haven’t realized how close it is! It’s just been creeping up on me and I am not prepared at all. I haven’t even looked at the suitcases in the basement or planned out what I’m gonna wear. Ahhh!

I think I have a valid reason for my unpreparedness, though. This weekend we finally redid my room (!!!!). On Wednesday, my mom and sister switched the furniture in our rooms while I was at school and painted my sister’s room. I came home to my room in disaster and my sister’s all nice and neat. :P

We were waiting on a comforter that I ordered from Target before we went and got the paint for my room and could actually start on it. It finally came Thursday afternoon, and I was really pleased with it, so we took the sham that it came with to Home Depot and had them match the paint. It’s kinda cool how the computer/machine makes the paint the same exact shade. Or maybe I’m just a dork. ;)

My mom woke up bright and early Saturday morning to get start on my room. I’m not a morning person, so I was not exactly chirping with happiness, but I eventually got up and we moved all my furniture out and started painting. It took us what seemed like forever, but we finished it and I lovelovelove the color. :love: We moved my furniture back in at night once the room had time to air out and dry. Today I finished putting up all my shelves (except two, which I spray painted a different color so they’re drying) and getting everything organized. So all I have left is to put my curtains and shelves up!

I am really really happy with how it all turned out. :D My old room was alright, but it was more for 13 or 14 year old me, not 17 year old me. I’ve put up some before and after pictures:



(The purple is a little bit darker than in the pictures, my camera wasn’t taking very good pictures that represented the actual color.)

What do you guys think? :)

10 thoughts on “Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away”

  1. That would be a hard thing to do to say goodbye to your best friend/boyfriend when you know you’re not going to be here when he comes back. But hey, just know that I’m sure he’ll be back to welcome you at the airport (or even surprise ya ;) ).

    I agree with you, the 13,14,15 bedroom old you is really for a 13,14,15 year old not a 17 year old. I love how you guys painted the walls and re-did your entire rooms! Just wish you could’ve had a bigger image? But I can still get the picture of what it must be like sleeping in a new room, and having it the way YOU wanted it. I only took the pink room because of the fact my Grandmother wanted this room. It’s going bye bye soon. But in a way, I kinda like it now that I have sheer curtains on the window! Haha! That was a surprise in a half as well; as them moving my furniture (except the desktop which I had done weeks prior to this). I have more room and couldn’t be happier. But the only downside is my satellite box doesn’t work at all. I know my dad has a lot on his mind right now, trying to get me better, trying to get the kitchen fixed so that his girlfriend can come live with us and get away from her daughter (long story there). But yeah, at night you can barely see in my room! We checked last night when we went to Bakers (she wanted a monterey burger), so we went by our house and looked at my room which faces a certain street (where that dipsh*t Angela lives but a little ways down) and like I said you can only see through it if you actually went up to the window and peeked in. But yeah. I’m going to get shelves as well. I so can’t wait! That’s really cool. I love how you did your shelves! Maybe I’ll do the same with mine, that Jeannine told me she has that I could put up after we re-paint my room. But yeah I love your pictures and your new room and I’m sure you do too!

    As far as the weight goes. I started losing it before Weight Watchers came into the picture (at that time I couldn’t afford it). I think I’m losing weight, because 1. I’m non-stressed, 2. I’m happy even with all these complications and 3. Everything is falling into place. And this is a great way to give my dad something he’s always wanted to get the dog fixed which I’m paying for out of my Social Security Income money. If I hadn’t given him that choice of either going to dinner or getting the dog fixed, we would’ve never gotten him fixed, but he opted to having our dog fixed which is only 113.48 no biggie. I did kinda get scolded a little bit for taking money out of the atm machine at the Cherry Festival I went to yesterday with my best friend. Because they charged 3.25 and I took money out because I wanted to save my dad a trip which I told him and he appreciated it but he said next time to just take it out of the regular one at the store. Which I will do. The good thing is though, my paypal receipts came in yesterday or the day before or something like that, and they’re in the process of getting cleared and once they do, my make up and brushes will be here (all the way from Hong Kong) :/ . Ah well. It was cheap so go figure right?

    Anyway, have any more tornado’s or anything like that happening? Let me know! Take care and congratulations on your trip to France it’s almost here! You better get a move on with your packing girlie! And another congratulations with your new room being done! :D. I’m happy for you!

  2. Oh believe me, I’m sure Andrew will be there to greet you at the gate no matter what time it is. Seeing as to how your out of school for the summer right? So I don’t think there should be a problem. But there’s always hope :).

    Yeah I’ve heard of Joplin MO. Actually I think I told you that my Grandmother lived near there before didn’t I? Yeah my Grandmother was from MO. So yup she’s been through it all. Great depression WWII, everything. How cool is that? My Grandfather (the one she married) has been through it ALL. WW1, WW2, Great Depression, Martin Luther King’s Speech etc.etc. How cool is that?

    But yeah I get what you mean about your room. It does look like a grown up room. The R is still a bit off, but still whatever floats your boat. :) . The shelves I really like, and the closet doors are exactly what I wanted for my old closet in my old bedroom at the old house. But yeah. It’s very cool though. I should make my pictures too. I did write a new post too btw. :D.

  3. I LOVE Purple :D Love it so I love the new look on your room … Have an awesome trip, I think it’ll be just what you need with all the unrest with your grandfather <3

  4. Last March I left for a 3-week vacation to the Caribbean and Orlando, and, while I did have a lot of fun, I hated being far away from my boyfriend. It didn’t help that wi-fi’s either extremely slow or completely non-existent when you’re on a cruise ship. When I got back and saw him again though, it was almost like I’d never missed him. :)

    I hope you have fun on your trip. :) I really want to go to Europe, but I don’t know if our vacation schedules for the next couple of years would allow it.

    I wish I could paint my room, but the temperature’s so warm around here that any color darker than white might be too much for me to bare.

    Your walls look good though (and yes, I am imagining it a bit darker). :)

    I just redid my entire room, because, like you, it was more of a room for my pre-teen self. It was all purple and pink; I’d been neglecting it a really long time since I don’t sleep in my own room. and it was a lot of fun to do. :)

  5. Aw, sorry you had to say goodbye! But at least it’s just for a little while. You guys sound so cute together! :)

    Woah, that is so exciting! You must be so excited. :D There is a school trip to Italy for Juniors and Seniors next year, and if I’m lucky, I’ll get to go. Haha, good luck with the last minute packing. xD

    Redoing the room is definitely a valid excuse. It’s so time consuming!

    That is so cool that the computer can match the exact shade. Technology is crazy cool. I’m a dork, too. xP

    That’s nice of your mom to wake up early and start working on your room. And that’s great that you love the color. :D

    Oooh, your new room is stunning! You’re right; the color is gorgeous. You did a great job with the painting! :)

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one. xD That’s cool that you enjoy singing! I really wish it were something I was good at.

    Ah, that is good to hear. I wish that my freshman year had been a really good start to high school, but at least all hope for a perfect GPA is not lost. xD

  6. I’m sorry that Andrew had to leave while you guys have no way to communicate! I’m sure that he will definitely think about you on the trip (:

    Wow, where are you going on a trip? I hope you’re excited for it! Don’t worry too much about what to wear/pack. Just bring the essential items & have fun & relax! Let us know how it goes! (:

    I love the new shade of your room! I actually find it really cool how the computer found the exact shade of your comforter too xD I agree with you, we all come to a time where we decide to change gears & redo our rooms. I like your new room a lot more than your old room, although they are both beautiful! Are you getting used to it yet? (;

    Wow, just two and a half more days of school? You’re almost there, hang on! & don’t give up hope about making the top 10 in your graduating class yet, you just have 2 B’s & a bunch of honors classes! You can do it! (:

  7. I’m not too concerned about broken links at the moment…I only have like 10 pages of content, haha! So it’s not too much of a concern ^^ but thanks anyway! :D

    Oh my gosh, I hate it whenever you’re stuck in the middle and it’s just like, arggg! Because if you talk to one, the other one gets annoyed and vice versa. Sticky situations like that are just so…awkward. :|

    POTTERTHONS!? That word is like…so…!! inspiring!! Haha! HP4LYFZZZZ. I haven’t tried one, but me and my HP bud are going to try and have one…it might be hard because we still need more movies…:p

    Glow dance? That’s so cute :D haha! We had a fog machine this year…it smelt like burning sugar! But yeah, it’s pretty much the same…it’s not really that awesome and fun anymore :(

    I don’t really sit and think about who I am…it gets too depressing sometimes just thinking about yourself because it’ll be like, why am I so narcissistic? Argh! Deep thinking sometimes just gets my head in a spin.

    I love it when I do stuff with my friends! My confidence is a lot higher because at least I know I can enjoy whatever I’m doing hehehe :D

    No problem! I love it how you see the positive side of things instead of thinking about the negative :) it can actually make you feel a bit better, even if the world looks very bleak. & I’m glad the blogging community has made you feel better! Yay for the power of blogging!

    Wow!! Bon voyage! Have a safe trip! & Italy and France sounds amazing! You have to tell me about it all :D

    Your room looks absolutely awesome!! I love the purple of your room! It’s very nice :D Your new room looks a lot less cluttered and more spacious, which is really awesome ^^

    The big “R” on your wall looks wicked too! I wish my room looked that neat and awesome…./sigh!

    Take care & have a nice trip xx

  8. I’m sure you two being away from each other so long will make you enjoy each other’s company so much more when you reunite. :)
    I have camp at the end of this week and I was like, “Oh it is so soon.” But It is only an overnight so I don’t have much to pack like you. :D
    I really want to re-do my room too. I think I’ll just take all my old pictures down and then slowly find stuff that is more to my age.
    I think your room looks fabuloso!!!!

  9. It’s hard to say bye to loved ones when you know you’re not going to be able to talk to someone for some time, but you’ll see him when you get back and then you two can have a great reunion and talk about your trips!

    Which, I’m incredibly jealous that you’re going to France and Italy. D:< They're my dream spots! But I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun. Take tons of pictures, y'hear?

    Your room looks lovely. <3 The colors are great, and it's very sophisticated. It's "girly," but you can tell it belongs to a 17 year old. My room is…well, it's light blue on 3 walls and a darker blue on 1 wall, I have a zebra print bed spread that feels amazingly soft, and I have weird-colored furniture (black book case, antique dresser, and green chair)! I do like it though; it's very me. It is, unfortunately, rather small. But I love your room in its sophistication. :3

  10. The blue paint looked cooler in my eyes. But when it was painted violet, I think it looked neater.

    Anyway, I was secretly hoping we would become classmates. (^_^)

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