Our First-iversary

Yesterday Andrew and I celebrated our one-year anniversary. :heart:

It’s a little hard to believe that it’s been an entire year since our wedding, but Andrew has had my heart for so long that it also feels like it should be longer!

I woke up with morning to sunflowers on the kitchen island (if you don’t remember, we used sunflowers at our wedding) as well as Just Dance 2015 for the Xbox One, and a small bag of Sour Patch Kids, which are my favorite candy. He knows me so well! :D

My grandma has not been doing very well, so I spent last weekend visiting her and the rest of my dad’s family in Pennsylvania. My gift arrived a bit late since I was out of town, but it arrived today so I’m excited to give it to him once he gets home from work. I bought this scratch-off map for him, since we both love to travel. We can scratch off all the countries and states that we’ve been to together and hang it on the wall, so I thought it would be a great gift. Plus it’s paper, which is the traditional first anniversary gift. I get extra points for that, right? ;)

Cardinals Game

We normally probably would have celebrated with a nice dinner somewhere over the weekend, but ended up changing plans since I was going to be out of town. Our friend had bought tickets to the Cardinals game (St. Louis’s baseball team) and gifted them to us as an anniversary present, so we spent our evening with the Cards. We took the MetroLink downtown instead of driving, since traffic is always so terrible on game nights.

We shared a soft pretzel and some nachos during the game (ball park food is my favorite!), but the game itself was a bit boring. They had several good hits, but we were down from the second inning on. We decided to leave after the 8th inning since the score was still 0-4. I normally never leave the game early, especially since the Cardinals are notorious for coming back late in the game, but Andrew had to work in the morning and we were both a bit tired. And the Metro is always so packed after games, it takes forever to get home. So we decided to leave a bit early to get on the MetroLink before some of the crowd.

On the ride back, someone was streaming the rest of the game and next thing I know, bases are loaded and they end up winning the game, 5-4.

The one time we leave early. Figures. :P

Regardless, we had a really fun time, especially since it was the first game we’ve both been to this season! And we can say that they won on our anniversary, even if we didn’t see it, haha.

We did forget to eat our wedding cake when we got home though. We were so tired we just went straight to bed, so we are going to try a piece tonight after dinner and hope it doesn’t taste absolutely terrible. ;)


18 thoughts on “Our First-iversary”

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Sounds like you guys had a nice one. I love the gift you gave. So sweet and a cute idea! And figures after you leave the game gets better!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandma. My prayers are with you and your family.
    I am glad you were able to celebrate your first anniversary in such a great way. Too cute!!

    And yes, paper gets you extra points, everyone thinks so too. :)

  3. Happy anniversary! My husband and myself celebrated our 10th this year (yep, getting old!). I hope the wedfing cake refers to a cake you made to celebrate the anniversary? And not the real wedding cake? Although I know people who kept remains of the actual wedding cake in the freezer for ages…

    1. Wow! Congrats to you guys!!

      Haha I was referring to our actual wedding cake. We wrapped a few pieces up and put them in the freezer. The icing was a bit odd textured, but the cake was still pretty good. We were nervous to try it though… ?

  4. Happy anniversary! I think what you got each other was sweet! I had no idea that something paper is a traditional first anniversary gift . . . something to look into :D

    I’ve never gone to any sport games, but I find it ironic that all the fun action happened after you guys left XD; Shame you guys had to leave early and miss it, but thank goodness for streaming videos :)

    I’m sorry to hear your grandmother isn’t feeling well, though :(

  5. Happy Anniversary! The gift you got him is so cute, that’s such a lovely idea. Hope you have fun on Just Dance. I’ve got all the older ones, and the music’s a bit outdated now. Still so much fun though!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the baseball game, and hope the cake was nice. I just read your comment. You actually had wedding cake left? I don’t think I’d have been able to leave cake for that long without being tempted!

    1. We didn’t have a ton of cake left, but we had a lot of cupcakes! So my mom actually kept the cake in her freezer so we didn’t have to keep it with us during the moves between school and home, so we really weren’t tempted!

  6. Congratulations on your 1st year wedding anniversary! I wish you both the very best. The game sounds like it went well, even if you guys did leave early. I hope all is well with your grandmother. Again wishing you both the very best and many more anniversaries to you! :)

  7. Happy 1 year! One thing I’ve been wondering about- do people still celebrate their anniversaries for when they got together as a couple (pre-marriage) after getting married? XD. It’s cute that Andrew surprised you with sunflowers! It shows the thought he put into brightening your morning :).

    I’m sorry to hear about your grandma’s situation. Hope something good will come around.

    It’s very nice of your friend to gift you both tickets to the Cardinals game! Glad to hear you had a great time! It’s pretty cool how you still kept remnants of the wedding cake XD.

    1. I think it depends on the couple whether you celebrate pre-marriage anniversaries. We kind of celebrate, haha. We don’t do gifts or anything, but we might do something small like go out to eat or see a movie. I can’t remember what we did this year, but next year will be seven years together! So it’s still neat to remember how long we’ve been together, but doesn’t have as much significance as the wedding anniversary (obvs).

  8. Happy anniversary to you both! That’s so sweet that Andrew left you gifts, especially the sunflowers :) My husband and I get each other roses each year, since we did a rose ceremony at our wedding. I love little wedding reminders like that! I also like the gift that you got for him. A scratch off map is such a neat idea!

    That’s fun to celebrate with a baseball game! Too bad it was boring while you were there, but I’m glad that the Cardinals ended up winning. It makes for a good anniversary story!

    Sorry to hear that your grandma isn’t doing well though :( I wish her the best <3

  9. Happy anniversary, guys!

    Love what he gave you in the morning. Sometimes it’s the little things like remembering your favourite candy that are the best <3

    I hope your grandma gets better. She's in my thoughts. I bought one of those scratch-off maps for my cousin for Christmas when she came to visit me. I definitely want one for myself, though. They're so cool. I didn't know paper was the traditional first anniversary gift! The more you know :)

  10. Hello!Happy one year to the both of you! Wishing you a blissful marriage to the coming years! The celebration is kind of simple yet romantic and memorable. That scratch-off map gift is kind of sweet. Aww <3

    I hope your grand ma gets better soon!

  11. Congrats on the one year anniversary! Haha on the cake comment. My sister’s mother-in-law told her to freeze their cake too but she was like – hell no, I would not eat that. Good luck with eating yours. :)

  12. Happy first anniversary! Wow time flieeeeees! I remember your wedding posts from last year, wow. Also, one year doesn’t sound like a great deal, but it’s your relationship we’re celebrating here, and that in itself is amazing. :D

    I love the idea of the scratch-off map, that’s very cute and novel. :) Come to Australia and you guys can scratch that off. ;)

    In Australia I don’t know whether people prefer to drive or take public transport to games, but the traffic on the roads is usually pretty terrible on a certain stretch of road up to the venue, and people find it easier to take the trains… but they get packed too.

    It’s always the case that you miss something when you leave early haha, no matter what the event is! xD

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