My Wisdom Teeth Story

At the end of July, I got three wisdom teeth pulled. I am the world’s #1 wuss, so going into this whole experience I was really nervous. The night before, I looked up all kinds of videos on YouTube and articles online about other people getting their wisdom teeth extracted and the horror stories that came with it.

Wasn’t a very good idea, obviously.

My mom and dad both came with me to the doctor’s office. I was really embarrassed because after the nurse took me back into the rooms, I started crying. Yeah, I was a nervous wreck. I remember laying down in the chair and the doctor coming in and introducing himself to me. He then gave me the shot to put me to sleep and I remember thinking, “This is not going to knock me out!” It took a few minutes, but the next thing I know I was waking up and there were balls of gauze in my mouth and no wisdom teeth.

I don’t remember anything at all about the surgery; I felt nothing – which was amazing. They moved me to a recovery room and had me lay down and try to regain my balance. After a few minutes, they got my parents and had me walk around a little bit to make sure I was okay. They then gave me general instructions about what I could and could not do and told me to come back in a week to get the stitches out of my bottom left gum.

On the ride home, I didn’t feel too bad. I wasn’t loopy or anything from the anesthesia (to my mom’s disappointment) and I was immensely relieved. I had heard all kinds of crazy things that people say when they wake back up. :P Once I got home, the medicine really started to wear off and my mouth started to hurt. So I took my meds, crawled in bed, put an ice pack on my face and fell asleep. At dinner, my mom woke me and made me eat a smoothie, I took more meds, and went back to sleep on the sofa in the living room.

My brother had one of his friends over, so that woke me up later and I was really feeling kind of bad. My stomach hurt, my mouth hurt, just that awful miserable feeling. Like I was going to throw up. So my mom was trying to convince me to eat something else, which I really didn’t want to because I knew I would just hork it back up; but against my better judgement I drank some gatorade. And threw it up.

The pain medicine they had me on made me extremely sick, so the rest of the night I spent just throwing up. After that I decided that I would just take some general, over-the-counter pain pills and that still killed most of the pain but didn’t make me sick.

The first couple of days were really the worst, just because my mouth was achy and I could only eat smoothies and yogurt. I also just had this really bad taste in my mouth that wouldn’t go away because I wasn’t allowed to rinse my mouth. It was a combination of general bad breath, blood, and… something just disgusting. And my cheeks did get really puffy. I told you I’d look like a puffer fish.

The pain was tolerable, which isn’t bad since again, I am the world’s #1 Wuss. I probably wouldn’t have had any at all if I would have stayed on my original medicine. And after the first week, I had minimal pain and could eat more solid food on the right side of my mouth. (I didn’t have the bottom tooth on the right pulled because WOOT! I didn’t have one! So the top right healed fairly quickly and I could eat more solid foods on that side.)

Now, almost three weeks later, I’m doing just fine. No problems really. I have to be careful still with chewing on the left side of my mouth because the bottom left one is still a little touchy, but I’m eating chips and apples and all that good stuff. It was terrible, not being able to eat all my favorite junk food! :P

So my advice to those that are nervous about getting theirs pulled or will have to sometime in the future: don’t sweat it. Yeah, the first couple of days kinda suck, but you just sleep through most of it and the pain meds do wonders. :)

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  1. Oh my gosh. You totally reassured me, thank you. My bottom wisdom teeth bother me from time to time… but a couple of days ago, one of them started to hurt really badly. Now it’s red & swollen. I can barely eat without being in pain. :| I’ve read horror stories too… and yeah… scary stuff! BUT — I think I’m not more scared of how much it’ll cost than how much it’ll hurt, lol.

    I am glad you are feeling well! And that you’re procedure went much better than you originally thought it would! That’s awesome. And seriously… very reassuring for me!! :D

  2. Yuck, wisdom teeth pulled – I’ll probably have to get that done at some point… fingers crossed that I won’t.

    Actually, when I was 16, I had to have a surgery in my mouth to attach braces to teeth that were stuck up in my gums. It was pretty similar to what happened with you. I said some pretty loopy things (though not as silly as I had thought, after I had heard other people’s stories) on the ride home, though, like I yelled at my mom for turning off Family Feud. xD Plus, they had to keep waking me up every couple of hours, because apparently it’s bad to sleep too long when you’re coming off the knock out stuff? I also remember trying my hardest NOT to fall asleep just to defy them xD Freaking nurse stabbed my arm 3 different times trying to get the shot in.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, though. I also appreciate that you are promoting that the experience wasn’t that bad. No junk food? How did you survive?

  3. Me and my best friend went with my boyfriend for his check up appointment to xray his teeth and see if/when he needed to get his wisdom teeth removed. We watched the information video 3 times during the visit and it had us both freaked out! Me for my boyfriend, and my best friend for herself!

    She got hers out yesterday and it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. She had laughing gas, and it wore off quickly afterwards. She wasn’t loopy and wasn’t out of it at all like we’ve heard others complain about. Her pain medication makes her dizzy but that’s about it. Not sure how the rest of the week is going to go for her, but her first day wasn’t too bad!

    My boyfriend on the otherhand decided that he didn’t need to bother with getting his teeth removed. It’s been a couple months since his check up and his top jaw is hurting and his cheek is swelled up. We think it’s wisdom teeth related, but he can’t do anything about it for a while because he works a lot and has a vacation coming up next week. Poor guy!

  4. My wisdom teeth are just starting to come through now so your story is pretty relevant to me. :)

    I’ve had 2 operations to remove teeth before. My teeth were growing in all directions and I had one coming through the roof of my mouth which meant I had to have an operation. If I have to have my wisdom teeth removed I guess it won’t be so bad as I’m kind of use to the situation. But I will still be scared.

    You shouldn’t be ashamed of crying. In my whole life I’ve had 8 operations and I’ve cried every single time! I also remember one doctor saying to me that she went in for an operation a couple of weeks before mine, and she had cried.

  5. Thank you for sharing this story. I haven’t had my wisdom teeth yet even though I’m older than you. I have had terrible experience before so I’m not so much scared of the pain and blood. But the thought of not being able to eat because it hurts really scares me. I’m already terrible with food if I get my wisdom teeth pulled I’d probably lose more weight. I’m already trying not to. =/

    I’m glad you are doing alright. I was getting worried about where you were since you haven’t blogged.


    Yup some relationships do start from really good guy x girl friends. But my guy friend has gotten close enough to me that he’s like my brother. People suggesting things makes me feel they’re suggesting I date my brother. >-> They don’t seem to understand we really have no chemistry. We’ve both dated other people during the time we’ve been good friends.

  6. Oh my god, wisdom tooth scares me. I hope you are feeling much better than before. i can’t imagine myself having to get rid of my wisdom tooth. I still have my baby tooth intact eventhough I’m already 19.

  7. Ahhh, all the stories I hear about people getting their wisdom teeth out are so scary! D: But I guess it doesn’t seem that bad, after all it’s only a few days of a lot of pain and throwing up, right?

    I’m glad it’s almost completely gone for you, that’s awesome haha :)

    My friend got her wisdom teeth pulled during December break I think? And it was so awful for her. She was recovering even when we got back to college after the break, and she couldn’t sleep and it was really bad; I had to sleep with her to make sure she would fall asleep. Poor thing.

  8. Hey Becca :)

    I’m so glad that the pain is finally wearing off and that you are finally able to eat chips again!!! I don’t know how I would survive if I couldn’t eat my delicious junkies! haha :P

    I got a tooth pulled out before too, but I don’t really remember much about it cuz I was 8 or 9 at the time…

  9. I’ve got 3 wisdom teeth… but thankfully they are in proper order and place and so I won’t have to remove themmm but I have already lost 4 of my premolars for my ortho treatment… put is wasn’t that painful… but i have heard and seen from my relatives (even my mum) how horrible it can be to have a wisdom tooth removed so it was nothing wrong you crying! it absolutely fine!

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