Come July, I’ll Look Like a Pufferfish

These past few days I’ve been trying to transfer all of my files for from my old host to my new host and it’s just been a nightmare. I’ve literally just wanted to pull my hair out. Everything transfers smoothly except my images. I uploaded the images to the server and then imported all of my WordPress files and attachments. It took forever for the attachments to recognize the images and connect them, so that took several attempts just to get that to work.

So I have my images and they’re loading in WordPress, but they will not attach to the pages. So I have 1000+ pictures that are just sitting there, unattached, and I’ve no idea what to do. I’ve tried clearing everything out and just doing it again, wondering if everything in the import just didn’t upload correctly, but everytime it has the same result. I don’t want to have to go and attach each individual image to the page it needs to be attached to manually because that will take, oh my gosh, I don’t even know how long.

I just want to say screw this travel blog because it’s given me nothing but issues.

Other than eating, sleeping, and working, all I’ve been doing is trying to get stupid travel portfolio/blog working. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I’m almost to the point that I want to give up. I feel like I have to get it done now because it’s taken so long already and I know that quite a few people were looking forward to it, but it’s just been stressing me out. It’s something that’s really not worth stressing over, but because I’m a perfectionist and everything has to be running smoothly or else I worry, I’m stressing.

I went to see my dentist today for just a regular cleaning. They told me the usual: you need to floss. And like always, I probably won’t.

My wisdom teeth are coming in, which I am already scared as hell about. I’ll admit it, I am The World’s #1 Wuss. But it scares me even more because my dentist has to have back surgery and will be out for probably six to eight months, depending on the surgery. I have to have my wisdom teeth taken out in a month.

So there’s a different dentist that has temporarily been filling in but I think he’s eventually going to take over the practice. He’s pretty fresh out of college, but he feels comfortable enough to take mine out, he just won’t sedate me.

Which is not okay. I don’t care what they have to do, I want to be out; if they have to hit me over the head with a hammer to knock me out, then so be it.

So I have to see an oral surgeon for them to sedate me. The doctor that took out my mom and dad’s wisdom teeth is still in practice, so we’re going to try and get an appointment set up with him near the first of July. I just need to talk to my manager at work about when the best days to request would be.

I’m getting shaky writing about it, so I’m going to go get A Clash of Kings, and read for a while. I’ve been really falling behind with my goal of 52 books this year, so now’s a good time to pick that back up.

8 thoughts on “Come July, I’ll Look Like a Pufferfish”

  1. Transferring files is nothing fun to deal with. But when you have to do it, it’s just a temporary work to start everything up. Hopefully, everything will be figured out soon. I sent you an e-mail about it a bit ago.

    Don’t give up! This is a challenge for you, and a test to see if you can handle it or not! And I know you can finish things off :).

    My dentists always tells me to floss, but I don’t do it as well :/. But wow, there’s a lot going on in the dentist’s office! It’s nto as bad as it seems, as long as you don’t see what they’re doing, you’ll move on :). It’s easier said than done, ain’t it? :/.

    Good luck with your goal of reading 52 books this year :)!

    The only thing I care about is having insurance for driving, and that’s expensive :(!

    I agree with you, Kristen Stewert is a terrible actress! She has no emotions! Even when it’s a happy scene, it looks like.. She’s struggling to smile :(.

    Being at the beach isn’t really fun for me, since I always get sunburned one way or another :/.

    Take care(:

  2. Aww man, about WordPress! D: I wish I was as tech-savvy as smarter people on the internet to help you, but I just hope that you can get it figured it out soon!

    They told me the usual: you need to floss. And like always, I probably won’t.
    GPOY DUDE. Although flossing is probably a good thing……………………………… but who ever remembers to do that :|

    And I’m totally with you on being sedated to get wisdom teeth taken out–I’d want to be sedated too : Even if you’re numbed, it’s just, being conscious while something so supposedly painful is happening to you isn’t fun :| Although my brother got his wisdom teeth taken out last year and I ended up crying because he looked so in pain/ridiculous (but I am an emotional cupcake so.)
    ANYWAYS THOUGH, good luck with your teeth too! ♥

  3. Hey! This layout is amazing.

    And, ugh. I love coding, but I always reach that point where I’m ripping out my hair and screaming at my screen. My current layout gave me all sorts of headaches, and it’s not even WordPress. But keep going. A travel blog is a great idea, and the more it pains you, the more it gives you that sense of satisfaction at the end.

    I’ve always hated the dentist. O__O And the eye doctor. Just, ughhh. And I never floss and have never had a cavity, so I don’t believe all that hype. ;]

    I WANT TO READ THE A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE SERIES. So badly. I need to get on that. I love the TV series, but I’ve heard the books are better. They usually are.

  4. Oh, another WP problem. I’ve got many problems with that since I’m a newbie. But seeing you having problems with that when you already spent many moments together makes me think I’m wrong. I think because it’s with the number of photos. 1000+? That’s maybe the problem. I don’t know but I’m just saying the possibilities.

    I’ve never been to a real oral appointment before, just medical checkups in school–and every year, my teeth are always fine despite toothbrush’s absence at some nights! Haha! Anyway, I bet they’ll knock you out before they do that. Most dentists to that. Especially to teenagers. In where I live–Philippines, most of my cousins pulled off their wisdom tooth and underwent surgery, and none of those appointments did the dentist play with their teeth without hammering them first. So, I think you’ll be asleep. Good luck with that though. :)

  5. I hate transferring files over. I rather delete everything and start all over. I don’t know why but it’s just my habit.

    I am experiencing the same thing with you right now. My wisdom teeth are like trying to play peek-a-boo with me.

  6. Eww, my only advice for you is to TAKE A BREAK. I’ve learned, through so many experiences, that if I ever hit a road block with anything blog/web-oriented, I take a break… or else it’ll become one big ass headache and I just want to give up. Take a break for a few days and come back to it with a fresh mind & see what happens. <3 good luck!

  7. I always get so stressed about transferring hosts because, no matter what, something always seems to go wrong.

    I transferred hosts a few months ago, and I really thought that, since I’d already done it a few times before, I already knew exactly what to do, and, therefore, would not have any problems.

    Of course, I was wrong, and the database didn’t transfer correctly. Thankfully, I remembered encountering that same problem before, and, more importantly, remembered how I fixed it, so at least it wasn’t too big of a problem.

    Most of the time though, it goes less smoothly, and I end up repeating the process 4 or 5 times with slight adjustments, until it works. It’s frustrating, and definitely needs at least one entire day’s dedication, if not a few days.

    I’ve had at least 4 teeth pulled out in the past, and it never was really too bad, though they weren’t wisdom teeth, and were made bearable by all the numbness. I hope everything goes well when your wisdom teeth get pulled out, and that you find someone willing to sedate you.

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