Memories, the old and the new

My eldest brother Ryan asked me yesterday if I was doing anything for the evening.

I replied, “Not particularly.” I’ve been really busy last week with VBS and over the weekend I had a game night with my Sunday school class and also had lunch for some friends, so I was completely content to sit on my butt and enjoy the evening to myself in introverted bliss.

“Oh, okay.” He replied. “I was just wondering because I’m going to propose to Jessie tonight.”

He had said it so casually that I almost missed what he had actually said. I was doing the dishes, so I nearly dropped the plate I was holding and whirled around. It was really unexpected. They had been dating for about a year now and he had joked occasionally about them marrying, I figured it was a joke joke, not a there’s-a-litte-bit-of-truth-behind-this-joke joke, ya know what I mean?

He showed me the ring and it was simple but pretty. She helped him pick it out so she knew it was coming eventually. Because of this, he wanted to totally surprise her. After they go out to eat he usually offers her a mint. So he had her come over and they cooked dinner and then he asked if she wanted a mint. He “accidentally” dropped the container, got down on one knee, opened it and had the ring inside. She said yes.

I thought the proposal was kind of lame, to be honest. I’m not saying you have to adorn the room in rose petals or anything, but something a little more romantic would’ve been nice. But I’m not marrying him (thank goodness).

I went to Steven and Rachel’s apartment so I would be out of the way when he popped the question. While we were all happy for him, we all agreed it was kind of weird solely because we really do not know her. About a year ago, my parents left my church and started attending another one. When Ryan came back from Greece, he went there too and that’s where he met her. So my parents know her (I suppose) but me and my siblings don’t. She’s never had dinner with us and I can’t recall a time that we’ve had a conversation more than “How are you?” and “Hello.”

It’s just weird to think that I’ll have another sister and I don’t know a thing about her.

My parents are on vacation so I’m sure my mom will talk of nothing else when she returns. Also, I am not looking forward to this engagement putting attention on me and my relationship. I know my family and I already know the joking and questions are about to begin. “It’s gonna be you next!” or “When is Andrew going to ask you the question?” or “Are you looking forward to being a Smith?” are all unwelcome questions thank you. (I love my boyfriend, but we have no plans of marriage until we are graduated/nearly graduated.)

But anyways.

I got to see an old friend today which was really nice. :) We’ve been friends since preschool and she had texted me the other day asking when I was leaving for school and if I wanted to hang out. We were originally going to go out and eat somewhere, but since we are both indeed broke college students, we agreed to be cheap and just hang out at my house. We talked for a good four hours and it was just really nice catching up. I’m hoping to stay more in contact with her even when I leave.

Good friend really are the best. There is nothing like picking up a conversation with an old friend you haven’t talked to in a year like nothing has changed. <3

6 thoughts on “Memories, the old and the new”

  1. I can see why it would be a weird feeling having a sister-in-law being a part of your family if you two didn’t really get to know each other to an extent you deemed satisfactory. Question is, for how long will they remain engaged before the actual ceremony? If for another year, I’m sure a lot can develop between Ryan’s fiance and you. Let it flow its course, see how things go, and hope for the best. :)

    Also, OMG I agree with your last statement. I actually had that moment with one several of my friends whom I haven’t seen for four years! We quickly picked up where we left off and just hung out. It was great. I feel the same way you do, wanting to keep in touch and whatnot. A great feeling, indeed. :D

    1. They haven’t officially picked a date yet, but it will most likely be next summer. But I go away to school, so it’s not like I will see her except for holidays. So just kinda weird. :P

  2. I know how you feel!
    My cousin got engaged last summer while I was dating my most recent ex. He happened to have been going into the Navy and they were all asking when he was going to pop the question! I have always been a person who wanted to wait a little bit until I had my life in order for that kind of thing to happen xD

    Anyways, I hope you get to know her better and everything goes well!

    That’s awesome you got to hang out with your friend! It’s so much fun to catch up with people you havent hung out with in a while =)

    Have a great week! ^^

  3. The proposal sounds sweet. Whenever people I know get engaged I think it’s a joke – I feel like I’m still too young to have friends who are engaged haha. And I can relate to the ‘It’s gonna be you next’ thing. I went to a wedding recently and it was mentioned to me and my boyfriend so many times. So annoying.

    I’m sure you’ll get to know your future sister-in-law as time goes on, so I wouldn’t worry about it. At least you won’t be known as the interfering in-laws or anything.

  4. Yeah, I know the feeling of not knowing your sibling’s significant other very much. It’s really weird because you don’t know how to act or get along with her. But then, they’re getting married so I guess you’ll have all the time in the world to know each other. And I hope you get along well! :)

    You are lucky to have a great friend like that! And it’s good that you still contact each other after so many years of being friends. A lot of people don’t even remember their preschool buddies so I’m really happy for you and your friend :) It must be a really nice feeling catching up with her!

  5. Congratulations for your brother, although I can definitely see why you and your other siblings are wary. Someone new is coming to your family and you barely know them at all? Hopefully you’ll get to know your future sister-in-law much better sometime before the actual wedding, though :)

    And in response to your more current blog post – as for some reason the permalink isn’t working? – ugh, that guy was a dick. I don’t understand why scammers even try when they’re doing nothing but being mean and cheating people out of their money, which is pretty much illegal? Your mom is super awesome though :D

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