Please, Call me “Lady Becca”

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I have been very tired this week.

This week my church held VBS. The overall theme was “Kingdom Chronicles” so we decorated the church with castle walls and dragons and lanterns (oh my!). The high school girls dressed up in medieval dresses to be princesses and some of the men dressed up as knights. We had all of the kids call them “lady” and “sir” and say “fare thee well!” It was awesome. It was the kind of VBS I wish I could’ve done as a kid!

I was the leader for the kindergartners and we were called the Acrobats. I had them call me “Lady Becca.” :D They really were a ton of fun and were (for the most part) really sweet. It’s always refreshing to see how kids take things in and how excited they get about everything. They especially loved all the songs we sang and the crafts. We made shields and catapults and castles and they loved it. As we walked through the halls I had them chant “Acrobats!” so everyone knew who we were when we were coming. My voice hurt by the end of the night, haha.

Our main focus for the week was about putting on the full armor of God. The kids were so smart – they could remember all the equipment and what they stood for. Half the time they were interrupting the teachers of the “Bible Chamber” and telling them what it meant and stood for. There was one girl that kept saying “Field of shaith!” instead of “shield of faith.” Adorable :P

As always, we had our annual VBS canned food drive competition between the “damsels” and the “squires.” Every year I always think that the kids will forget to bring canned goods (probably because I always do – I remembered this year though!) and every year I am floored by how many they bring. This year the girls damsels brought 425 and the boys squires brought 225 for a total of 650 canned goods that will go to help feeding those in the community. Which is awesome. :)

Even though the kids were adorable and it was a lot of fun for everyone (myself included), my patience was wearing very thin by the end of the week. One little boy loved to talk and you could not keep him quiet. Another little girl liked to play really rough and always was hurting the other kids. I have never felt more like a mom when I had to keep saying, “We keep our hands to ourselves!” And one little boy just didn’t want to participate in anything. But I’m a pretty good sweet-talker so I made it work, haha. It was a great week, but it was a really tiring week. I can’t image having to deal with that all the time.

But then, when they all hugged me goodbye and said they were going to really miss me, I forgot all about it. There were two little girls that wanted to hold my hands all week and then didn’t want to go back to their parents. They just melted my heart. :love: I really do pray that they will all remember what they learned and that they will come back to church, especially so I can see them again!

It’s times like these, as summer draws to a close, that I wish I would’ve decided to stay in St. Louis for college. I don’t regret my decision, but it would be nice to not have to pay for rent and gas and food all by myself; I wouldn’t have to leave all of my family and most of my friends behind. And I just really love my church. They really are like my family and it was great doing VBS with everyone this week. Only two more weeks here in the Lou. :(

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  1. Sounds like an awesome time! I know how it feels to watch over a group of kids, I used to teach soccer to a bunch of little girls and it was the most tiring hour ever. They were always complaining about something or someone and how this or that wasn’t fair, ugh, just have fun kids! But it was really rewarding when they were having a great time.

  2. Awww, your melting my heart with this story! :)
    That sounds like a great experience. And you are sooo right, wished they did that for my VBS’. When I was an attendee we had all of the standard themes, like Jonah and the Whale or construction. Boring…. ^_^

    Hope you have a good rest of your summer!

  3. That VBS session does sound like great fun! I love dressing up. I’m such a kid at heart, haha.

    “Field of shaith!”, naw. Some kids are just too cute. Others… eh, others are absolute nightmares. There’s this one girl I used to babysit who was such a brat. I wanted to throttle her multiple times…

    It sounds like a wonderful time, and it’s adorable how the kids grew so attached to you. I hope you see them again soon.

    Take care! xx

  4. Awe! That sounds adorable. Now I honestly think I can’t handle my own kids, as I don’t want any as of right now. But may be in the future. I’m sorry you’re getting a cold! They’re never fun. But I’ll pray you a quick and speedy recovery.

    Now you know what it was like for me living and having to strive off of what I had and worked with what I had in my own place and what not. It’s hard. I’m not gonna lie. I actually had help from my friends though which was nice in itself and a true blessing in disguise. But still it was difficult and I surely wasn’t ready. But it was a great boost for me to get out on my own and not be underneath my dad’s and his girlfriend’s wings and their rules. But now I live with my boyfriend’s grandparents and just love it. More freedom and will have money to show for something by the time I’m done paying rent and my phone.

    Speaking of which – I highly suggest you get the Samsung Galaxy S3. My best friend told me about it and had no complaints thus far; and furthermore, there is a special going on right now where if you buy the phone and a package you will get a $50.00 mail-in rebate back. So it acts as though you’re paying $50.00 for the phone. Pretty sweet deal no? I honestly thought about getting a basic phone and an mp3 player just to be on the safe side. But my heart was getting that Samsung Galaxy after playing with it. I had the option of getting the Iphone, but I didn’t like the features it had came with or the size of it. It would’ve been cool and a bit less to work with, but why save an extra dollar for something I didn’t really want? So my boyfriend and I decided to get the Samsung Galaxy S3. I’m just now waiting patiently for my rebate to come back.

  5. That sounds like it was really awesome experience! I am always working with little kids, so I can totally understand the burn-out thing. Was it a sleepover camp? I hope you didn’t have to literally deal with them 24/7! Especially the kindergarteners!!

    I’m glad you had fun. :) Enjoy the rest of your summer break!!

  6. Oh my gosh, your kids sound so cute :3 I think your VBS week was the same time as mine, actually! And your theme sounds similar to the one we did (with kings and knights and princesses and things) though ours was called “Kingdom Rock” and yours sounds much more prepared and involved!

    “Field of shaith” instead of “shield of faith”, that might be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard aaaah. VBS weeks are always so crazy oh man :)

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