Fundraisers Aren’t Fun

There is something rather deceiving about fundraisers. In that word is the word ‘fun’, and I would just like to say that fundraisers are really everything but fun. I’ve been working my butt off for about the past year and a half doing different fundraisers so I could raise enough money to go on a trip to France and Italy with my French club, and by golly I did it! But I’ve come to the point where I don’t ever want to do another one in my life.

My mother and I just got back from delivering about 50 pizzas from my last fundraiser and it makes me want to never sell another pizza again in my life. Haha, really though. Since I had sold so much, somewhere along the line the order got messed up so we had to run back up to my school and try to get things figured out. We had all these pizzas stuck in the back of our van that were slowly beginning to thaw and no where to put them. So we were frantically speeding around town trying to drop off as many as we could, when most people will still at work, then realized we had some that we didn’t order, and were missing some that we did order. We were able to drop most of them off at my church and put them in the freezers there so they weren’t ruined and tried to get my order figured out with my french teacher.

My french teacher in the end was just told us to keep the extra pizza and re-ordered us the ones we were missing, which was a relief. The whole thing was really frustrating because I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s order. They were kind enough to buy something from me, so I wanted to make sure that I got the order right in return.

In all, I’ve raised just over $2,000 for my trip, which is about two-thirds of the entire trip. My parents paid the additional money, but they were pretty proud of how much I had raised. The money I’m raising from now on is for spending money, so considering I don’t have a job, I’m really trying to keep the money I’ve saved, and to raise enough to spend on the trip.

We’re leaving June 8 for my trip, and the closer and closer summer gets, the more excited I become. I’ve been out of the country twice before, to Canada and then to Greece, Turkey and England, so I’m really looking forward to traveling some place new again with a bunch of my friends.

Today was my first day of Spring Break! Hurray! I get tomorrow and all of rest week off, and I’m looking forward to doing pretty much nothing besides sitting on my butt and staring at Johnny Depp on the television; however, I think Becky, my best friend, has some different things in mind. xD

I’m apparently supposed to be going tux shopping with Andrew for prom too, and I’m going to be honest, I’m not looking forward to it, cause Andrew hates shopping and he’s so stubborn.

Hope all is well! <3

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  1. Aww… You worked really hard! Great job you did there! I would’ve grumbled and complained my mouth off after just a single day! xD It really sucked that the order got messed up. :( Frustrating. I can imagine myself in your situation. My head would’ve burst! :P $2,000 is a lot! You’re awesome! :D I can never do that! The most I get will be like $10? xD
    You’re so lucky! My so-called break is ending this week and next week I’m back to school. Prom? Are you graduating? :) Oh… I think it’s natural for guys to hate shopping, though I really don’t know. xD I myself don’t like shopping. :D Hope you have a good break! :D

    Yeah. Try telling my teachers that! xD Teachers. :P I’ve finished nearly all my work though. Only one more for school and two more for tuition! -is so proud of herself- My group is meeting up tomorrow, though it’s not really a “group”. More like a pair. Three of my group members can’t make it but I can’t wait anymore because my friend needs to edit the video and it’s due next week. It’s hard to be a leader. :P

  2. Wow!!! Congratulations on raising money for your trip to France. I know how badly you’ve always wanted to go and now look at you! You’re actually going to get to go!!! Wow!! I’m proud of you!! I hate fundraisers as well; because in my junior high school I was supposed to attend this ralley thing for the people who had sold the most stuff, and we were gonna get free pizza and the such. But my teacher didn’t read the schedule right so I didn’t get to attend -_- I was really pissed off at that. So was my dad. But eh, it was a mistake on her part. I was actually looking forward to getting out of the class for at least a period but noooo, I had to stay because she read the wrong class schedule. Ah well. But I’m super glad you’re getting to go. I have NEVER been out of the country. And when I hear about all the trips that my boyfriend went on I kinda get a little jealous. But eh, it just makes me want to travel more and more. There are some places like the Winchester Mystery House that I would LOVE to go to which is located in San Jose so we can either make a day out of it, or a whole weekend out of it. But yeah, Andrew knows what I’m getting him for his birthday. It’s kinda expensive but well; worth it. It’s a Disneyland Passport where you can actually get into both parks for FREE. However, I do have to pay both our passports for 12 months though which isn’t bad mind you. But eh. I really can’t wait till October though. His family is gonna take us to Catalina Island for the Jazz Festival. :B . So excited!!! Heehee. Well; congrats girl I knew you could do it!! Keep up the great work!!!

  3. I’m glad to hear you got all your money raised. I think you could definitely call that too much of a good thing and it would be a true pun. :D
    I can relate to how you feel about messing up someone’s order. Lucky for the church though. :)
    France and Italy sounds like an amazing summer trip btw.
    Spring break isn’t till the 28th for me and even then I may not get it since I’m homeschooled.
    Good luck on shopping. :)
    My birthday is April 8th.
    Sorry to hear about your website. Congrats on the domain though!!!!

  4. Glad to hear to hear that your fundraising thing was successful.. ive tried it when i was in highschool and it was hard and yet fun.. lol thats one of the experience that i would never forget.. lol

    was glad that the pizza’s was good and didnt get ruined or something.. before, someone even stole our cakes for our fundraising and rawrrr thats frustrating..

    im soooo excited for your trip and have fun on your tux shopping.. lol

    Off-topic: wanna be affies?

  5. (Reply to comment on my site)
    Awww! Ooo you’re lucky. 8DD I didn’t have any files or anything so that was said. ;___; My host found this thing though so yeahhh!!!

    Woww!! Enough money to go to FRANCE AND ITALY DUDE. XDD Wait..where do you live?? I live in Australia…so it takes at least 14 hours on plane to get thereee. XDD I HATE PLANES. THEY MAKE ME THROW UP. I HATE YOU PLANES. D<

    I need a way to make money. XDD I am DYING to get an iPod…:D And I need to find that wig for my cosplay..ANYWAYSSSS. SO yeah. I. Need. An. Ipod. NOW. XDD

    Congratulations on raising all that moneyyy!!! GIMME XD

  6. Wow, well done on raising so much money! :) I think you’ll definitely be able to keep it away for a few months, as excited as you are. There’s probably going to be a lot to buy on your trip. :P

    Sounds like you had a hectic time raising money, though. I remember that I used to sell boxes of chocolate for my dance school when I used to go. I used to get so many boxes to sell and I felt good that I’d done a good job of selling them at school. :P It’s annoying though, and I hated taking them on days when it was just hot and I worried the things would melt. Same like your pizza problem. :P I don’t like pizza that much but I can imagine I’d be pretty sick after selling all that.

    I love that you plan on doing NOTHING. XD I wouldn’t really do that – usually the holidays for me are a time to clean up my websites and get myself organised or in shape. To each their own of course. ;)

    Oh yeah, it was a sort-of recent post in which I mentioned that girl copying my blog. This person is my friend though, and they’re annoying me so much by liking everything that I like. O_o

    I don’t mind little children following me around or copying me! We have to set an example for them anyway. But there’s a certain age where you just think, “ugh please grow up”. xP What bothers me is that my friend is a guy… *boggled*

  7. I’ve tried fundraising a lot of times too and yes we sold pizza too but not pizza boxes but pizza pieces. It’s pretty frustrating when the money got all complicated and all but it felt nice when you realized that you’ve earned a lot. 2,000$ NOT BAD! That’s quite a big money. Congratulation! I really envy you because you already visited lots of countries. I want to go to France and Italy too! Wow, Goodluck on your incoming trip and goodluck in saving money :D

  8. Oh, haha. I’ve never tried fundraising before, but I definitely see how it could be a ton of work. I’m not so great about organizing events. Even birthday parties drive me out of my mind. xD

    Wow, that is a lot of pizza! But yay! That’s awesome you get to go on your trip now. And having extra spending money is always a nice thing. :D

    Ah, lucky. My Spring Break ends tomorrow. Back to the books for me. xD

    Congrats on the domain!

    Yes, meat can definitely be very healthy, if it is eaten in moderation. For vegetarians, and vegans especially, protein intake is a much higher concern. I get it through cheese, eggs, nuts, etc. I hold respect for people who keep to a healthy diet about meat and eat what their body needs.

    Thank you. :)

  9. Yeah, it’s nice to finally see sunshine again!

    I haven’t done a fundraiser since like middle school. It was just one of the books filled with mostly junk and a bunch of stuff that no one ever really needs, but they would order out of it anyway.

    That’s great that you’ve managed to raise $2,000! I wish I would have been able to go on a trip out of the country with my school. The furthest I ever went on a school trip was just a couple hours away.

    Hope you have a good spring break!

  10. Wow, you made $2000? That’s pretty impressive. Gosh, I’m so jealous. I want to go somewhere cool. I’ve never been out of the country, and I probably won’t get to any time soon. Px But I hope you have fun on your trip! And take a bunch of pictures for me! :3

  11. Congratulations on being able to fundraise enough money to go to France with your French Class (: I wish we could do stuff like that. My old french teacher is ghetto. I never think of Fundraisers as fun. Thats why I don`t bother going out on weekends/afterschool to join fundraiser events for band :P. Your parents are awesome for giving you the additional money! :) I think that is the right thing to do. Make your child work for what they want and help them out with the rest. I would`ve just nagged at my parents for 3000 dollars -___- which isn`t going to happen. LOL!

    I hate selling pizza D: Its like. You gotta deliver it fast or it`ll go bad! And I hate it when pizza lays around uneaten for the first hour D:! After that, the cheese gets hard and old looking! Don`t worry about it! Mistakes happen! I never expect anyone to be perfect when they are handling 10+ orders all at once. I know I would`ve been confused. Even with my “excel precautions”!

    Oooh! June 8! That is like… A week before my birthday :P! I hope you`ll have fun by that time :P And get ready with packing your bags even though its like 3 months away! :P Make a checklist!

    I hope your spring break will go alright :P! Take an awesome rest and mind off of school!

    take care.

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