A Day Entirely Devoted to Shoving My Face Into Candy

I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s day in my life. When I was in middle-school and ever so melodramatic, I hated it because no one was there to shower me in roses and profess their undying love to me. Then, I matured a little bit (or at least I like to think so) and when I entered high school, I began to see the positives and blessings in disguise that come with Valentine’s day despite being single. Hint: it’s candy.

I have a bit of a sweet tooth, to say the least. I love candy. I love chocolate. I love sugar. I love food. The end.

Valentine’s day is a bit of an overrated holiday and it really is only still in existence because of it’s commercial value, but nonetheless, I tend to like the holiday. :) I’m not in it for the mushy romantics, I just kind of like the idea of showing someone how you care.

At my school, they sell carnations for a dollar and you can buy one and then on Valentine’s day, they send whoever you bought the carnation for the carnation in the middle of class. It’s annoying after about the fifth time someone has walked in, interrupting the class to deliver a flower, but it’s kind of fun at the same time. I bought Becky one; we’ve always had this thing where we’re each other’s Valentine. It comes with the best friend package, I suppose. She bought me one as well. :P

And of course Andrew got me one. :) But, that’s not the best part of today. He bought be three and a half pounds of Sour Patch Kids. Yes. Three and a half pounds. He took the chocolate heart boxes and took out the chocolate (he claimed it was gross) and filled it instead with the Sour Patch Kids. I’ve never been so happy. We didn’t go out because it’s so crazy with everyone going out on dates. So we got some fast food and stayed in watching chick flicks. ;)

I will probably never be this skinny again after I’m finished with these.

Happy Valentine’s day. :)

4 thoughts on “A Day Entirely Devoted to Shoving My Face Into Candy”

  1. Man, I should of opted out of chocolate and gotten some yummy sour patch kids.


    I remember in my high school that they did the same. Carnations for a dollar. I remember every year I got one and I always gave one to a few of my friends. It was a nice little tradition my friends and I had.

    No one really felt left out ;3

  2. Hello! Hello!! I am so so so sorry about not been keeping up with your blog or anyone else’s! I feel so bad about this! Been trying to get my domain up and going with the portfolio up which is now up! But I see you’ve had a good Valentines!

    I’ve only gotten to celebrate Valentines day/Night at least one time. That was when I met Andrew D. The rest of the men out there are arses! They just care about sex. That’s about it. They don’t care about the person only themselves. One year in elementary school, we were supposed to give each other a valentine card, and I had bought a lot of Valentines Day Cards, and So fourth, however, when we had to go around the room giving each other cards, one year I did NOT receive ANY cards. I was so heart broken. I’ve never celebrated it in school either. We’ve had the same thing going on too Carnations selling for Valentines and other holidays. My best friend Nadine at the time and I had got each other birthday and Christmas gifts. So, after we had our tiff, we decided to part ways and that was the end of it. So we never heard from each other again. But I’m glad you had a great time celebrating it with Andrew, and staying in watching Chick Flicks with take in food. I finally bought my copy of “Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1”. It’s coming in the mail through ebay.com. I will have a marathon when it comes in the mail. :).

  3. hahaha thats so nice :) Changed from chocolate to Sour Patch Kids:)
    Valentines Day wasn’t something big for me when I was little, but eventually it became better. This year i spend the valentines day alone but only sweet messages from my good friends, thats enough :)

  4. LOL I’m not going to lie. My ex once gave me THAT exact box of chocolate. And the candy inside WAS gross. So this post made me laugh so much!!!!! hahaha. To his credit, the box is very cute :)

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