Alright ya’ll, I am officially 21!

I celebrated my twenty-first birthday on the seventh. I had a class to go to in the morning, but after that, I was ready to celebrate!

Andrew and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch (naturally, our favorite place pretty much on earth). We didn’t think they did anything for birthdays, but when we told our waitress that I was turning 21 she brought out a variety of beer samples for me to try. I enjoyed trying them all (the college student in me relishes everything that is free).

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But I still hate beer.

There is a famous brewery in Kansas City that (apparently) makes really good beer and they offer free tours twice a day. So we drove downtown and arrived only to find out that the tours had already filled up. I didn’t think that they would be very busy on a Tuesday and we even arrived half an hour early.

The guy was pretty nice though, and he directed us to the tasting room where he said we could try some free samples (yay free again!!). I haven’t tried their beer before so they gave me two samples. I can’t remember their names, but they were their two best sellers. They were really gross. I couldn’t even finish them so we just left. :P

Even though we didn’t get to go on the tour, we had a really nice time. We drove a few blocks over to Union Station because Andrew insisted there was a lot of things to do there. There really wasn’t, haha.

The World War I Memorial – which we had visited before and really enjoyed – was just across the street. It turned out to be a beautiful day to just walk around. We didn’t go into the actual museum, but just strolled the grounds and then went to the top of the tower, which has a great view of the city.



I think my favorite part was when the security guards yelled at Andrew for not walking on the stairs. He insisted they were talking about someone else, but I knew exactly who they were talking to. ;D

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That night, I went to Firehouse Subs to get my free (!!) sub sandwich that they give out on your birthday and then we stopped for ice cream afterwards. Andrew had bought a variety of cheap wines to try and they were very cheap, haha. It was really fun though. We had a couple of close friends over and played ping pong (I lost terribly). I got to wear a tiara, however, since I was the birthday girl so that made it better. My pride was only slightly wounded. You’ll have to excuse my selfies, but I was slightly inebriated and I really liked my tiara.


The Office was just playing in the background all night, but as we all became a little tipsy, we ended up just lying around and watching episodes back to back.

Not the most eventful 21st birthday, but I had a really nice time with Andrew and friends.

P.S. Fruity drinks are the best ever.

6 thoughts on “21.”

  1. It seems like everyone got to do something special for their 21st birthday. What did I do? I went to Red Robin, and was called an asshole by my dad in front of our really hot waiter. How embarrassing. I think my dad did that just to embarrass me. I didn’t even have a drink, because I don’t like drinking. I’m glad that you had a wonderful 21st birthday.

  2. Happy (belated) birthday! I’m not a fan of beer either. I definitely like sweet drinks and ciders better. That looks like a fun birthday though! I think it’s nice that you could spend it with close friends :)

  3. Lol, I hate beer too! No matter how much they say it’s good, I just don’t get why. XD

    It’s so awesome you got to have lots of free stuff on your birthday! That’s always a great thing, and it’s even more special because it’s your birthday! :P And yay for spending the day with close friends. I think any day becomes special when you love the people you’re spending it with! Glad you had a great birthday :)

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