Unemployment is busier than I thought

I know it’s only been less than a week since I’ve blogged, but it has felt like years. We have been so busy this past week, I’m not sure where to even begin.

My grandpa fell last week when he was carrying his groceries in from his car. He lost his balance as he was going up the stairs from his driveway and fell backwards onto his back. Thankfully his phone was in his pocket, so he was able to call my mom and she took him to the ER. He had a compressed vertebrae, so they admitted him for three days. He had a small procedure done to help minimize the pain, but he is still quite sore and suffering from pain.

As scary as it was, we are all actually really grateful it wasn’t a lot worse because he could have broken something or even hit his head. When I went and visited him in the hospital, the doctors made it sound like it would take a couple months for him to get back to normal. But they all remarked that even for his age, he is doing really well – and he is going to be 93 in October!

He is staying with my parents for the time being, since he can’t really cook or do a whole lot by himself with his pain. But I’ve been visiting him the past few days and he is in pretty good spirits, which is good. Pain meds do wonders. ;)

Meanwhile, we have managed to get all our boxes that we had set in the garage completely unpacked. I’m still working with decorations because I need to buy new curtains and rugs, as well as some lamps for our bedroom. But everything is coming together! I finally finished the gallery wall for our living room, though it took me a while to get it where I liked it. It’s still bothering me a bit though, so I might play with it some more before I share pictures.

Andrew and his stepdad tore up all of the carpet in the basement and put new carpet down. They haven’t quite finished yet, but it does look a lot better. They are going to be redoing the carpet upstairs as well, so it will look really nice when it is all done! I’m just glad I finished with all the painting! :D

I’ve also been running a lot of errands. My car needed an oil change and they found some other things that need to be worked on, so I have to call around and get some different quotes. I’ve also got some doctor appointments scheduled, veterinarian appointments since my dog has some allergies, as well as a graduation party and a family cookout!

So despite not having a job, I have been keeping quite busy. ;) Tomorrow though, I am going to get the ball rolling. I need to update my resume to include my latest internship, and then I’m going to start applying.

But in all honesty, I am really enjoying being school-free and job-free at the moment. :P

11 thoughts on “Unemployment is busier than I thought”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa’s fall. I’m glad to hear that he got taken care of as soon as possible! Hope he has a fast recovery!

    Good luck with getting everything together! It’s good to keep yourself busy, especially when you have things to be taken care of. I’m sending my blessings your way for your job hunting process!~

  2. It must be a good break for now if you are keeping busy. I’ve heard nightmare stories about people doing literally nothing on their time off (or surfing the internet, as you do these days) and getting bored.

    I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather but glad to hear he’s back on his feet quite quickly again. He must certainly be doing well for 93. :) If my grandparents were still around I think they would be about the same age – sadly they have all passed because they weren’t in good health. :(

    Best of luck applying for some new jobs. I am sure that as a recent graduate, many companies would be willing to have you on board :)

  3. I’m sorry about your grandpa! Does he have life alert? My grandpa carried around a life alert on his neck. :)

    I had a fun grad party as well and been enjoying my life with no school. I’ve been going to doctors appointments too! Its nice that I don’t go to the doctor without my parents anymore. LOL. I didn’t know you had a dog!! You should post pictures.

    What jobs are you going to apply for?

  4. Yike! I’m glad your grandpa’s okay and that the fall wasn’t as bad as it could have been! *hugs*

    And yay for being busy XD Better than just sitting around doing nothing. Being busy definitely helps the time go by faster. At the same time, though, it’s okay to take a break! You’ve worked hard for the last four years, so see the time now as a chance to take it easy a bit.

    Otherwise, good luck with getting a lot of stuff done and good luck with the job hunt :3

  5. hi becca! i missed your blog!! <3

    firstly, i'm SO relieved when you mentioned that your grandpa is recovering from the accident. he seems so strong for a man in his 90s!

    and it's great that there are plenty of things that keep you busy while you're unemployed. you have plenty of time to run errands and moving to your new home. take this time off to stay chill as well, and read plenty of books, i guess? you would be quite busy (and possibly exhausted) once you get a new job. ^^;

  6. Oh no, that is really awful to hear about your grandpa. I am so glad that he had his phone on him and was able to get assistance. It was always really stressful if any of my grandparents became ill or had a fall, I would get so worried. It’s great that it wasn’t a lot worse and that is so fantastic that he is doing well and he is 93!

    Glad to hear that everything is coming together. I am sure the gallery wall looks amazing. :D It’s always so great to have a change of flooring if the old one is past its ‘used by’ date. xD

    Good luck with applying for jobs. I am sure you will be able to find something great. :D

  7. Oh I hope you’re grandpa is fine though he sounds like he’s doing well. That stuff can always be scary.

    Man though you’ve kept busy! Good luck on the job hunt!

  8. Omgosh – I’m sorry your grandpa was hurt but that’s wonderful he’s doing so well for his age! He’s a strong old man. :)

    It sounds like you just moved which is quite time consuming so it’s good you have time to take care of things!! Happy summer! And I would advise for enjoying your time between school and work – I never had even one day and I haven’t been unemployed since 2013 – which was actually the year before I graduated. Everyone tries to rush into getting a job but it’s never too late to get one – especially since you already have internship experience!

  9. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your grandpa’s fall :( I hope he has a speedy recovery! Falls like that are scary!

    Wow, you’ve been really busy with a lot of things! That’s nice that you unpacked all those boxes. Unpacking is the hardest part for me. (I actually still have unpacked boxes that have been sitting around for a few years…) I’m also amazed that Andrew and his stepdad are replacing the carpet themselves. Seems like a lot of work!

    Good luck with your job search later!

  10. My grandmother aka nana has been falling and it has been scaring me. :( I’m so sorry to hear that about your grandpa. I hope he gets to feeling better.

    Good luck on your job search!

  11. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I’m happy to hear it wasn’t that serious, as you said, it could’ve been a lot worse. Keeping him in my thoughts, I hope for a speedy recovery! <3

    You have been really busy, I'm glad to hear that you're still keeping yourself busy despite being jobless at the moment. I love been busy and having a long to-do list xD Good luck with the job search in the future!

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