Too Little Time

I’ve been kind of putting this off, because I miss blogging and think I’ll get around to updating but I never do, so I am going on a temporary hiatus. School has been absolutely ridiculous; I have so much homework (and gasp! it’s hard!)

Tennis season has been absolutely wonderful so far, but it is really consuming my time as well. Then when the night is over, after practice and homework, I’m too exhausted to even change into pajamas. I’m too stressed to even try and make this hiatus post look pretty or make coherent sense. Blahh

I’ll be back, just not until things settle down a little bit.

P.S. I loved hearing all your stories about learning to ride a bike! I will return all comments when I come back. <3

10 thoughts on “Too Little Time”

  1. Sorry to hear you are being so overwhelmed by homework and tennis! I hope you have a good hiatus; taking a break every once in a while is a good thing. It sounds like you could use a break too!

  2. I hope life isn’t too getting caught up to you! I hope you’ll have fun with tennis and all of the activities going on life. Especially homework and school :)! I hope you’ll take care and come back soon :D

  3. I went on like a hiatus for the whole summer-___- I was really bad at blogging this summer. I miss it, but its hard and a lot of work. I know comments can take hours, (plus reading blogs). Anyway do well in school and I hope you enjoy your tennis season :) It should get easier as the year goes on, well I hope it does lol

  4. School gets harder every year. It’s an unnatural kind of suckiness, but it does. College is ten times as hard if it makes you feel any better? :{

    Good luck with everything. Stress is no fun. :(

  5. Seems as though I’ve just missed you. :/

    Good luck with everything, though, and I can’t wait until you’re back! <3

  6. Breaks are good! Take your time and come back when you are ready! :) I’m sorry that you are overwhelmed with tennis and school, however, I know it can get very stressful. I can’t wait until you’re back! :) <3

  7. Ahhh good luck with school and time management! We’ll all be waiting for you when you come back! It’s ironic that I have more time now that school has started for most people – so they stop bothering me to hang out you see – but that might change soon for me to.

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