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I have this really awesome English teacher, and around last November, she was trying to get a group of students together to run a half-marathon with her. At first, I thought it would be a great opportunity to just overall get in shape. The only drawback was that it would cost $90 to enter. Since then, I’ve decided that I’m not going to run because I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for a half-marathon in such a short amount of time. But, I decided that I am going to train for it so I can just keep in shape and live a little healthier.

A few of my friends had decided to enter or train so it’s nice that some of my friends will be doing it with me. We just started to train for it on Tuesday after school and we jogged the majority of 3.2 miles. Whooo. Let’s just say that I am so out of shape. :P The beginning and end of the run was alright, but in the middle I think I pushed myself a little too far because I started to get dizzy. Nonetheless, I want to keep up the runs after school.

We were planning on running on Thursday as well, but surprise! We got the first snow of the year! :)

(And as a side note: I should not have to get up before the sun!) I was a little disappointed we couldn’t go running, but I love snow so I wasn’t too bummed. :)

Since I couldn’t run on Thursday, I decided I would jog to keep up just on my own. Since it was absolutely freezing outside, I ran on the treadmill that we have downstairs. My parents bought that thing forever ago, probably seven or eight years ago, and no one in my family hardly uses it. My mom used it at first, but she didn’t like it very much so no one else really used it. So I thought that I would put it to good use.

Unlike the first time I ran with the group where I had pushed myself too hard, I slowed it down a little bit and it felt really, really good just to exercise. A cold shower afterwards feels just as good, too. :) Since then, I’ve gone jogging on the treadmill a couple more times and each time I paced myself and again, it felt really good just to exercise.

I used to really, really hate running. Now that I think about it, it was always because I pushed myself way too hard or I would just jump into things without being prepared. I remember one time last year I did a P90X workout and I had pushed myself so far that afterwards I was throwing up and had to just go to bed. I just wasn’t ready for that kind of a workout. You’d think that I would have gotten the hint after that but I just kept blaming on it on other reasons.

Whenever I went running with friends, I would always try to exercise on their level and it would feel absolutely awful. I guess I just thought that that’s what exercise was supposed to feel like. I didn’t realize that running could actually feel good. So I’m just going to keep running on my level and eventually I’ll catch up to them. Me running shouldn’t be all about me comparing myself to others; it should just be about me comparing myself today to myself yesterday.

Running hasn’t been a new year resolution of mine, but I am hoping to keep it up. On a bit of a different note, to celebrate the new year a bit more, I’ve done a site clean-up. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this website is for me to write. Write blogs, articles, whatever. Just write. I tend to get carried away though, so I sifted through my crappy older articles and went on a bit of a deleting spree. I also got rid of all my “graphics/resource/tutorial” …things. It looks so nice and clean now. :)

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  1. I hate running also. I power walk on the treadmill. I am doing a walk in November of this year and already started training for it so I am in full shape for it. Good luck :D

    As for these men. I have decided that I won’t be in a relationship anymore. I decided this last year because I was going through some really tough times and a death in the family made me reassess. I’m ok with my decision. I am just hurt I can’t do nice things for people without it being some kind of vendetta. :(

  2. I had a great English teacher last year, I wish I had him again this year. He made me really love english and prepared me for this year. Anyway that is great that she wants you guys to be active with her. I think teachers should encourage students with activities that are non-academic too. Even if you don’t run as fast or as good, it’s just healthy doing it. I wish I ran more. This blog has motivated me to start running more, but it’s really cold out =/ And I am lazy during the winter lol. Hopefully in college I’ll do more, like read while on a treadmill lol Multitasking ftw. I use to run a lot before I stopped playing field hockey and lacrosse because school took up a lot of time=/ I was so in shape. I also am not in gym because I am in a leadership program during the time, yea… i need to run more lol Also don’t compare yourself to others! Set goal limits for yourself and that will help you get better. I actually like running alone better because I get intimidated by others.

    Thank you for liking my layout! lol I don’t want to be “online famous” or get a ton of comments from people I don’t really have a connection with. I think one of the reasons why I went MIA was because I was overwhelmed with comments. Like 3 years ago I would get like 50 comments a week, and it would just pile up. I love reading them but it’s hard to comment and it just became tiring. But I love when people visit lol

    I deleted my old cutenews, fanupdate and wordpress blogs (cause I never really saved) but my xanga was still there lol I was just whiny and annoying. It’s funny to read how little problems back then seemed huge. I guess in 4 years I’ll think about this when I re-read it lol

  3. Having the feeling of being Solitary is okay at times, and I’m over it. I think it was just the first week of school that caught up with me. I’m still, needing to read for my drawing class, and all that stuff, but the vast majority of it is DONE.

    I hate running! I can’t stand it. I’ve tried it even tried jogging and neither are good for me. Probably because of my stomach. I can’t really jog because of it. I powerwalk if anything. I’m wanting to get our little dog Chuck used to the harness and leash so that I can take him out on the days I have off and get him trained on it. That’ll be my exercise and plus walking around campus haha.

    Yeah, I’m gonna go to Disneyland for my birthday. I checked out the park hours, and they are open at 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. So that’s not bad. Though Thursday is my long day of classes. Which is no big deal, I can sleep in the car on the way back from Disneyland heehee. But yeah, it’ll be fun. I get paid on my birthday as well; as going to Disneyland!!! WHOO! I’m excited. Though I do have to pay my tuition on Thursday the next day sometime. So hopefully; I can do that. And make it too. Anyway, Disneyland can be very exhausting if you go go go go. And not stop and eat. My feet hurt at the end of the day, but I think that’s because of my stomach. It’s still round. But ah well. I’m hoping to get rid of it. But the cool thing is I can fit into a size 17 in juniors!!! :D. But yeah, if I limit myself I can do it and than go to school the next day. :).

  4. I call that hardcore running. Being a regular runner I’d just say go out for a run to stay in shape. However with my annoyingly busy summer and college, I haven’t gone out for runs regularly since summer 2010.

    Haha yay you finally got snow! Still nothing here, completely brown and dry.

    Please don’t hate running, haha! Things like this shouldn’t be a chore, and you never should force yourself into it. You’ll have to see a good side to exercising that’s what really helps. I don’t like going to gyms because that’s JUST for working out. I love going to run instead because I can listen to music and sing badly and think about things.

    Good luck in keeping up with running. Go for it only when you really want to! That’s my attitude towards it anyway.

    Hahaha I don’t really like the appetizers restaurants offer. They are pretty much like full meals themselves! But they’re usually not as good as full meals.

    There are several games. I have Super Mario Galaxy as well as the game I played which is just called Super Mario Bros because it has the original Mario theme just in better graphics. Haha that’s kinda like me, my brother has gaming platforms other than Wii and he doesn’t let me touch them. I don’t know why he just doesn’t take them with him to his apartment but I guess he doesn’t want distractions. He’s a hardcore COD fan … what’s with boys and COD? My boyfriend likes it too though he doesn’t have a console to play it on here.

    Hahaha. In winter I hate wearing a jacket because of the sleeve thing, but in summer I love wearing sleeves! I hate wearing pants in the summer but I don’t think short sleeves go with shorts so well. Tomboyish.

  5. I admire you for at least attempting to get in shape. I need to try a bit harder, too, this semester. =P Like you, I just have trouble finding a pace that fits me. I usually just stick to my exercise bike.

    Yay, snow~ I live in Wisconsin, and we had a day there where it was 50 degrees. IT’S JANUARY, IT SHOULD NOT BE THAT WARM!! It was throwing me off balance. But the last week or so we’ve finally started getting snow, and I feel a lot better about it.

  6. I love it when teachers tries to get students involved in cool things like running the half-marathon! No one said it’s going to be easy, so of course training would be the ideal thing to do :P. But wow 3.2 miles of jogging is a lot! And I thought 3.2 miles of marching was a lot ‘~’. You go girl ;D! Good luck with all of that training! :D

    The P90x workout must be famous or something ;O! My band director finished the p90x a few months ago. And every time he does a workout, it’s done after practice at the band room. Surprisingly, 5+ people usually do it with him. It wasn’t too bad :P

    Good job on the site cleanup :D! I want to do one with mine but ehh. Too lazy.

    I only marched 3 parades this school year. 1 was with my school’s band and 2 was with the LA all city band. I’m hoping my school’s band will march another parade. But I’m just iffy about what instrument I’ll play ;o because I gave my clarinet to my freshmen student

    Take care ;D

  7. I think Of Mice and Men is probably one of my favorite books. I cried at the end when I first read it. xD

    Yay snow! I wish it would snow here. :P I’m glad you’re having a good time with the running! ^^ I love running, but I don’t really like to go by myself; so whenever anyone goes out to exercise like that with me, we normally just walk. Occasionally I’ll run ahead though. Now that I think about it, that seems a little childish but oh well. :P I’m thinking about joining a track team next school year.

    Congrats on the cleanup. ^^ The pages do look really good. :D

  8. I have been 155 for 2 months now and I can’t lose this gut. I’ve been hitting the gym every day switching between lifting weights one day and cardio the next again and again. Am I doing something wrong? A friend said I should try OxyElite. Are there any better fat burners out there?.

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