These Last Days

I have an addiction with buying books, and it is really unfortunate considering the fact that I’m a college student and really don’t have any extra money to spend. But Barnes & Noble keeps sending me these discounts and sales promotions to my e-mail for beautiful leatherbound classic books like these and I just can’t resist! So this is why I’m typing up a new blog post because I currently have $50 worth of books in my shopping cart and I’m trying to not press the ‘check out’ button. I’m also to the point though that I’m forgetting which books I own and which I don’t… so I should probably wait til I get home to double check. D’oi.

I also should be studying for my last final that I have tomorrow… but nahhh.

I met with one of the administrator’s to fill out the paperwork for my job this morning. :) I’d say it was exciting, but it was filing out tax forms and that would be a complete lie. It made me happy to know though that it’s all official now. I just have to send them a voided check and then I’ll be ready to start working for next semester.

Though the check thing has me a little worried, because over Thanksgiving break (about 3 weeks ago), I ordered some checks and I was supposed to have received them by now. I sent them to my home address, so my parents may just be blind and may not see the box among the other boxes of books Christmas presents I have bought that are apparently piling on my bed. I’m going home tomorrow (!!!!!!!!) so I’ll figure it out then. Hopefully they haven’t gotten lost in the mail. :/

I’m so ready to go home. This first semester of schooling for me was a bit rough and I’m just really tired. Tired of school work, of long assignments, of cafeteria food — especially this week since it is finals week. I mean really, they served nacho cheese with macaroni the other night. They really have just given up. *barf* And I miss everyone back home.

Finals week has been pretty easy for me. I had two French finals and then a Psychology Final, and the rest of my classes I just had projects. I know that did great on my French oral – I somehow managed to get a 98% on that. Talk about miracles. Not so sure how I did on my written final, but I’m not too worried. I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I got a B in the class, and that’s okay. I have my last final tomorrow at 10:30AM, so I’m hoping to be finished by noon and then me and Andrew and another friend will be heading out by hopefully 1.

Did I also mention that The Hobbit comes out tomorrow at midnight? Did I mention that this dork will be attending the midnight premiere. Did I mention that I get to see my best friend there, too? Weeeeee! Super excited for the movie! Not excited about leaving the next day for Pennsylvania to see my grandma, but that 12 hour drive I will be getting much needed sleep. And it will be good to see her. I haven’t seen her since my grandpap died, so this trip will be a bit different.

So basically I haven’t done anything the last couple of days but watch The Office and play dumb computer games. All for the sake of procrastination, and it’s been a lovely last few days of doing absolutely nothing.

P.S. Today is 12/12/12. :D

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  1. I will also be attending the midnight premiere of The Hobbit as well. I’m still in a bit of disbelief though… I’ve waited yeeeeears for this story to become a movie, and it’s finally here! I am pretty excited. :)

    Can’t wait. I hope you have fun as well! And good luck with your book addiction. I have one as well & I think I always will. :P

  2. I think it’s a good thing that you enjoy reading; except that it sucks to be a college student because of the money issue :/. If you really want those books, it’s definitely worth the investment. And I hope you did good on your finals!

    Filing out tax forms can’t always be fun; but it’s good to be optimistic. Congratulations once again on getting the job! Hopefully all of your things have been shipped and it sounds like you’re going to have fun sorting through those boxes ;).

    With your first semester over with, you have plenty more to go. And we all need a break. Congratulations on getting a 98% on your final! Even if you got a B, it’s still pretty good.

    I hope you had fun watching The Hobbit as well! :)! If you’re a fan, it’s worth the adventure.

    Take care :)! And hopefully we will keep in touch next semester or during the break XD.

  3. Haha, you’re pretty funny! I wish I could tell you NOT to push the checkout button but I’m a shopaholic myself! There have been plenty of times when I wish I had someone to tell me not to shop until I went broke.

    I like Barnes and Noble too! I’m not sure if we have one here in KY but I know Ohio does. I wish I could be a book addict. I tend to get books and not read them. Bad! I need to start reading them!

    Have fun! :)

  4. Oh man, books are awesome. I wish I could buy some :P

    That’s awesome that you are getting a job! I really want to see the Hobbit myself. Hope you enjoyed it! Congrats on your finals!

  5. I love books! Especially the ones on my phone now! I still love R.L.Stine books but they can get pretty expensive at times though! Especially when you’re not working and/or a college student :/.

    I’m sure you’ll find your box of checks on your bed – they’ve got to be there. If they aren’t – I’d simply ask where they’re at from the place you’ve ordered them from. That’s what I did with my Walmart Gift card.

    Anyway – I think you should check this site out : she’s a really good writer. :).

  6. Hey Becca,
    Glad your semester is finally out. Hope you did well on that last exam!
    I have a family friend that found that same Narnia book ebay or something. She was so happy to get it. ^_^
    I would be buying more books if I had the money. When I get a paying job I’m making a fund!
    Hope you have an absolutely wonderful holiday season!

  7. I haven’t been reading much in college…well for fun… I use to read a lot back in high school. I only read one book because I didn’t really have the time and if I did I need to be really into a book to finish it. Reading is a great way though, if you ever want to be a lone, which sometimes I like in college, since we are always around people. I think on barnes and there is a way to get really cheap books, I think I bought books that way once.

    What job are you applying for? I want a job, but I don’t have workstudy. Most of the jobs at my college are work study based. Maybe I’ll try next year.

    The first semester was rough for me a bit, just with everything. By the end, I was happy. I didn’t do extremely well, but because of my adjustment, I think I did well. I think I got enough to be on the deans list :)

    I am so happy I am on winter break right now, I really love seeing people from back home (although I realized I’ve only been seeing the same people…opps… haha) but I guess those are the people that you stay close too?

  8. Lol I am addicted to books too. But I just maxed out my last $150 on Christmas presents. I spent a whole semester saving it!

    I am commenting on this way late but I know how you feel. I was so ready to be hom for break though I do live at home haha. But I am so tired of all the assignments. And cafeteria food is nasty. I’m glad you were okay with finals because most freshmen are not.

    I haven’t seen The Hobbit! I really really really really really want to. I’m a big LOTR fans.

    Happy New Year youuuu!

  9. It would be really hard to resist such thing as books. Bu that’s just it. They’re really tempting to buy and sometimes, it gets harder and harder to resist them.

    So I guess you have watched the ” The Hobbit” by now. I’ve seen the “The Lord of the Rings” and I was impressed. I want to watch that one on the cinema but for this week, that would be impossible since all cinemas would be showing local films until New Year. Les Miserables is on my list as well. I hope to watch them as soon as possible.

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