The World’s #1 Wuss Strikes Again

I believe that I have mentioned numerous times throughout my blog that I am The World’s #1 Wuss, I can’t stand the sight of blood, and I become incredibly light-headed and woozy at the silliest things, and here, my friends, is another reason why.

Becky called me last night, and out of the blue, said that she wanted to get her eyebrow pierced. I was a little surprised, since she hadn’t mentioned a desire for it before. She asked if I would like to go with her, and as this is a momentous occasion that BFFs must attend, I obviously agreed to. On the way there, I happened to just say in passing with a little giggle, “I hope I don’t pass out.” We both laughed and moved on with the conversation.

(side note: It is soooooo good to be back home and to be able to drive around town with my best friend again. I missed that so much during school!)

The place we went to was in a place called “The Loop” which is just a fun area with lots of shops and restaurants. The tattoo/piercing shop was really clean and kind of snazzy – though I really can’t compare because that’s the only tattoo/piercing shop I’ve been in before. Becky filled out some paperwork and then we headed to the back to a little room.

Becky sat in the chair, facing away from me so I wouldn’t have to see the actual piercing (thank you very much). I held her purse and just kind of idly looked around me since there wasn’t a chair for me to sit in. Becky started to feel light-headed, so the guy asked me to grab her a sucker from a jar nearby, so I did. When I had returned, he had laid her back in the chair and I could see her now. I handed her the sucker and helloooo, her freshly-pierced eyebrow was staring back at me.

It was pinkish red, and I couldn’t tell if that was from some dried blood or from swelling or just the color of irritated skin. I looked away pretty quickly, but the damage had pretty much been done. I started to feel a bit light-headed and a little dizzy, so I leaned against this half-wall beside me, thinking that it would pass pretty quickly.

The next thing I knew, it was completely black and I had know idea where the heck I was or how I had gotten there. There were people touching me, holding me down, turning my head. What was going on? Not going to lie, I thought I had been kidnapped and that I had been blindfolded. But then I could start to see and remembered where I was.

Nope. Wasn’t kidnapped, was just with Becky at a tattoo/piercing shop and yes, I had actually passed out.

How embarrassing.

Apparently I was shouting when I was out. First, for my mom. (Oh my gosh, I think shouting for my mother, as a 19 year old girl, is the most embarrassing of all of it.) And then I shouted “What is going on?!” Which made sense, because I remember thinking it.

They sat me up and leaned me against the wall. There was blood coming from somewhere, so that’s why they were turning my head to try and find where from. I had worn my Harry Potter necklace, which had little baubles on it like Hedwig’s cage, Hermione’s wand, a bottle of Snape’s tears, etc. and it had apparently stabbed me. (Heh, we both got piercings yesterday!) There was some blood on my shirt and I must have also bit my tongue or cheek because I could taste blood.

They got me a band-aid to put on my neck to stop the bleeding. They also gave me a cup of water and a sucker. Still in a weird kind of daze, I laughed and said to Becky, “And I had told you on the way here that I hope I don’t pass out.” I then apologized to the two guys that worked there and they were so nice. One of them said it happens pretty frequently and they had had worse. Some people had urinated themselves. The other guy said that this was the first time he worked that someone had passed out. Well, I’m glad I could be your first, sir.

After a few more minutes, I was feeling much better and my color was returning so I stood up and we thanked them again and left. We stopped at a Subway to get a soda because Becky insisted I needed sugar. Then we realized that she still hadn’t paid and had left her license at the shop. I sat on a bench outside while she went back in to pay because I was still totally and completely embarrassed.

On the way home I could not stop laughing just at the absurdity of the entire situation. I had passed out and I wasn’t even the one that got the piercing. Becky said that when she heard me fall, she whipped her head around and instantly had an adrenaline rush so she didn’t feel light-headed anymore. Obviously one of us was bound to pass out, so I thought I would just take the bullet for my best friend. :)

My brothers instantly noticed the band-aid on my neck when I got home. I explained and they both just laughed. When I got back home from work today, Steven saw me and just started laughing again. I stated that it was not my fault that I got all the crappy genes! My mom and dad are both out of town but they are coming back tonight. Should be interesting explaining to them why I have a band-aid on my neck….

14 thoughts on “The World’s #1 Wuss Strikes Again”

  1. Omg lol I’m sorry the story was funny to read though it obviously isn’t funny for you. I think some people just don’t like sights like that, me included, so I don’t think you’re a wuss. I’m glad you were there for your best friend.

    I’ve never seen an eyebrow piercing at first hand so I wouldn’t know if I would have a problem. But I’ve heard people pass out from things like that so I wouldn’t be embarrassed.

    I hope your neck is okay because that could be really bad. That’s the part of this story that worries me. I hope you’re well, and I missed reading your blog.

    1. I missed talking to you!!

      And yes, my neck is quite well. It took a little chunk out, but nothing a band-aid couldn’t fix in two days. I think I might have a little scar, but we’ll see how it heals. Thanks for your concern. <3

      (Also, you are very welcome to laugh, considering I can't NOT laugh whenever I tell it to people! Haha)

  2. Hey! How was your freshman year? Mine was awesome and I can’t believe we’re sophomores!
    It sounds like you can never be a doctor..but I’m glad you’re better and everything’s okay.
    Maybe you should have gone to a more reputable shop?

    1. My freshman year went really well! I ended up getting straight A’s (and an A-) and I’m very excited that I have one year down!

      It was a reputable shop and it was not their fault at all that I passed out. I didn’t even get a piercing… So it was just the fact that I saw it that made me queasy and pass out.

  3. I find your story funny yet it’s not something funny for you. I mean, passing out isn’t cool at all. I bet it was really scary x_x It’s a good thing everything was all ok afterwards! :)

  4. Ah it’s funny now that everything is okay. It must’ve been scary!! I’ve never passed out before, but I imagine you would feel really confused when you come to. And I’m not that great with blood either :S.

  5. OMG! I’ve never passed out due to the sight of blood. I guess I have different genes. But man that was kinda scary and kinda funny at the same time. I’m glad you were able to laugh about it. Most people would be so embarrassed about it. I know if that where to happen to me I’d be embarrassed about it.

    But I’m glad you’re doing good! Yeah this entire week I’ve been wanting to play Mario Bros. We were at my boyfriend’s house for Father’s day weekend, and I met his family and thought we’d play games like he had mentioned. But we ended up not playing which is okay. I did find an app called 72 in 1. It has all the old school games like Baseball, Chess, Mario, Karate, and pac-man. There’s more but I can’t remember all the names. I don’t think you would want me to name all 72 games. LOL. But all in all meeting his father and his aunts was a nice change of pace.

  6. Oh man, passing out’s gotta suck D: Hemataphobia can’t be that uncommon, though, and hey–blood is kind of gross, anyway.

    It’s a good thing you were better soon enough :)

  7. I feel really bad that I found that hilarious but I’m glad you’re also able to see the humour in it enough to have posted this! Let’s hope your friend doesn’t turn into a piercing-per-year person like me, so you don’t have to pass out annually! :p

    Have you ever tried to look at blood more often to help lessen the reaction?

  8. Oh God, I’m the exact same with blood! Last year in school someone from the national health service came around to tell us about donating blood, and as soon as she started talking about how they take the blood out and stuff (in great detail, I must add) I just had to get out my chair and run away. I was relieved that I had managed to escape without puking my guts up so imagine my further relief when I was told later that another girl watching actually had been sick… If I was there when that had happened I would have not been able to handle it!

    I think I’m alright with tattoos and piercings though, I only have my ears pierced but I think I’m getting my first tattoo soon so I’m looking forward to that!

  9. I have the same problem, I seriously can’t look at blood, whenever I have a cut or anything that bleeds, I have to clean it without looking and apply a bandage, I always wanted to be a doctor, but I don’t think I could handle having to perform surgery in medical school or seeing shots being given, so that went out the door. I always feel guilty about never giving blood too. I hope your friend enjoys her new piercing though!

  10. I know I almost passed out once I gave blood. It’s okay :D I’m glad that you were okay. I’m a wuss too. Hahaha

  11. At least now you have a wonderfully amusing story to tell in the future :) I have the same problem around blood, too. Except, I haven’t passed out yet (and hope to never). I’m glad you’re okay, though and that you came out with a story and just a “piercing”, heh ^-^

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