The Silly Little Things

The weather has been so beautiful lately! The birds have been chirping in the morning and I went on a walk earlier today with Becky and Tabor, my dog. I love walks with my best friend because it’s just nice to catch up but to also be outside, enjoying the weather. It’s weird to think that just last Thursday it snowed here, and now it’s 80 degrees (Fahrenheit)! Craziness!

I put away the space heater earlier that I use during winter when my room gets unbearably cold. My room has been a little stuffy actually, so I went to open my windows and OH MY GOSH THERE IS A SPIDER THE SIZE OF MY HEAD. (Okay, maybe not that big, but this thing is huge.)

I shrieked and slammed my window shut just to realize that it was on the inside, and that I just trapped it inside my room. Frantically, desperately trying to get it out of my room, I fling my window back open and I think I sent it flying somewhere in the depths of my cluttered and disorganized room. I now have no idea where it’s at and keep imagining bugs crawling all over me.

I’m absolutely terrified of spiders, well bugs in general, really, but spiders most of all. When I think about it, it’s such an irrational fear. Spiders don’t really cause a lot of harm; sure they can bite you but it’s highly unlikely that they are deadly. So why am I scared of them?

Another silly thing that I’m scared of is thunderstorms. I’m not sure what it is about them; maybe because they’re loud and creepy and the perfect time to kill someone; or maybe it’s the rain slamming against my window. Either way, it makes me feel like a four year old and I just hide under my covers and hope it passes soon.

Are you scared of something that is rather silly or doesn’t make sense?

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  1. You have the same fears as my younger brother actually. Though it’s very weird to see him freak out by a tiny Daddy Long Legs when he’s this big ex-HS linebacker. Though I guess it’s like my grossing out (no longer fear, just… really, REALLY grossed out) notion of cockroaches. They’re harmless and although gross, don’t really hurt people.

    Bugs are alright by me, just don’t show me any roaches. :x

  2. (Reply to comment on my site)
    Cool! A long ride…last holiday I went on a plane to Dubai then South Africa because I have lots of relatives in South Africa and it took 14 hours to get to Dubai and 14 hours to get to South Africa on a plane. I. HATE. PLANES. SO. MUCH. ;_____;. I throw up. And feel really hot. And sick. And can’t eat.

    I love going for walks. :DD Especially riding my bike with my brother and my friends to the park and having a picnic and climbing on the enormous tree and riding down the big hill and getting all my friends who live close by….LOL OK I’LL STOP NAO. WOW. DUDE. 80 DEGREES. Do you measure the temperature in degrees celsius?? I think it’s different to here,…if it was 80 degrees we would be dead. XD

    I. Am. Really. Scared. Of. Spiders. I’ll never ever ever ever ever ever ever touch a daddy long legs…or those tiny red ones..too…freaky….o3o Once there was one on my shoulder. And I was like. *SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM SCREAMMMMMMMM* Ok. I’m the loudest screamer in the school. And the most high pitched. And ear killing. XDD

    I’m not scared of thunderstorms..luckily. 8DD

    I’m scared of Santa and people dressed up in bunny suits and stuffz. x.x

  3. The weather has been great here too. It’s suppose to get up to 72 today! But I was just watching the weather and by Thursday it is suppose to be back down in the 40’s. -.-

    I don’t like spiders either! I always make my mom or dad kill them, haha. One night me and my sister found one, I think it was in the bathroom, and we ended up waking my dad just to kill it. :P

    I use to be scared of thunderstorms, when I was little, but now I love them. Especially late at night when I’m in bed.

    Are you scared of something that is rather silly or doesn’t make sense?
    Uhmm, I guess mostly just spiders. I don’t particularly like clowns either or when someone is in a costume and you can’t see their face. I don’t like not knowing who’s in the costume, haha.

  4. I’m scared of staples, which is pretty irrational. But it’s because I was traumatised by an incident that occurred when I was younger (I stapled my fingers). I’m not really scared of spiders… they frighten me when I first see them but if I can get them out of the house then I’m all good. If they’re really big then they can scare me even more I guess! :P

    I remember going somewhere and seeing some kid with a spider on the side of his head. He didn’t really notice. I actually saw the spider on a plant earlier but I didn’t want to talk to the kid. It was at a tutoring centre ages ago and I remember him walking into the classroom, later followed by sounds and screams and “SPIDER!!!” Hahahha.

    Thunderstorms scare me a little, so I make sure I shut all my doors and windows, of course. They’re just so sudden so sometimes I’m not expecting the noise. D:

    I’m afraid of the dark. I use a nightlight but when I turn out the main light I still jump into bed because I’m scared something is going to get me if I’m not in bed. XP

    Ohh I love oranges! Good for you too. But I hate when I get cravings and just eat a lot of the stuff I’m craving once I get my hands on it. That happens to me with sushi…

    I am not really a fan of coffee but it sort of helps wake me up. I think tea would be a better option. :P I don’t mind the smell of coffee, my mum always makes it in the mornings… she just has to have it. D: not as bad as some people, like this lady I saw on television who had to drink 5 times a day. She ended up trying to kick the habit and couldn’t NOT have coffee… so it was hard for her. XP

    You’re welcome! :)

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