The Night My Manager Saved me from a Hustler

I was working my normal Saturday night shift at the movie theatre and was in the box office selling tickets. From box office, you can see up to the bar that overlooks the mall area and the escalators that lead outside. I nudged my co-worker and nodded towards the bar at the man in the white suit and large, straw hat.

“I like his hat.” I smirked.

“He looks straight out of Gatsby.” He said.

We laughed and didn’t pay him any more attention.

About ten minutes later, the man comes up the guest services line and starts asking weird questions about a movie with letters in it. Since we aren’t showing anything even remotely close to “letters” in the name, I had no idea what he was talking about or asking.
I offer some suggestions of movies he might be talking about.

“Well it’s got a guy and a girl,” he bellows, plowing over me with his words. “They’re going steady, and then uh, the girl gets a letter and has to leave. She won’t explain, just leaves. And then after a while she comes back and they start over again. They start to make plans for marriage and then she gets another letter and has to leave again. But she won’t give a reply.” He goes on for a while. “Ya know, I’ve fallen asleep in those chairs in there. But this is the fourth time I’ve come back to see this movie.” He keeps leaning closer to me and his breath reeks of alcohol.

At this point, my (undeniably hot) manager squeezes past him to the computer, so he is awkwardly in between me and this man. Thank goodness. My manager shares a look with me.

But the man still continues, undeterred by my manager slightly between us. “Where was I at…?” He has lost his train of thought and I think I might be spared from him recounting the entire movie to me. “Letters,” he says, remembering. “So she leaves again without telling him anything, but she eventually comes back.”

“Now this happens sixteen times. Sixteen. You believe that? And in those times she goes steady with another guy but she eventually comes back to the original guy and they hit it off again. Anyhow, I don’t want to spoil the movie for you,” he says.

Could’ve fooled me.

“It’s just really rare for a movie to challenge you. This is the third time I’ve seen it and I’ll be back again tomorrow. It just really makes you think and you have to see it more than once. It’s one of those movies. It’s for smart people.”

“Good movies make you think.” I say.

“Well, you gotta see it.” He looks up at the bar and says, “You know I had to show my ID at the bar?” He is appalled.

“Yes, sir,” I reply. “We have to ID all guests regardless of their age.”

“I am thirty-five and had to show my ID.” He’s obviously not thirty-five; try fifty. “How old are you? Eighteen?”

My manager has finished whatever he was doing on the computer and walks away, but still close enough that he can see us. “Nineteen,” I reply warily.

“Nineteen, yeah that’s about right. You can’t drink, can you?”

I try not to laugh. “No, I can’t drink.”

“Well lemme give you some advice,” he is leaning closer again and the stench of his breath is too strong to ignore. “Don’t. Also, don’t drink and get behind the wheel.”

“No, I won’t do that.” I say.

“You go to school?” He asks.

“Yes, UMKC.” I say, though instantly realize I probably shouldn’t have told him that.

“So you’re a jayhawk?” He asks.

“No, that’s KU.”

“What are you then?”

“We’re the kangaroos.”

“What’s that?”

I don’t know what he means. “Just the kangaroos.”

“Is that football?”

“Well, it’s just everything… it’s our mascot.”

“Well what’s big there?”

“We don’t have football at our school. Soccer is our big sport.”

“I used to play golf,” he says proudly, his eyebrows raised.

“Really?” I say drily.

“Yeah, you don’t believe me?”

“I believe you, sir.”

“I have an honest face. Do I?”

That’s a bit of a weird statement and I’m slowly inching away, hoping he takes the hint to leave. Or if we would just get a line so I could excuse myself to actually do my job. “Yeah, you do.”

“I can’t tell a lie, honestly.”

“That’s probably a good thing.”

“Yeah, I suppose so. Honesty and all that.”

There’s a lull in the conversation and I think that he might say goodnight and leave me be. But he starts up again.

“What are you studying?”

I sigh, but answer the question. “Business finance.”

“Oh really? Like accounting?”

At that moment, my beautiful manager steps in front of me and loudly asks if I will go clean a theater. I could have kissed him (though I have a boyfriend and I guess that would be unprofessional for work). I go through the back door and up the steps but over the walkie he tells me to stay where I’m at.

“Rebecca, you can hide out there until he leaves. I just wanted you to get away from him.”

I can see him from behind box office and I nervously laugh. “Thanks so much!”

After a few minutes, he lets me know that the man has left. When I get back inside box he approaches me with a stupid grin and says, “Did you get his number?”

11 thoughts on “The Night My Manager Saved me from a Hustler”

  1. How uncomfortable! I use to work in Best Buy at an Asian dominated city so a lot of the customers were Asians with little to no English skills whatsoever. Because I was the only girl, and only Asian girl on the sales floor, many customers comes to me thinking I’d speak Chinese. Unfortunately, when I tell them I don’t speak Chinese and there’s no Chinese speakers, they actually get mad and start blowing up in my face saying we’re obligated to provide Chinese speakers, they insulted me for not speaking Chinese and saying how Best Buy is this and that. Because I’m the youngest in the store, a lot of managers and co-workers usually have to step in when they see I’m getting yelled at by customers. A few times, customers got physical and gripped my arm and dragged me to the electronics they wanted to see and/or shoved me around. When they get confronted by my managers they “didn’t know” they were doing something wrong.

  2. Your manager sounds gorgeous. Paha :)

    Sounds really uncomfortable, though. I would hate to be in that situation and would probably start sweating or something. Not a good look.

    Don’t do alcohol, kids.

  3. LOL, Becca, this story was golden…just golden. It’s hilarious! That guy was definitely a weird creeper…but it sure made for one heck of a story. AND you got to be flatteringly saved by your (hot) manager, haha :D

  4. Well that was awkward. I would not have liked to be in this situation. At all. Kudos to your manager for sparing you from the further torture. xD

  5. That was awkward indeed. I remember the time when I got an extremely rude customer at KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN. I was packing an order and I told her in the most polite way possible “Ma’am, I’ll be with you in a second. I’m packing an order.” When I got done I finally get to the cash register that wasn’t mine at the time to work on and the woman snapped at me with “Well it’s about time” after I had apologized to her for being late. She was just one of those people were her sh*t don’t stink but everyone else’ does. I got her order and as a cashier we have to repeat the orders so I repeated back the order to her her husband smiles and she scowls with “That’s what I said”. My mouth dropped so far down that I wanted to smack the bejeezus out of her. Anyway, I open the cash drawer and to my surprise there wasn’t any change in it. I apologized to her once again and told her and her husband the situation and I turn to go get change and she mouthed off some comment. I wanted to turn around so bad to yell back at her but I knew if I did there went my job. My co-workers applauded me for handling a beotch like that. They said they would have slapped her silly for treating them that way. I felt good about the situation that I handled it well — but I dislike rude people. And that guy sounds really rude. Drunk is even worse. When they’re drunk, they don’t understand anything and just mutter off words. I’m glad you had your manager on hand and was able to take you away from the drunken fool. Congrats to you for handling it so well and for your manager who saved you from the drunken fool.

  6. Hahaha, oh dear. X’D Strange old customers seem to be drawn to us young girls like magnets – and why do they always reek of alcohol?! Good thing your dashing manager was there to save the day! :D I think he needs a Superman cape. ;)

  7. Your manager sounds lovely. ;)

    That’s rather awkward, though, and the guy seemed a bit too interested in you. Honestly, I’m curious about the movie he was talking about. o.o

    1. I never did figure out what movie it was! I think he might have been talking about Her, but I’m pretty sure that that is not the plot line for it… (Maybe he was on drugs, too.)

  8. OH snap, that stuff is scary. I know I had a few guys follow me around at work when I lived in Lawrence, KS. I guess they were trying to look at my face and whatnot but it was unnerving but luckily, I kept myself busy. Still, glad your manager saved you!

  9. Oh goodness. I work also with customer service, and sometimes the weirdest people come in. It makes for a really awkward situation. He was probably just drunk and looking for a stranger to ramble to… haha. People are weird! Be careful out there!

    And my manager is also pretty hot. I like working when he’s around. ;) Hahaha.
    xo Veronica

  10. Oh this story was hilarious and at the same time awkward… I’m glad you had your manager to save you! You should be careful actually, with such people!
    Take Care!

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