The Morning I Ran Into a Door

My week can basically be summed up in this short story of mortification:

I was at school a little earlier than normal for a Tuesday (class starts at 8:30am) because I needed to print some papers off. I was able to find a computer, printed my work off, and then went to the bathroom. After I came out, I wasn’t paying much attention to where I was going; I was trying to reach my water bottle in the side pocket of my backpack, so I twisted around and headed to the open area to my right and – BAM! – walked mindlessly right into a glass door.

Talk about mortifying.

All I could think was, get out get out get out. I could not believe that I had just done that – and in the Student Union of all places, with tons of other students walking around me. My eyes were watering from the pain of smashing my nose against the glass and I still couldn’t see clearly. I was just so in shock, I kept my head ducked down, opened the door, and hurried out of the Union to see a big glob of blood fall from my nose to the ground. The pain intensifies now that I realize blood is squirting out of my nose and all over my jacket, purse, and jeans. I cover my nose with my hand and hurry to the next building to find a bathroom.

I couldn’t go back into the Student Union after everyone had just witnessed what I did. My pride hurt enough. I walk as fast as I can through the business school with blood flowing in between my fingers and down my hand. I avoid all curious gazes – what, you don’t walk into doors and make your nose bleed all the time? – and push open the bathroom doors. I grab paper towels and just hold them to my nose for what seems like forever and I can’t help but watch in the mirror as the brown paper towels keep turning red.

I think about how much of a wuss I am and just pray that I don’t pass out. I could only imagine some innocent student finding me passed out on the floor with blood running out my nose and all over my face. I put a hand on the sink to steady myself, but feel okay.

I also can’t help but think, where is my nursing-major boyfriend when I need him??

My nose finally stops bleeding and I try to wipe what I can from my face and then work on my purse and don’t even bother with my jacket. I gently blow my nose, hoping all the blood will come out, and then notice that I got blood on my favorite moccasins. :(

I somehow still managed to make it to class on time. My nose is still a little sore, and every time I walk by the door in the Union, I see the little smudge my nose made on the glass and wonder when the cleaning crew will wipe the doors down.

8 thoughts on “The Morning I Ran Into a Door”

  1. I didn’t have it as bad as you but I’ve ran into a door at work before and all my co-workers heard this bang and I tried playing it off but they found it through the video footage… I’m pretty sure someone even instagram videoed it :(

  2. Talk about horrifying!

    I’ve done something similar, however, it was at night and the cops lights that were on (I believe there was at least 4), I went out to see what my dad was looking at and I walked right into the screen door knocking it down as I thought it was all the way open. The cops that had seen this actually turned to my direction and I never felt so embarrassed in my life! That was just horrifying in itself! I didn’t have a major nose bleed like you did, but I hope your nose is okay and isn’t broken!

  3. Oh dear! I hope your nose heals soon so it’s not so sore.

    I think the worse I’ve done was slipped on a banana peel (yes, like in cartoons) and rolled down the concrete steps. I didn’t shed a tear, but had to hobble to the nurses office which happened to be CLOSED that day; talk about luck =.= The receptionist had to help me clean up my bloodied leg and praised me for being so tough (I guess I was in too much shock to notice how deep I cut myself), and to this day I still have faint scars on my shin. I also have a scar on my thumb for saving a cucumber but that’s a story for another day lol! (Don’t worry, we’ve all been clumsy at some point)

  4. Oh no :( It’s okay. The worst that has happened to me is that I fractured my leg/ankle by falling down an incline. It was horrible admitting the pain I put myself through but luckily, no one saw but I had to live with the consequences of going too fast and being impatient by being in a walking cast for nearly a few months. March-July. It was horrible. Telling people how I hurt myself just made me feel embarrassed all the time. Only *I* could hurt myself in that way; and then there was a time where I cut open my foot by slamming it through the window and glass got inside. I got stitches and it was horrible and embarrassing because I had to tell my second dad what happened while he called the ambulance. :/

    Regardless, I know your pain and glad you weren’t in too much pain despite the bloody nose. I’m always hurting myself somehow in weird ways.

  5. Eep, that’s terrible! I would be totally embarrassed, and do the same thing you did by finding another bathroom! That sounds painful if it made your nose bleed like that. I hope you’ll be able to wash it out of your clothes and moccasins!

  6. I’ve never have a nosebleed in my life so I can’t relate to the nosebleed scenario but ouch, the door! Don’t worry though, we all do it — I once walked into a lamppost once. In daylight. With lots of people around.

    Hope your nose gets better soon!

    Take care! xx

  7. I like your layout. :)

    I’ve only ever had one nosebleed in my life and it wasn’t nearly that bad. I’m sorry that you got your favorite shoes dirty and everything.

    I’m glad you are alright though. I’d hate to hear about anyone passing out like that. That’s just awful.

  8. I really hope your nose gets better soon! That sounds painful! I’ve never had a nosebleed before so I can’t imagine the pain but I hope all is well soon.

    Hang in there!

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