The Last Semester (& Getting Organized)

I am on my last semester of school! It feels so good to say that. I feel like I haven’t talked much about what’s been going on with me lately, but I think a large part of that is because I’ve been so busy trying to get everything together for my classes.

There was a bit of a fiasco at the end of last term when what I thought was going to be my lightest course load for my last semester turned into my heaviest course load. When I met with my advisor, apparently some of my classes that I took for dual credit in high school didn’t actually count towards my degree, when they told me my freshman year that everything transferred, no problem. So the last three semesters I had been taking really light loads of only 12 credit hours and now I’m taking 17 my last semester.

I opted to take the eight extra credit hours that I didn’t know I needed in the form of two online computer courses, hoping they would be super easy. Turns out I was right! I’ve actually already finished one of them, so it’s nice to have one class done only two weeks in! The other class I would have been finished with by now as well, but I managed to corrupt all the files on my flash drive. D:

I’m still not exactly sure how it happened. I was at work, and my flash drive was acting a little weird. I couldn’t create any new folders or save anything to it, so I ejected it and put it back in. It prompted me to scan the drive, which I’ve always done before, but when I opened it up, all my files had been changed to “FILE000X.CHK.” I freaked out, googled what in the crap I just did, and tried for hours and hours different programs and methods to recover my files. Some were able to change the files, but when I tried to open them they were all corrupted. I even called a couple of computer repair shops to see if they could fix it. One of them said he had never even heard of what I’d done. Eventually I just decided to cut my losses and move on.

Not backing up these files, I would like to add, looks very stupid on the surface, but I (kinda) had my reasons. Normally I back everything up with Dropbox, but my computer at work blocks pretty much any site that isn’t the company’s website, so that disrupted my normal routine. I also have a regular back up on my laptop. The problem was I just kept forgetting to copy my files from my flash drive to my laptop. Additionally, I never had problems with my flash drive before and I’d never lost it either, so I figured the probability of me losing anything was very, very slim. After all, I had my drive for eight years and nothing had ever happened. So I really am pretty embarrassed because this is such a rookie mistake.

Now I’m at least copying my files locally to my work computer. I had my first online class almost completely done and I lost all those files, so I basically have to go back and redo the class. A lot of the other stuff on there was more for nostalgia’s sake, so it wasn’t a huge deal that it got corrupted, but the whole thing was just so frustrating.

On the bright side, however, losing all of my files really made me go through everything on my computer. Being an organized person, I don’t know how my computer was as messy as it was. I deleted a lot of old pictures and files and rearranged everything into nice folders and subfolders.

I also finally downloaded Windows 10. I waited a good amount of time after its release just so that there would be some time for bugs to be fixed t and to gauge everyone else’s reactions to it. I wasn’t fond of Windows 8, so I wasn’t sure how all the app integration would settle with me, but I really like the new Windows! It definitely feels like an upgrade and it looks a lot sleeker.

“We’ll always have Paris.”

I had a bit of a scare at first because my internet was not only staying connected for a minute and then would disconnect for a few minutes. I had to keep manually connecting and disconnecting and I had never had any problems before the download. But after I updated a couple of programs and gave my laptop a restart, I haven’t had any problems since. I also cleaned up my desktop and reorganized all of my pictures, too!

I feel now that I have everything truly organized (and backed up properly!), I can take on this semester. In addition to the two online courses, I’m taking Strategic Management, Advanced Investments, and Insurance and Risk Management (trust me, not my first choice). Generally they are all going pretty well so far (though I am on my fourth professor for my Strategy class, but that’s another post for another time).

Happy February!

16 thoughts on “The Last Semester (& Getting Organized)”

  1. Congratulations on hitting your last semsester of your undergrad life! Will you go for your master’s right after? I hear a lot about these stories where college classes in HS doesn’t actually cover college courses. It almost makes me wonder why give the false hope? Well, either way, you’re a smart girl and you’ll ace all of them no problem ;).

    It sounds like you got some sort of malware on your drive, or maybe your work computer blocks “unapproved” external flash drives to ensure data doesn’t get out. I’ve seen this happen several times @__@. Hopefully you won’t face this in the future!

    Windows 10 is much better than Windows 8. It’s a big difference to jump from Windows 7 to 10! The integration looks much better here ;).

    Good luck with all of your classes! Go you!

    1. I’m not planning on going for my master’s, at least for the moment. I won’t rule it out entirely, but I think right now I’m ready to get some experience and start my career. I’d like to start saving for a home, but maybe down the line. I’ve always liked school in a kind of sadistic way, haha, so I could see myself going back.

      I thought it was some sort of virus or malware at first, too. But I think when my PC scanned the drive to “fix it,” it’s solution of fixing it was turning it into a bunch of wonky files. I’m not really sure what the purpose is, because as far as I can read, it fragments the files and makes them pretty much useless. Ah well, learn something new every day, eh? ;)

  2. Ahh!! Good luck with your classes! I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colors! I honestly have the easiest semester ever this semester. I’m done with all my major requirements so all I’m taking are fun classes and also metaphysics, which is boring.

    It probably feels good to have everything organized! I’m sorry that happened with your flash drive.
    I’m applying for jobs too; I’m hoping to get an interview sometime soon!

  3. That’s exciting that you’re in your last semester! Though that sounds frustrating to find out that some of your credits didn’t actually count for your degree. It would have been nice to have a light load at the end =/ I’m glad the two online courses were really easy though!

    Oh noes about your flash drive :( I wonder what happened to make it do that. That sucks that you weren’t able to recover the files!

    I’ve been waiting on Windows 10 too, and I really should upgrade before the free period ends. My husband has upgraded, so I’m waiting for him to sort things out before I do it, haha. That’s good to hear that you like it though!

    Good luck on your classes!

  4. Well at least some of the extra work is a doddle, eh? What a relief.

    I’m only in my second semester of university. In a couple of eons I’ll graduate. I’m glad for you, though! Graduation is just around the corner. :)

    I upgraded to Windows 10 recently and my computer’s been a bit barmy. Like telling me I can’t open Word because there’s not enough memory even though for 2 weeks after the upgrade it was fine and nothing’s changed…? To be fair though, my laptop is ancient. Time for a laptop upgrade, I think.

    Take care & good luck with your last semester. :)

  5. Congratulations on reaching your last semester and I’m sorry things have gone so hectic. But well done for managing to keep what sounds like a level head and knuckling down to getting on with it.

    I love that feeling of organising and clearing out and the sense of clean and linear afterwards :)

  6. I think I would have DIED if my computer did that and lost my files when I was so close to being done. I feel so bad for you.

    Good luck getting the work re-done. I hope it goes problem-free this time.

    Gorgeous picture of Paris! <3

  7. YIKE. That’s gotta be frustrating with the flash drive! I’m sorry you had so much issues with that :( I try to back up my stuff with Google Drive or something, but I tend to keep multiple backups when I can. Even now, I hae to external HDDs that I use to backup my computer. Yes, I back up my computer onto two external HDDs XD;;; Maybe an overkill, but I don’t like losing stuff, haha!

    And woot for the upgrade! I’m on Windows 7 and I am liking that, so the idea of upgrading to Windows 10 is really not appealing to me X_X; I’ll probably hold off on upgrading as long as I can!

  8. Congratulations on hitting your final semester at college! I still have two more to go before I get my associates degree in Internet Authoring, then I am completely done. Unless, I go back to get an associates degree in English or English lit. I’m still contemplating on that one.

    I’m so so so sorry to hear that you’ve had a flash drive dump on you like that! That is really weird it just turned all your files into some unknown extension. I’m really paranoid when it comes to bringing my flash drive anywhere besides my desktop. If I bring it to my college, I have to triple check to see whether or not I have placed it in my back pack or folder. In fact, someone left their 1 GB flash drive in a computer class. I get so paranoid about those things, and if something like that were to happen to me, I would freak too. I don’t ever back up anything, unless it is extremely important to me. In fact, one instance happened to me when I forgot to back up my Meat Loaf concert pictures and my grandparent’s gravesite pictures. I had to restart my entire computer back to factory settings as it was acting up. I lost everything and realized that I had lost all those concert pictures. I was really mad at myself, but later, I said “at least I have the memories,” which is true! However, I did remember my old Facebook account’s password and email and was able to retrieve the concert pictures from that account. Thank the LORD!

    I’m happy to hear that you finally upgraded too! I upgraded my desktop computer’s windows 7 to windows 10 as I needed to get Visual Studio (it’s like Dreamweaver but better) on my computer. As soon as I did that, my printer started to work again. I guess when the printer’s IP or our IP address refreshed itself, so did the printer (when I had windows 7) and I was unable to get the printer to work after that. However, with the recent upgrade to Windows 10, I was able to get the printer to work. Yippie!

  9. Good luck on your classes! I took 18 credits for 6 out of 8 semesters in college! There was one semester in sophomore year I took 15, then I took 8 in my final semester! The tight course loads were definitely worth it by the last semester, but it’s great you caught the mistake before it held you back from graduating! I wish you the best of luck to finish up college. :) Also congrats on organizing your computer! Backups are tricky, that’s why I have two hard drives and dropbox hehe. But a clean computer calls for a clean semester! Yay! :)

  10. Wow, that would be really intense having to take a lot of credit work in the final semester, but I guess you also see the light at the end of the tunnel as well.

    That’s great that you have already finished one of the online courses. :D That would be a relief. Oh no, that is a major pain that the files were corrupted. -___________-

    Making backups can seem like such a pain, but completely worth it when something goes wrong. I would like to do online backups, but in Australia internet has usage limits which makes it difficult. I only get 25gb each month (metered both as downloads and uploads) and I have 300gb of photos hahaha.

    Hopefully you will get everything sorted out and it’s a good reminder to have everything.

    Glad everything went well with the Windows upgrade and you have liked using 10! I have not used Windows since version 7 was out, I can imagine it has changed since then.

  11. I don’t use Windows so I have no idea how good Windows 10 is. Mac user here :p
    It always suck when the techy stuff break down. I break down together with my tech, especially when they contain stuff I’ve been working on for so long.
    I guess the most challenging and heavy semester is a worthy semester for a final one. I can imagine the satisfaction of completing it is going to be so much greater than the rest of the semesters. I’m sure you can do it!

  12. Wow! that is scary, it sounds like the jump drive just totally dumped out on you. DX I back up all my stuff on my computer with crashplan. I’m always too lazy or forgetful to do it on my own, though I do have important things on jump drives and an external drive as well. I have had computers and things crash on me enough times to have learned my lesson, haha. Windows 10 is interesting. I updated it on my laptop but I refused to do it on my desktop because it still has 7 and I have way too many things on that computer for it to go wrong. I had to help this poor lady who tried it from 7 to 10 and it broke everything. It was a total mess. i told her to save what files she could and get the whole thing reformatted. DX Congrats on it being your last semester good luck with it and I hope it goes by smoothly!

  13. Ugh, I’ve had a nightmare with files going corrupt before. I always found Windows unreliable ever since I got a Mac, I’ve not had one corruption of my files or anything slowing down. My Mac keeps me nice and organised too! I’m sorry you had to go through that but at least it’s helped you organise your computer!

    Good luck with all your work! I think your system is very different to my university systems, it definitely sounds different. Good luck with the online courses too! I’ve been doing online courses and find them super fun!

  14. You sound really busy, but good luck! Two online courses – hopefully they are easy ones. I suspect they are, but maybe online courses can be deceiving. ?

    I’m sorry that you lost your files! It can happen, and I was thinking about some files I had on my computer recently when I travelled interstate – I hadn’t bothered pushing them to the cloud, so I thought, gee, if this plane crashes and I survive but have to leave my laptop behind… my most recent files will be gone forever. It pays to be paranoid! I have gone through quite a few file losses over the years, including losing a giant hard drive of stuff… but we live and learn haha. :(

    I think if you have a really old drive you should consider replacing it though! Mine was about two years old when I corrupted it. I know how, haha, which is something I am also embarrassed about – I tried to convert the format so I could use it on my Mac instead of my PC. Never doing that again. It failed halfway, thus corrupting every damn file I had. I had my friend retrieve the photos for me (anything JPG really), but everything was otherwise gone. ? It’s OK to feel stupid about such things.

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