The job hunt begins

It has begun. :~

I finally started applying for jobs today. Andrew and I just returned from a weekend in Kansas City for a friend’s wedding, which was the last big thing that we had planned for the summer, and I realized I was finally out of excuses to not start applying places. I was also getting tired of people asking me if I had found a job yet and replying that I hadn’t – but that I also hadn’t applied anywhere yet.

Andrew took his NCLEX test (Nursing boards so he can become a Registered Nurse) today, so while he did that, I finished polishing my resume and started looking.

I set myself with a goal to just apply to one job today, if I did nothing else. The first job I found was for an Accounts Payable position at a company that one of my good friends from church works at. How fun would it be to be able to work together! I thought I was well enough qualified and started the application.

It took me an hour and a half to finish the application. I knew that applying would take a good amount of time, but I wasn’t expecting it to take so long. I felt an immediate sense of despair and fixed myself some lunch. I worried about how much time it would take me to apply to different places, and then figured that it wasn’t like I had more productive things to do at the moment. So I finished my lunch and applied for two more jobs.

I’m really nervous about the whole process, which is why I think I put it off for so long to begin with. I’m nervous that I’ll accept a job and then find out I don’t like it, or don’t like the coworkers, or that I don’t have enough experience, etc. In previous jobs, if I didn’t like it, I had the fact that it was only temporary to get me through it. I want to work for a company that I can be loyal to and grow with, and I’m afraid if I accept a position that doesn’t quite fit, I have to stay for a while before I can tactfully move on to a different position.

And then on the other hand, I just want a job so that I can start paying off some loans.

I’m also very nervous about interviewing. I feel like that I am likeable enough on first impression, but I always fear that my nerves will get in the way of me truly sharing what I can offer.

So, my goal for the rest of the week is to apply to at least two more jobs a day. I can check today off and enjoy my break for a little bit longer.

P.S. If you know anyone in the St. Louis area who needs an accountant, holla at ya girl. ;)

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  1. Good luck with the job hunting! Hope you’ll find a job that’s worthy of your awesome skills! It’s a good goal to start off with at least one job application a day. I somehow thought it was easier to apply for jobs compared to writing essays about, “what the most compelling point of my life” is. Wanting to grow within a company is good, so definitely look for a company that’s willing to innovate! Just do your best and stay humble; that will keep you moving up in the company :).

  2. Good luck with job hunting! It can be a pain, but hopefully you’ll get a phone call back on something you’ve applied for. I’ve heard to always be persistent.

    Finding a company that you can work, grow, and learn from/with can be quite challenging. You almost have to know what company you’d want to work for in order to do that. However, I do wish you the best of luck with this. Even though I’ve known you for quite some time online, your first impression with me was humble, loyal, and kind. I’m sure you’ll have no problem being that humble person you are as that’s what employers are looking for. Plus, I was told that employers will hire just about anyone who is willing to work hard for their money.

    A classmate of mine had asked me if I knew what company I wanted to work for, when he found out that I’m studying to become a web developer. I replied that I didn’t know at this time, just trying to get a better understanding of how they work.

  3. Oh, man, job hunts are the pits. Those job apps are also a pain. I don’t understand why the process can’t be simpler. *sighs* I wish you all the luck and hope for the best for you <3

    And while you're applying, I suggest you practise interviewing with friends and families, and even write up answers to commonly asked interview questions. I found these preparation helpful for me, especially with the latter.

    Anyway, I'm going to private message you on Twitter about something! ^^

  4. It is nerve-wracking going to interviews x.x I had to go through quite a few before I was comfortable with presenting myself and I had a general script in my head on what to say. It’ll take time but if you’re nervous just find ways to start presenting in front of others! This way you’ll have some way of relating back to those nervous feelings and know how to handle them better :) I used to stutter a lot and honestly, my mind used to go blank and I’d be sitting there with a derp face! xD

    I can also relate to trying to find the right job but being stuck in the wrong place! That said, I’ve learned over the seven years I’ve been in the work force that it’s okay to leave if that’s what’s best. I mean, as long as you aren’t quitting jobs every other week it won’t look bad. Sometimes, you’ll be working somewhere already and another (better) opportunity comes around that’s too good to pass up!

    I wish you the best of luck job hunting! I know you’ll get a good one!

  5. Good luck with your job hunt <3 I've been helping my mom try to get jobs and she only got two job interviews and she didn't take them because they couldn't guarantee her hours/days off of school.

    I forgot how time consuming it all is!

  6. All job applicants feel the same way, Becca! It’s normal to be anxious and have those fears. However, I suggest you not to set your expectations too high especially on your first job? I had the same fears–what if I won’t get along with my coworkers? What if my experience is not enough? But then, we’ll never know! I hope you’ll get a call from any of the companies you’ve applied at. You’ll be fine!! ;) Keep submitting applications and don’t give up, even though it can be tiring.

  7. Good luck with the job hunting and interviews! It’s been awhile since I have done one but I know my best interviews always turned out right for me when I had confidence in my own skills. Even if I’m nervous, which of course you can’t get rid of that. lol

  8. Good luck with the job hunt! I know from experience how annoying it can be, so I hope you find something soon.

    I ended up spending hours on applications last year and didn’t get any response to a lot of them. I think I spent 6 months applying before I got my current job, and a lot of the applications were really long and time-consuming. But it was all worth it!

    Hope you get an amazing job soon! Good luck!

  9. Good luck on your job hunt! I can totally understand the nervousness around the whole thing. If I had to apply and interview for a job again, I would feel the same way. I recommend having a list of questions that you’d want to ask your interviewers to get a sense of whether you’d like the job and company. I always feel like interviews should be two sided. They’re trying to see if you’re a fit for them, and you should also try to see if they’re a fit for you!

  10. It would be scary, but I hope that you can find a place to work that you do like. It would be so hard to judge until you are actually working for them. I am sending positive vibes that you will get some interviews and that you won’t be too nervous. *hugs*

  11. I remember when I was appling for jobs recently, and I forgot how much time you spend per application. But, it’s a good thing that you’re putting in the time, businesses know when that effort isn’t put in.

    Good luck with your hunt! I wouldn’t worry too much about going somewhere you like or fit in. Most of the time you won’t really know until you are there. But, don’t take anything that gives you a guy feeling that it is wrong. Trust your gut.

  12. Hi! Found your blog through :) I’m also about to embark on job-hunting and I recently purchased a book to help me with that. It’s called What Color is Your Parachute? by Richard N. Bolles. It’s not just for job-hunters but also for those who are looking to change careers like myself. Have you heard of it?

    Blessings on your job search!

  13. Best of luck with the job hunt, Becca! <3

    I find job hunting both nerve wracking and exciting! I don't know why, but I love searching for opportunities and taking the time to challenge myself by throwing in my name and seeing if I can land an interview.

    When looking for jobs, I'm pretty picky. Keep looking for jobs where you can get a foot in the door, challenge yourself, and have room for advancement in your field. I'm super excited for both you and Andrew! I think it helps in a way when you're both at the same stage in life and have each other for support and motivation.

  14. Good luck on job hunting!! I hate how applications are so long these days. It’s annoying how you have to fill out every single line but sometimes you can sign up with linkedin and the information is transferred to the application.

    I’m nervous about that too. It’s one thing getting a job but its another thing if you like the environment and coworkers. I’ve been told even if you don’t really like the job, you should stay there for a year to gain experience and a reference. After the year is up, then it will be easier to look for other jobs.

    You’ll probably get something since you have a business degree and you did well at your internship though! I have a psychology degree so I’m thinking about getting a certification or something to increase my chances and to obtain more skills.

    Let us know when Andrew becomes a certified RN!!

  15. Ah, the job hunt. Always terrifying. I really hate hunting for jobs too; it’s all so nervewracking. I’m always a ball of nerves at interviews, but I’m sure interviewers are familiar with nerves and don’t hold them against interviewees. Best of luck to you!

  16. Aaaa, good luck! Sometimes filling in applications takes forever, but I like to have my resume/CV handy and a generic ‘cover letter’. Some places don’t require one. It might be a bit different for your field of work though.

    One of my greatest fears with interviews is that I won’t be liked. Even after I am hired I always say, ‘oh god I hope they like me’. Well obviously they did otherwise they would not have hired me. :P I just try very hard to be myself, even if the interviewer is too serious, I try to be my normal happy self and be as excited for the job as I really am. If I am not really excited then I just go through the interview anyway, and be as honest as I can. I hate serious interviews!!

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